June Favorites

June was an odd month for me. The summer of #jujunaddlestor has been amazing, and I haven't gone a week without seeing one or the other. But I did have my screws removed from my knees which definitely put a damper on my life for about a week. I am having mixed feelings about June being over. I am excited to be starting my junior year, but I wish summer would never end.

Here are my favorites for the month of June!

Maxi Dress // I have finally jumped on this trend, and I am so glad I did! I got two this month, and I am obsessed with both of them. The dress from Target is something that I wouldn't normally have bought, but I am so glad I did. I love wearing it with a high bun when I got out shopping. The Lilly Pulitzer dress was somewhat of an impulse purchase. I had loved this dress on other people, but I wasn't sure if I would like it. Correction: I love it. I adore the Cabana Boy print, and the maxi dress is absolutely perfect for summer.

TREsemme Shampoo // I started using the clarifying shampoo after I got my hair cut in April, and oh my gosh, it cleans my hair so well. If your hair builds up really quickly, I would definitely recommend this!

Twenty One // I knew the first time that I heard this song that it would be a favorite of mine. It's a pretty relaxing song, and anything that mentions my home state aka Georgia is always near to my heart. :)

English Laundry Pour Femme // I got this perfume in my Birchbox this month, and I was in love the minute I saw it. It smells so floral-y and woodsy. I love the description about it on Birchbox's website.


Countdown to Game Day // Alabama

Alabama Crimson Tide
Alabama football has an unprecedented 15 national titles with their last one being in 2013. It's a historic program with Coach Bear Bryant at the head of the history and Coach Saban following closely. Their colors are crimson and white but expect a ton of houndstooth while you're at a game.

Oh Alabama, how I love you. I know it's seems very "bandwagoner" of me, but I really do love Alabama football. I don't think there is anything like it. It helps that AJ McCarron was their quarterback. It's definitely one of my goals to visit Bryant-Denny Stadium in the fall. Can you imagine? Roll Tide Roll.

This outfit is great for a fall game at Bryant-Denny. A LBD paired with a houndstooth scarf, riding boots, and a crimson lip color is perfect to cheer on the Tide!

Dress: Old Navy / Scarf: Target (Similar) / Boots: Target (Similar)

Roll Tide Roll!


Enlances con SDS

I absolutely adore this print. It's a steal for $15, and I think it would fit perfectly in my dream dorm room.

The BaubleBar Pinterest in perfect, but it is probably not good for my bank account when they pin all those pretty jewels! 

Did y'all see my Tea Talk with Sydney from last week? (P.S. You should always ready Syd's blog. I love it!)

This sundress from Vineyard Vines is so perfect for summer.

Look what shall be mine very soon. What can I say? I love stripes... A lot. 

I desperately my organization look like this. How beautiful?


Growing Up

If there's one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am a huge worrywart. Even if everything in my life is going swimmingly, I will find something, anything to worry about it. I guess you could say it's my tragic flaw. (Or my anxiety...) 

Currently, I am worrying about growing up which is such a strange concept to me. I am about to be a junior in high school, and I am so excited for all the things that are coming up. I get to spend another year working with the football team and being sports editor. I am taking classes that I am excited about. I get to go to prom this spring. Even though it is almost a year away, I get to order my senior shirts.

But all those amazing things come with stuff that scares the living shiz out of me. I have to take those things called the SAT and ACT. Even though I know where I want to go to college, I have to start preparing for it. I like the classes I am taking, but I also have hard ones. Junior year is crazy in general... 


The thing is I shouldn't be worrying about growing up. Well, I can be worried. I think that's normal. But I am ready for that's coming. I doubt you will meet someone who knows as much about the college admissions process for their dream school as I do. #overprepared 

Every day I grow as a person, and I become stronger. My mom told me that I am the bravest person she knows. (Which is insane. She and my sister are the bravest people I know.) I shouldn't be worrying anymore because with whatever will come, I will be ready. And even if I am not, I have amazing people in my life who will help me. 

Let's do this.

I hope y'all don't mind all my life rambles.


Summer Essentials

Summa loving

Summa loving by juliannakearn

I was inspired by Becca to share with y'all what I absolutely need during the summer.

