Chester, Have You Heard About HOBY?

I JUST GOT BACK FROM HOBY! I thought I would tell y'all about the weekend that changed my life. It's hard to think that over 240 people can change you life in only 60 hours, but they can.

What is HOBY you ask? It's a three day leadership seminar that's more like camp than a seminar. We do cheers and projects, and we walk out different people.

I walked on the Berry campus practically about to cry because I was so nervous. People were singing about burritos and screaming at my dad's car. Like what? My thought was how could people be this excited at seven in the morning? But then I realized how they were so excited... HOBY is their coffee. I have thought about how to put my experience into words since I got back on Sunday, but I don't think I truly capture all that HOBY is with words because it is something you have to experience. But I will do my best.

From the start of HOBY, you are thrown into activities, and you do not stop until the closing ceremonies. We did service projects like Project Linus and made dog toys for the Humane Society, and we did activities like the 100 Person Village and a Talent Show. We got to listen to keynote speakers about how things in their lives allowed them to become better leaders.

Within 60 hours, 241 people became my family. 241 people changed my life. I walked off the Berry campus not only more confident in myself but more confident in myself as a leader.

P.S. I have been singing the cheers all day. 

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