July Favorites

Another month has come and gone. While I am sad that summer in almost over (one more week!!), I am excited to be able to start my junior year. July was an interesting month filled with lots of fun and stress because school was barely on my radar... Whoops. Well, let's get into my favorites! :) 

Favorite fashion item this month? High waisted mom jorts! We got a rid of a ton (read: 8 garbage bags) of clothes, and my mom almost threw out her insanely old jeans when I yelled/asked if they were high waisted. Cue some DIY, I have incredibly awesome new jorts. 

Random, but my family and I have started watching Royal Pains. We honestly started watching because we didn't want to change the channel after SUV ended. It's in the sixth season, and it's so confusing because we didn't watch the first five season. Oh well. It makes it more fun. 

My favorite movie this month has been Say Anything. Emma recommended it to be about a month ago, and it's one of her favorite movies. Naturally, I watched it a 12 at night. It's on Netflix, so I definitely recommend it!

Favorite song of the month is for sure I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers. I've loved this song all summer, and it's one of my favorite songs. Ever. 

Besides my summer reading, I've started reading a lot of books about football. #sorrynotsorry Friday Night Lights is sooooo good. I'm obsessed with the tv show and the movie, and obviously now I love the book.

I rarely have a favorite food, but lately I've been obsessed with lime popsicles. In fact, my entire family has been. They're actually the greatest summer snack in the world. Please, if you haven't started eating, do it.

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