Weep No More My Lady

I had such an amazing time during spring break, and I wish it wasn't over! Kentucky was amazing and perfect, and I've fallen more in love with the commonwealth and the university. My friend August said something a long the lines of the sky isn't bluer anywhere else. I believe that's true because Kentucky is beautiful in the spring. :) 

So here's a rundown of what we did: 
Monday - Did some shopping around Lex. Lexington gets crazy during the tournament, so we tried to avoid it at night. (Sadly we lost.)
Tuesday - Dad, Emma, and me went to Joe B's (which is the greatest place ever), and Dad and I met with the director of the school of journalism which was amazing. I got to learn about their program and see where the Kernel is produced. 
Wednesday - I had lunch with August who goes to UK now, and she showed me around campus. My dad and I went to a UK baseball game.
Thursday - We went to Keeneland. 

(Here are my pictures that are from the baseball game/Keeneland.)
Warning: pictures overload. 

Crossing Keeneland off my list!

I'm seriously so in love with this place. 

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