Enlances con SDS

Happy Friday!! I am so excited that it's Friday. It's been a weird week... I hate four day weeks because everything just confuses me, tbh. 

SEC Mascots College Football Painting 10x20 by AnnieLaurieArt, $30.00 
With SEC football kicking off (GO CATS!), I've been pinning SEC stuff like crazy. This print is so cute, and I might order it soon.

Dear boys, let me buy these for you. *Insert heart eye emoji*

Spirit Week is coming up this month, and I am already planning my costumes. #favoriteweekever

I love how Shannon styled white jeans, and I am definitely considering looking for them. (Her blog posts have been so on point lately!!)

Saturday Down South recently opened their store, and I am so obsessed with everything! I am also super pumped that their decals are finally shipping. 

Carly and Garrett are so adorable, and I just want to have a boyfriend like this one day. 

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