What's In My Bag // Junior Year

Being super nosy, I love these kind of posts. #sorrynotsorry I've actually cut down the amount of stuff I carry from what I carried last year. (Except I have a bigger purse now...) Today I am going to being showing everything I take to school in my backpack.

Here's all my stuff! 

Once again I have navy and pink monogrammed binders plus a turquoise one.. Whoops... Navy one is for U.S. History, Spanish IV, and Physics. Pink is for AP Lang, and turquoise is for AP Stat. You can see how to make the binder covers here.

I have two notebooks this year. The Kentucky one is for History & the monogrammed one is for AP Lang. 
To make the Kentucky cover, I made the collage and printed it out on photo paper. Then I used packing tape to tape it onto the notebook cover. 
For the monogram cover, I just printed out a large monogram and traced it with a black sharpie. (The covers are see through!)

Lastly, I have my trusty folder and Lilly Pulitzer agenda and Kate Spade clutch that I use as my pencil case.

For reference this is my backpack. It is ginormous. I wish I had gotten a "cuter" one, but I don't think a different one would hold as much as I need it to. 

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