What to Pack: Weekend Trips

If you don't follow me on Twitter, which you should fix that, you've missed all my tweeting about going back to Kentucky this weekend! I am super excited to go back because I will be attending the SeeBlue Legacy Tour and the Blue/White Scrimmage game. (Of course I will post a TON of pictures once I get back.)

But since I am going on a shorter trip, I thought I would share will y'all a. my new weekender that I am in love with, and b. what I am bringing. :) 

You can kind of tell how big my bag is from the picture, but not really. FYI, it's mammoth. 

This is the outfit I am planning on wearing on Saturday! The shorts are from Target and the top is from the brand Fantastic Fawn and from the store Bluetique. It's going to be 75 and sunny in Lexington on Saturday, and I can't wait for the game because I think this is a perfect Game Day outfit!

This is what I am wearing when we are going to be driving home on Sunday! Comfy and comfy because why not? Being in a car for seven hours is bad enough. 

These are the shoes I will most likely bring! Haven't decided if I should bring my cowboy boots yet. 

Everything else I am bringing will be put into my bag after I get ready for school on Friday because I am leaving with my mom right after school! :) 

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