Countdown to Game Day // Georgia

Georgia Bulldogs
The Bulldogs are located in Athens, Georgia. They claim 5 national times, last one in 1980. Their colors are red and black. 

We have finally reached my home state school! Hopefully, I will be attending a UGA game soon! Probably during one of their less intense games. Don't want to be in Athens while they are playing games like Auburn or Tech. Personally, I think Sanford Stadium is beautiful, and Athens in the fall is too. I get to go every year for newspaper, and I love it.
Glory, glory to ole Georgia! 

Vest: Old Navy // Shirt: SEC Tournament // Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: Target // Bow: Made By Me

Gratuitous hair picture. 

Also here are some outtakes because I love taking selfies with my DSLR. 


July Favorites

Another month has come and gone. While I am sad that summer in almost over (one more week!!), I am excited to be able to start my junior year. July was an interesting month filled with lots of fun and stress because school was barely on my radar... Whoops. Well, let's get into my favorites! :) 

Favorite fashion item this month? High waisted mom jorts! We got a rid of a ton (read: 8 garbage bags) of clothes, and my mom almost threw out her insanely old jeans when I yelled/asked if they were high waisted. Cue some DIY, I have incredibly awesome new jorts. 

Random, but my family and I have started watching Royal Pains. We honestly started watching because we didn't want to change the channel after SUV ended. It's in the sixth season, and it's so confusing because we didn't watch the first five season. Oh well. It makes it more fun. 

My favorite movie this month has been Say Anything. Emma recommended it to be about a month ago, and it's one of her favorite movies. Naturally, I watched it a 12 at night. It's on Netflix, so I definitely recommend it!

Favorite song of the month is for sure I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers. I've loved this song all summer, and it's one of my favorite songs. Ever. 

Besides my summer reading, I've started reading a lot of books about football. #sorrynotsorry Friday Night Lights is sooooo good. I'm obsessed with the tv show and the movie, and obviously now I love the book.

I rarely have a favorite food, but lately I've been obsessed with lime popsicles. In fact, my entire family has been. They're actually the greatest summer snack in the world. Please, if you haven't started eating, do it.


An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry...

On what it's like to be a "socially unacceptable" size.

I've never been a "normal" size. From the time I was in kindergarten, I could tell my body was different from others... And it wasn't just because I was the tallest girl in my grade. I was an extremely chubby child, and I knew it. So did other people... I was five the first time someone called me fat. That was by another five year old. It's funny because you never really think of yourself as a negative adjective until someone else says it.

From that point on, I was worried about my weight. It extremely hard for that kind of emotional stress to weight on an elementary school kid. Then I developed a way to control that stress: eating. What a cruel world we live in. I dealt with my body image by ruining it even more. 

Elementary school to middle school was a nightmare. I didn't know how to dress myself. I had horrible self-esteem problems. I was depressed. My anxiety was horrible. I was eating all the time. And a lot this had to do with the fact that I wasn't a size 2. I really, really didn't like looking at myself in the mirror.

Here's what changed: I discovered fashion. I started reading fashion blogs at the end of eighth grade, and by the time I was in high school, I started feeling better about myself. Excuse my language, but I didn't give a damn what other people thought I looked like. I was dressing the way I wanted to. I was happy.

But here's where you come in fashion industry... I still struggle with my body image. A lot. And there's one reason why. Do you ever find something that so cute and perfect and you have to have it? Then you look for it and it's sold out in your size? Okay, imagine that feeling except the company doesn't even make your size. At all. That's pretty much my life when shopping about half of the time. Especially at those higher end stores. It's really fun finding a dress that only goes up to a size 10/12. Yeah, not. 

I've come to accept that I will never be a size 2, but it's hard to accept your current size when it doesn't seem to exist in some places.

Recently, companies have been expanding their sizes to accommodate smaller women (something I am all for), but if you're catering to one side of the spectrum, you need to cater to the other side too because women don't stop at a size 10 or 12, and neither should clothing. 


Vineyard Vines Fall 2014 Favorites

In case you haven't heard, fall is my favorite season, but in Georgia, true fall days are few and far between. Which is why when stores release their "easing" into fall collections, I get so excited. They are the perfect mix between summer and fall, and I can wear them without a. feeling like I am not dressing for the season or b. sweating. 

Usually I love Vineyard Vines' men's collection way more than the women's, but lately, their women's stuff has been so on point. I am in love with every piece they've released so far, but here are my favorites. 

The Knollwood Stripe Dress combines everything I love... Dresses and stripes. I love the navy and white one (of course), but I think the navy and green would help expand my striped wardrobe more. 

Vineyard Vines released a gingham Harbor Shirt last year, and I was pretty sad that I didn't get it. Thankfully, they brought it back in a my favorite color: royal blue. 

Fav colors. Different than any thing I have. The Tri-Color Crewneck Sweater is calling my name. Loudly. 

VV has brought scallops back, and I love the dress and oxford shirt. 

Before I list everything on the site, I will stop now, but be sure to check out Vineyard Vines' new arrivals if you haven't already!


Countdown to Game Day // Florida

Florida Gators
Florida has three national titles, 1963, 2006, and 2008. Timmy Tebow helped lead Florida to that 2008 national title under Coach Urban Meyer. The Gators colors are blue and orange. 

I'm (trying to) putting away all bias for this post. Florida is team I love to hate. I'm not sure if I would ever willingly go down to the Swap to see a game, but ya never know. Florida was definitely a powerhouse in the early 2000s, but late year they weren't been too great. Despite that Media predicts they will finish pretty high up in the east.

