Five Things to Do in Atlanta

I am absolutely obsessed with Atlanta. I live about thirty minutes from there, and every time we go I fall more in love with it. Here are five things to do while in Atlanta: 

Braves Games | I am not a Braves fan, and I don't really like Turner Field all that much, but I love going to games. I love seeing the skyline from the field, and I especially enjoy when I get to watch the Braves lose. SunTrust Park (the new stadium) will be opened in two years, and it will be in Gwinnett which kinda sucks since it's further away. 

Georgia Aquarium | I've been here two times, and I always want to go back. The aquarium is HUGE, and so much fun. In my opinion, it's so much better than the Tennessee one. 

Mary Mac's | Oh my gosh, if there is one restaurant you go to Atlanta, go here. Mary Mac's has so much history to it, and the best southern food in Atlanta. Just note that buttered peas aren't what you think they are. 

Fox Theater | If you are in Atlanta, you need to go to theater. It's absolutely magical, and I wish I went more. I saw Les Mis on stage there, and Enchanted was played there once. I feel like it's a whole different world. 

High Museum of Art | I used to go here all the time when I was younger because my sister volunteered there. I love looking at all the different paintings and exhibits, but I may be biased because I love seeing the painting of my grandmother there.

Sundial Restaurant | I've only been here once when I was in eighth grade, and I honestly can't really remember how good the food was. But one thing is for sure... The view is amazing. It's totally worth the slightly terrifying feeling of falling since you are so high up. 

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