What to Wear to... Graduation

As summer nears, so does graduation which happens to be my favorite and least favorite part of May. I love seeing my friends (and the football guys) graduate because I know they've been waiting for this moment, but I hate knowing that they are leaving me. 

Another part that I love about graduation is dressing up. I mean, of course you are going to be taking pictures while saying goodbye to your best friends! I always make it a point to look nice. (Throwback to my brother and sister's high school graduation... Between not knowing how to dress, tears, and braces. Ugh.) 

I put together three looks. A fancier one. Then a kinda fancy and a casual one! 

What's graduation without a little Lilly? I got this dress last year around this time, and I've never worn it because it rained on the 4th last year. I figured this is the perfect excuse to bring out this dress! If you are a fan of firecrackers, then you will love this Lilly dress from the Summer 2014 collection. 
(Not a 100% if I will be wearing this though... I have a bad tanline.)

 (Sorry it's so wrinkly in the pictures!) 

If you aren't a fan of dresses, then I definitely recommend wearing chinos and a button down. Perhaps in your school colors like this outfit! Make sure all the fabrics you are wearing are lightweight especially if you live in the South. No matter the forecast, graduation is always hot and humid. 

Then for a more casual outfit, here's this idea! I love nice jean shorts because they are super comfy, yet they still look put together. I paired my favorite shorts with this very flowy shirt from the brand c'isa. 

What are y'all going to be wearing to graduation?

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