For Florida, I broke out my blue and white striped dress and added a orange ribbon to make it for Gator-y. Got to have the trusty cowboy boots and your arms ready to Gator chop. (Which I now know how to do correctly.)

Dress: Elle // Boots: Madden Girl // Lipstick: Kiss Me Coral

Let me teach you how to Chomp. 


Enlances con SDS

Have you seen Carly's tote? It's only $17 and soooo cute!

I really want to make this tassel blanket. Pretty simple and not to mention ah-dorable. 

Ban.do has amazing scarf headbands, and everything else they sell is perfect too. 

I had my first macaron on Monday, and I kinda want to try to make them. But Caroline and Frannie's try didn't go to well, so we will see if I attempt it. 

Did you see that I am planning a brunch? For no particular reason... (I think it's a good 17th birthday party idea. 7 months early.)

If you love Andy Dwyer, Peter Quill, or Chris Pratt, you NEED to watch this video. Can he braid my hair?

I'm obsessed with Caitlin's blog and insta, and her latest insta-recap is pretty much perfect.


July Playlist

I haven't done a monthly playlist in a really long time, but I thought I would share my favorite music with you. A lot of it is music that I have listen to consistently throughout the summer, and some of it I started listening to more recently. 


Countdown to Game Day // Mississippi State

Mississippi State Bulldogs
Mississippi State has produced an SEC championship team in 1941 and a divisional championship team in 1998. The Bulldogs' colors are maroon and white. 

I feel like MSU is kind of an underrated team in the SEC. They've won a bowl game three out of the past four years, and last year they killed Rice in the Liberty Bowl. (They did lose to Northwestern in the Gator Bowl two years ago!) 

One of the things I've learned through this series is that I don't own any maroon, and I own very little orange and red. So today's outfit is mainly comprised of black and white with attempts to add maroon.

Dress: Target / Skirt: Old Navy / Shoes: Audrey Brooke / Necklace: Lizard Thicket (similar)

A trick that I've seen Krista do before!

Now someone find me a cowbell!

Enlances con SDS

via Hey, Mindy... Let's be best friends.

I've been obsessed with Sydney's and Katelyn's Pinterests lately! You should definitely check them out and their blogs. (Sydney and Katelyn)

Vineyard Vines' new arrivals have been amazing, but I am particularly obsessed with this maxi. 

I am always on the look out for a good website that sells game day dresses, and I have found the Holy Grail. Yours Truly Clothing is perf! Great colors with more sizing options than most boutiques. (XS-XL.) 

These earrings from BaubleBar are so gorgeous. I absolutely adore all of the color combinations. 

 Don't you wish you were a Manning Brother? Here are 32 reasons why you should.

The new Kendra Scott collection is definitely edgier than my normal taste, but it's so cool.


Back to School Haul Part I

I officially go back to school in less than a month, so obviously I have to start thinking about school and planning everything. Sorry if y'all don't love back to school as much as me, but I love it, so once it is somewhat acceptable to start getting in the spirit. 

Today also marks the first time I've made a video!!! I apologize for the fact that is slightly awkward and horrible quality. I wanted to use my computer for the first video just so I could get used to talking. 

If you have anything tips for this to get easier, please tell me! I've started another that is filmed on my DSLR, so it will be nicer quality. Also if you have any requests, also tell me. :) 


Countdown to Game Day // Kentucky

Kentucky Wildcats 
The Kentucky Wildcats claim one national championship from 1950 from when Bear Bryant was their coach. Currently the team is on a rebranding mission to "Change the Game." The Wildcats colors are blue and white. #WhyNot

On, on U of K! I absolutely adore the Kentucky Wildcats if you didn't know. (Are you new here?) But if you look at these photos, they are not of me! It's my sister, Emma who is attending Kentucky for graduate school this fall. She is moving there are the beginning of August. I am not sure if we will be attending any football games together, but hopefully we can attend some type of sporting even together. :)

Emma's outfit is definitely more out there than anything I would wear, but I love it! Lots of blue and wildcat inspiration! (Cat eye, leopard print, and cat eyed sunglasses.) This is perfect for a fall game day or a basketball game even. 

Dress: Loft (Similar) // Cardigan: J.Crew // Sunglasses: Target // Boots: Tory Burch (Similar)

Thank you so much to be fabulous big sister for being my model! 


Enlances con SDS

I would like to purchase everything from Mahi Gold. Seriously how perfect is this company?

Someone convince me to either buy Chacos or not buy them. I've been eyeing these lately, but I cannot decide if I should get them.

The countdown to college football is on, and what better way to celebrate than with a really nice video of a Kentucky football player?

Speaking of football, I have never laughed as hard at tailgating videos than I did at these UT ones. Warning: Crude humor and drinking. 


Organization... Inspiration!

One of my goals my mom's goals this summer was to get the house majorly organized. I pride myself on being relatively organized, but my mom is way Type A. In order to help complete the make over of my house, I looked for inspiration on Pinterest. Here are my favorite places and spaces.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 


Gosh Darn Right, I am an American

I absolutely love the Fourth in my city. Parades. (That I always sleep through...) Cook Outs. Fireworks. This year, I spent the day with Tori, her family, and Natalie. Obviously shenanigans ensued because what else would happen when you're with your best friends? (There was an incident involving s'mores and my ability to get food all over my face.) 

My favorite part was going to the country club to watch the fireworks. It's such a social scene and so much fun. I'm glad I got to spend the day with Tori because she left for her mission trip on the 5th!