Countdown to Game Day // Missouri

Hey y'all! Since school, for me at least, is out for summer, we begin our countdown to the most important event in the South... College Game Day. I've done a couple of Game Day outfits on here before, but I figured I would do a style guide for each of the 14 schools in the SEC every Friday leading up to first games of the season! I'm doing the SEC because #SECorBust. The order of this is completely random. 
(This means Enlances con SDS will now be on Thursdays!)
My intro for the teams is inspired Krista's What to Wear to a Baseball Game intro.

Missouri Tigers
Missouri is in their third year of the SEC. Last year they were the SEC East Champions. Missouri's colors are MU Gold and Black, and their mascot is the Tigers. 

For me, Missouri was that team that I questioned why they were even in the SEC. Y'all, Missouri is not the south, but I found myself rooting for them this year. (Sorry to all my Auburn friends.) Mainly because Henry Josey is an absolute beast. Try not to cry while you watch this. In addition to that, Mizzou's entire season last year was pretty amazing. I would love to travel to Columbia and yell Mizzou-Rah one day!

For Missouri, I wore my favorite dress. This is my go-to dress, and I wear this at least once a week. To make it more "Missouri," I added my gold watch and silver/gold bracelet. My platinum Jacks aka my best friends were the obvious choice for shoes.

Dress: Target / Sunglasses: Target / Shoes: Jack Rogers / Bracelet: Talbots / Watch: Via Vova

Isn't my front porch gorgeous? My dad has been working so hard on this. I had so much fun shooting on here.

Some of y'all already saw the draft one of next week's post because I horrible with technology!


May Favorites

I am so conflicted over how I feel about May being over. I am ecstatic to be out of school, but I watched a lot of my best friends graduate last week. BUT tomorrow I will be in Rome, Georgia for the HOBY Leadership Conference with one of my very good friends, Lauren! Definitely starting off summer right. :) Well, let's get into all my favorites from this month. 

My absolute favorite thing of this entire month was for sure Luke Bryan's "That's My Kind Of Night!" This is on my summer playlist, and I haven't stopped listening to it all May. I don't know why I got obsessed with it now, but I am. 

Both of my school's soccer teams were in the state championship this month, and they both won! I only got to see the boys' game because traffic to Kennesaw is horrible. BUT MY BFF (aBe) IS A STATE CHAMP.

With school ending, I had to say goodbye to all my senior friends. I absolutely adore Mac, and hopefully you will see her on the blog soon! 

I didn't see any movies in theaters with my dad this month, but my favorite movie that I watched this month was A New Hope. We watched it in AP World History after our exam, and it's one of my favorite movies. Then my favorite TV shows have continued to be Law & Order: SVU and Parks and Recreation.

xx, jKm


Sweet Summertime

Wanderlusting over places like these because Peaches isn't so pretty without its lakes.

Here's to summer. Here's to staying up till midnight because I was watching Parks and Rec. Here's to froyo dates with my best friends and lots and lots of fun. 


A little preview of what is to come.
Hey y'all, so I currently have posts planned for all of June! (Major props to me.) I have lots outfit posts planned and some guest posts featuring my best friends that I am super excited about. 

BUT I was wondering if there was anything specific you wanted to see on the blog. :) I am open to any suggestions!

P.S. Do y'all like the blog redesign? 


Summer Style

Today, I am linking up with Sarah from Sarah Smile to talk all about my favorite summer things. :) 

My summer started on Thursday, and it's been absolutely fabulous so far. I've spent both days with my two best friends, and if you follow me on twitter, you've seen that we have created our own hashtag for the summer. #jujunaddlestorsummer2k14 We are planning to spend basically every day together.

Sorry not sorry that I've posted this on every social media. I'm obsessed with my bff. 


Ain't gonna lie. I will be wearing a variation of this almost every day of this summer. I am obsessed with my seersucker hat from Southern Marsh, and I will totally be building up my hat collection this summer. Norts have become my life recently. I can't stop wearing them with oversized shirts and my Jack Rogers. Oops. 


Lately, I've been even more obsessed with country music. Luke Bryan has my heart right now, but I am seriously looking for more country music to listen to. (I listen to the same 20 songs.) Anyone have suggestions?

I've also been rocking to Natalie's Jay-Z Pandora station with her. I am embarrassed about how we dance...

Place & Plans

I am planning to spend pretty much every day with Nat and Tor at Tor's pool, but I am hoping to travel some this summer. I really want to head down to Savannah soon because I haven't been since 8th grade. 


Enlances con SDS

Happy happy happy Friday! 

Shelby redid her blog, and it looks fabulous. You should also check out her pictures of her room on her tumblr!

I really want a great maxi dress for this summer, and I think this one from Gap is pretty perfect. I also love this one from Old Navy.

