How to... Keep an Organized Desk

I have two previous desks post that can be found here and here, but today I thought I would a post on how to keep your desk organized. Something I always forget when my desk is cluttered is the fact that I actually love being able to work on a desk. Normally I work on my bed or couch, but working at my desk makes me feel so much more productive like I am a real person. 

Here are my tips on keeping an organized desk! 

Actually Use It | The best way to keep a desk clean is to actually use the desk. If you're not using it regularly you know what you desk becomes? A stock pile. I mean, y'all aren't going to work on a messy desk are you? No. Want a clean desk? Use it. 

Clean Clutter Regularly | If you're using it every day or almost every day, you need to clean up after yourself. Put away your pens and pencils. Clear off your textbooks. If you spend five minutes every night cleaning up, then it won't get messy. (That goes for like everything else too.) 

Make It Fun | Drab desks are boring. And honestly you will not care that the boring desk gets messy because who cares... If you have a fun and happy desk, you will naturally want to keep it clean. To make my desk "happier," I have my monogrammed pencil holder (#DIY), a Kentucky print my best friend got me, and my nautical initials. If my desk was actually against a wall instead of a window, I would hang so many fun things on the wall. Maybe once when we move...


Blanket Scarf Inspiration

1 // 2 // 3
One of my favorite trends this season is the blanket scarf. I mean, how much better could it get? Blanket acting as a scarf also like almost all of them are plaid. Naturally I want twelve. The third link is actually to a website that has monogrammed ones. #perfection 

Zara // ASOS // Target (Not quite blanket but cute!) // Etsy


Pink & Gold

Pink and Gold

One of the things that comes with talking about moving is may new ideas for interior design. I am not sure my parents would like this whole aesthetic in our new house, but I sure do like it. Pink and gold are two of my favorite colors, and I think they work so well together. Maybe this is a future design for my own home... 


A Big Ole Hot Mess

If you hadn't noticed, I haven't been consistent in blogging in a very long time. And I feel awful. Lots and lots is going on in my life, and it is hard for me to find time to blog or even really find energy to blog. If I am not at school or at football practice, I am doing homework or sleeping. (Mainly sleeping.) And it's not like I am stressed about school even. My classes aren't too bad, and I am doing pretty well in all of them. But life has just hit me hard. 

A month ago I wrote about how major changes were about to happen in my life, and I didn't really talk about what they were, but since I kind of have an idea of what is happening, I will share a bit with you. I am moving. Sorta. My dad is moving to Ohio in December due to work stuff, and my mom and I are staying here at least until I finish my junior year. Currently as I type, my parents are packing up the one place I've lived in for sixteen years. A lot of memories are being brought up, and it's hard to clean my room and get rid of things knowing I won't be living there much longer. 

Lots of things are unknown right now, and I am trying to trust in God's plan for me, but it's hard when I have no earthly idea where that plan will lead me in the next year or even the next six months. (I guess that's kind of the point since it's God's plan, not mine.) I know I will be in Georgia at least until this year is over, but where I will spend my senior year is still unknown. 

So this is a post to say that I am sorry that this month has been one of bad blogging, and I hope that soon I can keep better track of what I need to do and the stress will soon be lower. Thank y'all for sticking with me. 


So You Want to Visit A College

I've been on two "official college" visits for myself, and I am not sure if I want to take anymore since I know where I definitely want to go. (I may visit Alabama at some point.) But I have learned a lot in my sixteen years about college visits. #littesiblingprobs I figured that this a good time to post this since holidays are coming up, and I know what people are visiting colleges during them. 

1. Actually, sign up for a visit. This is a mistake both my brother and I have made. If you don't show interest in a school, the school won't show interest in you. Signing up for a visit shows demonstrated interest which means that the college sees you are interested instead of you just showing up to campus unknown. Another benefit of signing up is you get an actual tour from students who love the university. My friend, August, actually gives them, so when I visited her at Kentucky, she gave me a quick tour. It's interesting what you learn from campus tours. 

2. Ask yourself the most important question, Does this feel like home? If the answer is no, it is not the school for you, obviously. When I visited Mercer this past weekend, I knew it wasn't the place for me. While the campus is absolutely beautiful, and the people were incredibly nice, it didn't feel right. But for my best friend, Mercer was perfect. You going to be living in this place for four years; it has to be your home. It's a gut feeling, and honestly, for a while, I didn't believe people that said when you know, you know. But it's true. You get a sense of peace (Or at least I did) when you visit the college.

