Summer Style

Today, I am linking up with Sarah from Sarah Smile to talk all about my favorite summer things. :) 

My summer started on Thursday, and it's been absolutely fabulous so far. I've spent both days with my two best friends, and if you follow me on twitter, you've seen that we have created our own hashtag for the summer. #jujunaddlestorsummer2k14 We are planning to spend basically every day together.

Sorry not sorry that I've posted this on every social media. I'm obsessed with my bff. 


Ain't gonna lie. I will be wearing a variation of this almost every day of this summer. I am obsessed with my seersucker hat from Southern Marsh, and I will totally be building up my hat collection this summer. Norts have become my life recently. I can't stop wearing them with oversized shirts and my Jack Rogers. Oops. 


Lately, I've been even more obsessed with country music. Luke Bryan has my heart right now, but I am seriously looking for more country music to listen to. (I listen to the same 20 songs.) Anyone have suggestions?

I've also been rocking to Natalie's Jay-Z Pandora station with her. I am embarrassed about how we dance...

Place & Plans

I am planning to spend pretty much every day with Nat and Tor at Tor's pool, but I am hoping to travel some this summer. I really want to head down to Savannah soon because I haven't been since 8th grade. 

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