Enlances con SDS

Have you seen Carly's tote? It's only $17 and soooo cute!

I really want to make this tassel blanket. Pretty simple and not to mention ah-dorable. 

Ban.do has amazing scarf headbands, and everything else they sell is perfect too. 

I had my first macaron on Monday, and I kinda want to try to make them. But Caroline and Frannie's try didn't go to well, so we will see if I attempt it. 

Did you see that I am planning a brunch? For no particular reason... (I think it's a good 17th birthday party idea. 7 months early.)

If you love Andy Dwyer, Peter Quill, or Chris Pratt, you NEED to watch this video. Can he braid my hair?

I'm obsessed with Caitlin's blog and insta, and her latest insta-recap is pretty much perfect.

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