My momma ordered me new Nikes in the grey, yellow, and orange. (Very citrusy!)

Half Way There

I. Am. Done. With. School. I am no longer a sophomore, and as of 1:00 this afternoon, I took my final exam! I am so incredibly excited for summer. Hanging out with my friends, Braves games with my dad, and hopefully lots of fun opportunities! 

Sophomore year was absolutely fabulous. I personally believed that I have grown so much as a person, and I am feel really secure about myself. Sure, there were some rough times, and life was a #struggle sometimes. All in all, it was an incredible year. I, however, cannot believe that it is over! It seriously feels like yesterday that I was just starting school. Insane. (I AM JUNIOR NOW. WHAT? In a year, I will be taking senior pictures and ordering senior shirts. Can life slow down?) 

Today I am getting sentimental, and I will be talking about some of my favorite memories from this year. 


Spirit Week/Homecoming is seriously my favorite time of the year! I love getting dressed up (in a nice dress or in costumes), and the homecoming football game is so much fun. This year, I went to the dance with my two best friends and a couple of my other really good friends. No stress. No drama. Just fun. 

Lettering in Football

Football is one of my favorite memories in general, but y'all know about how great that was this year! Lettering in football, however, was seriously one of the best parts. Especially since I didn't know I would be receiving a letter. :) I am glad I was able to sneak into the "brotherhood" that is football. (The looks people give me when I wear my jacket are hilarious!)

Becoming closer with my sister

I absolutely love my sister, and we've had our rough patches like all siblings. She took a year off from school and lived at home this past year. I think during this time we became so much closer. Emma is one of my best friends now, and I love her. I can't believe she is leaving to go to grad school next August. I will miss her so much. (She went to college in Atlanta, so I'm used to seeing her all the time.)

Game Days

I'd rather be at a Chiefs sporting event than anywhere else. It's definitely nice to be watching a game rather than working them during football season. My favorite games this year were definitely baseball and soccer. 

Here's to sophomore year! Hopefully junior year will be just as amazing. 
But first, let's get through Summer 2k14!


What to Wear to... Graduation

As summer nears, so does graduation which happens to be my favorite and least favorite part of May. I love seeing my friends (and the football guys) graduate because I know they've been waiting for this moment, but I hate knowing that they are leaving me. 

Another part that I love about graduation is dressing up. I mean, of course you are going to be taking pictures while saying goodbye to your best friends! I always make it a point to look nice. (Throwback to my brother and sister's high school graduation... Between not knowing how to dress, tears, and braces. Ugh.) 

I put together three looks. A fancier one. Then a kinda fancy and a casual one! 

What's graduation without a little Lilly? I got this dress last year around this time, and I've never worn it because it rained on the 4th last year. I figured this is the perfect excuse to bring out this dress! If you are a fan of firecrackers, then you will love this Lilly dress from the Summer 2014 collection. 
(Not a 100% if I will be wearing this though... I have a bad tanline.)

 (Sorry it's so wrinkly in the pictures!) 

If you aren't a fan of dresses, then I definitely recommend wearing chinos and a button down. Perhaps in your school colors like this outfit! Make sure all the fabrics you are wearing are lightweight especially if you live in the South. No matter the forecast, graduation is always hot and humid. 

Then for a more casual outfit, here's this idea! I love nice jean shorts because they are super comfy, yet they still look put together. I paired my favorite shorts with this very flowy shirt from the brand c'isa. 

What are y'all going to be wearing to graduation?


How I Edit Photos

I've been looking for a good why to edit my photos. (because I plan on taking more this summer!) I don't want to get Photoshop yet because #highschoollife, but I think editing my photos would definitely help my blog! So I remember the website "picnik" aka throwback to middle school when ALL our photos were edited, and I remembered that it shut down, but they had a link to Google Photos. 

I. Am. Obsessed. The first time I used Google Photos was like a year ago, and I didn't really like it, but now I understand it. It's fabulous. I've spent the past week editing photos, and I thought I'd share with y'all how I do it. :)

Go to photos.google.com and upload pictures. You'll have to go find them in the album afterwards. I picked a picture of my friend Mac from our last day of newspaper together!

Click on the photo you want to edit, and then click edit. There will be a side bar that looks like this. 

First I will tune the image. It gives the photo more brightness and color. (Or less!)

The next thing I do is go to "center focus." My personal favorite is the Old Lens option. It slightly blurs the edges, and I love the effect it gives. 

For other effects, my personal favorite is "vintage." On this photo of Mac I used "Ella." 

Here are other photos I've edited




May Birchbox

April was kind of crazy, so I didn't get to share with y'all my April Birchbox! (Wasn't my best.) But I am loving this May one. It's getting me super pumped for summer which starts in 7 school days including today! 

$25 off from kate spade saturday? Yes please.