Things My Mother Taught Me

My siblings graduated from college last year on Mother's Day Weekend!
My mom isn't a fan of the 'typical' Mother's Day gifts, so today's post is my gift to her (I have no money, but if I did, I would buy her tickets to go see Sarah Kay.) My mom gave me a love of pink and green, the commonwealth of Kentucky, and pretty dogwood trees. She can embarrass me because what 16 doesn't get embarrassed over everything? My mom keeps me level headed when all I really want to do is cry and hurt someone. She understands that sometimes all I really need is food and a shopping trip in order to turn my day around. My mom is incredibly selfless and always puts her children before herself... even if we don't deserve it. I love you, Momma.  

Today I will be talking about three things my mom has taught me. 

{How to Care for Others} My mom is probably one of the most caring people I know. She cares about me, my siblings, and all of her students so much. She is like a mother to so many of her students! My friend, Nora, accidentally called her 'my mom' and said pretty much. I cannot thank her enough for being there for me over the past 16 years. 

{Being Different is Okay} My mom is very big on being your own person. She always told me to be my own kind of duck, and I didn't have to be a yellow duck. I could be any kinda duck I wanted to be. (It's kinda long story about what it is a duck, but there is a legit reason.) 

{You're More than a Number} This is something my mom tries to teach her students, and I will be one of her student next year so... She's very big on teaching me that my GPA, my class rank, or a test grade will never define me. This advice has basically gotten me through high school. 

Happy Mother's Day!

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