Half Way There

I. Am. Done. With. School. I am no longer a sophomore, and as of 1:00 this afternoon, I took my final exam! I am so incredibly excited for summer. Hanging out with my friends, Braves games with my dad, and hopefully lots of fun opportunities! 

Sophomore year was absolutely fabulous. I personally believed that I have grown so much as a person, and I am feel really secure about myself. Sure, there were some rough times, and life was a #struggle sometimes. All in all, it was an incredible year. I, however, cannot believe that it is over! It seriously feels like yesterday that I was just starting school. Insane. (I AM JUNIOR NOW. WHAT? In a year, I will be taking senior pictures and ordering senior shirts. Can life slow down?) 

Today I am getting sentimental, and I will be talking about some of my favorite memories from this year. 


Spirit Week/Homecoming is seriously my favorite time of the year! I love getting dressed up (in a nice dress or in costumes), and the homecoming football game is so much fun. This year, I went to the dance with my two best friends and a couple of my other really good friends. No stress. No drama. Just fun. 

Lettering in Football

Football is one of my favorite memories in general, but y'all know about how great that was this year! Lettering in football, however, was seriously one of the best parts. Especially since I didn't know I would be receiving a letter. :) I am glad I was able to sneak into the "brotherhood" that is football. (The looks people give me when I wear my jacket are hilarious!)

Becoming closer with my sister

I absolutely love my sister, and we've had our rough patches like all siblings. She took a year off from school and lived at home this past year. I think during this time we became so much closer. Emma is one of my best friends now, and I love her. I can't believe she is leaving to go to grad school next August. I will miss her so much. (She went to college in Atlanta, so I'm used to seeing her all the time.)

Game Days

I'd rather be at a Chiefs sporting event than anywhere else. It's definitely nice to be watching a game rather than working them during football season. My favorite games this year were definitely baseball and soccer. 

Here's to sophomore year! Hopefully junior year will be just as amazing. 
But first, let's get through Summer 2k14!

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