For me, my Contigo waterbottle is a must have. I bought the 32 oz one from Target earlier in the year, and I couldn't be more happy with it. It's perfect for staying hydrate during hot Georgia days.
When I am relaxing and not wearing my Jacks, I am wearing my Nikes that I love. I have the Free 5.0's, and they are super comfy.
EOS is on everyone's must list, but I particularly love the pomegranate raspberry one.
We won't even talk about this hat anymore than I already have.
Thank You For Arguing is one of my summer reading books, and I am actually really enjoying it. It's hilarious.
Comfy tees and Norts are no brainer, but I practically live in my SoPro Keeneland shirt. (It's actually a Comfort Colors tee, and it's soooooo comfy.)


Countdown to Game Day // Ole Miss

Ole Miss Rebels
Ole Miss, where the Manning family hailed except for Peyton. Their colors are Yale Blue and Crimson Red which yes, are based off of Yale and Harvard. They have three national titles; the last one being in 1962. Their mascot is officially a black bear, but unofficially, they are still the Rebels.

Hotty Toddy, Gosh Almighty! I am not really an Ole Miss fan except for the fact that I am in love with the Mannings, love The Blind Side, and would love to tailgate at the Grove... I want one of my friends to go there just so I can visit them! Ole Miss is simply beautiful. 

For Ole Miss, I wore my navy chevron one shoulder dress. I think the ruffle makes it sassier and a little bit more southern. Throw on my cowboy boots and a pop of red, and I am ready to yell Hotty Toddy! 

Dress: Ross / Shoes: Madden Girl (from DSW) / Lipstick: Revlon Fire and Ice

Thank you to my sister, Emma, for taking all these pictures! 


Enlances con SDS

I picked up this dress this week, and I absolutely love it. It was a total impulse buy, but I am happy I got it. :)

I've been loving two letter monograms as I mentioned last week, and this necklace is so pretty AND affordable.

Speaking of statement jewelry...This video from SarahBelle is so helpful.

I am totally ready to organize my closet after reading this article. 


Summer Nights in the ATL

On Sunday, my family and I went spent our night at Turner Field for Father's Day. The Angles were in town which was perfect because Mike Trout is one of my favorite baseball players. I love spending my summer nights cheering against the Braves and talking about baseball with my dad. 

We left before the sixth inning (Emma didn't feel great), so we didn't see the Braves rally and have to hear the Tomahawk Chop overplayed. We only saw the good parts of the game aka Trout's home run. :) 


OOTD: Baseball Games

Untitled #190

Untitled #190 by juliannakearn featuring 

One of my favorite parts about summer is Braves games with my dad. I prefer to root for the other team, but that's not the point. When I am going to a game, I don't like to wear my Phillies stuff if they aren't playing. It just means I get yelled at a little more by Braves fans, so I stick to wearing red, white, and blue (Braves colors).

Baseball tees are super comfy and are great for games. The bow adds a little girly touch for when you are watching the boys of summer play.


Countdown to Game Day // Auburn

I am not an Auburn fan, and I don't own a ton of orange, so naturally I asked my best friend Natalie aka Naddles to help me out this post since she is an Auburn fan! If she ends up at Auburn for school, I will definitely visit and go to game, but until then, I will keep loving Alabama and AJ McCarron more. 

Auburn Tigers
The Tigers have two national titles, the last one in 2010. Last season was one of the greatest turn around stories in college football. Auburn went from being the worst to playing for the National Title. Auburn's colors are navy and orange. 

Toomer's Corner. Jordan-Hare. War Damn Eagle. Auburn is a university rich in tradition, and that's hard to deny. (Even if you yell Roll Tide. Sorry Bama fans.) I know a few people who go to Auburn, and from what I've seen/heard, the atmosphere is insane.

For this outfit, Natalie wore her favorite dress (and mine). It's a beautiful navy with red-orange details.  Naddles rocked the #topknot because we all know what heat can do to hair, and she added an adorable navy bow. Throw on some cute sandles, and bam, you're ready to yell War Eagle!

 Look how pretty my best friend is!