Growing Up

If there's one thing you need to know about me, it is that I am a huge worrywart. Even if everything in my life is going swimmingly, I will find something, anything to worry about it. I guess you could say it's my tragic flaw. (Or my anxiety...) 

Currently, I am worrying about growing up which is such a strange concept to me. I am about to be a junior in high school, and I am so excited for all the things that are coming up. I get to spend another year working with the football team and being sports editor. I am taking classes that I am excited about. I get to go to prom this spring. Even though it is almost a year away, I get to order my senior shirts.

But all those amazing things come with stuff that scares the living shiz out of me. I have to take those things called the SAT and ACT. Even though I know where I want to go to college, I have to start preparing for it. I like the classes I am taking, but I also have hard ones. Junior year is crazy in general... 


The thing is I shouldn't be worrying about growing up. Well, I can be worried. I think that's normal. But I am ready for that's coming. I doubt you will meet someone who knows as much about the college admissions process for their dream school as I do. #overprepared 

Every day I grow as a person, and I become stronger. My mom told me that I am the bravest person she knows. (Which is insane. She and my sister are the bravest people I know.) I shouldn't be worrying anymore because with whatever will come, I will be ready. And even if I am not, I have amazing people in my life who will help me. 

Let's do this.

I hope y'all don't mind all my life rambles.

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