3. Create a list of what is important to you. This is something my sister did when she was visiting colleges, and I think it's a great idea. She created the list of what was important to her (like library lamps) and ranked each college on the categories. 1-best. 5-worst. Stuff that's on my list is D1 sports, somewhat urban, nice dorms, and colors (NO ORANGE). Those are things that are really important to me, but you might not care whether your school is D1 or if their colors are in your color wheel. (Thank yo, Leigh Anne Tuohy!) 

I also don't want a super competitive college. I go to a highly rigorous high school, and I don't want the next 4 years to be a repeat of kids competing to be the best of the best. Academics are important to me, but I don't need to go to an Ivy (or an Ivy of the South), which is why UNC and Vanderbilt are no longer on my list. The rigor of the college is definitely something to consider!

4. Talk to students who go there. One of my favorite things about visiting colleges is listening to current students talk about their university. I mentioned August earlier, and every time I hear her talking about Kentucky I fall more in love with the school. Talk to your friends who have graduated about the colleges they go to now. Ask them to be honest. You want a real picture. 

From my UGA visit

5. Last but not least, take notes. If you're a junior, you won't be actually applying to these schools for another year. You need to remember everything you thought about a school because I promise you won't remember everything you felt about a college in a year. Rebecca suggested on this post to also take pictures of the school. Again, you probably will not remember what the school looked like exactly in a couple of months. 

Happy college searching! Do y'all have any other tips?

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

Another Friday has come and gone, and here is another post full of links I am loving. This week was a weird one since it was my fall "break." Aka I didn't go to Monday or Tuesday, took the PSAT Wednesday, had a weird schedule Thursday, and today well... At least it's Friday. 

Again, can I just be as fabulous as Caitlin? I am so amazed by this outfit. 

I haven't been eating great lately #stress, but hopefully I will be again soon! This spinach artichoke grilled cheese looks ah-mazing and oh so good.

*heart eye emoji* at this Tory Burch dress. *side eye* at the price... I will definitely be on the look out for a steal for this dress. 

I am obsessed with the Coordinates Collection, but their prices are slightly (read: a lot) out of my price range. While you cannot customize this one from BaubleBar, if you love London, LA, or NY, this is a good option!

Stock up on camp socks from J.Crew Factory. They are the most perfect socks for fall. 

This video from Meghan is so inspiring. It's so nice to see someone on the internet opening up so much and admitting they are not perfect especially when they have a fan base over a one million.

Hope y'all had a great week and an even better weekend!


Old Try Prints

While I was doing my weekly stalking of all my favorite stores to see if they had any new items, I found the store Old Try. They create the cutest and most perfect southern prints for your home! And their story is so cute.
I am seriously considering ordering a Georgia one for my dorm in two years. 

(I am not an Aggie fan, but this 12th Man poster is so cute.)


Enlances con SDS

How cute is this Kate Spade necklace? It's such a cute turtle which happens to be one of my favorite animals. P.S. It's on sale!!!

This scarf from Gap is one of my new favorites. It's so comfortable and warm, and I am so pumped to wear it more in the fall. 

Hi perfect sweater. Is there a man in my life I can buy this for? Then steal it? No? Okay...

I am all for creative works spaces, and these are some of the best ones I've seen. 


Fall Inspiration Part 1

How cute is Kate? I just recently started following here blog because I stumbled upon her video of YT! As a fellow southern girl, I am looking to her blog right now to find inspiration for fall since down here the temperatures are super weird. I absolutely adore how Kate looks fall appropriate, but she still adds pops of colors to her outfits! 


Fall Fashion Essentials

Saturday was the first time it felt like fall in Georgia, and I am so excited. It was between 60-50 all day. I wore a sweater and pants and loafers. Hi, I live in Georgia, and it is almost never feels like fall this early! 
If you can't tell, I am definitely over excited for autumn to begin. I posted my fall wishlist last month, but here are my essentials for the perfect fall.

Sweaters | This obviously should be on everyone's essentials list. If I could, I would live in sweaters year round. This one is from J.Crew, and I am obsessed with it. It's so different than anything I own. Some of my favorites are Ralph Lauren cable knits. I have three, green, pink, and white. They're perfect for when it gets even cooler, and you want to layer with button downs. I also love sweaters from Old Navy. How cute is my Ooh la la one??

Pixie Pants | One day, I won't rave about Old Navy Pixie Pants, but today is not that day. #sorrynotsorry These are the absolute most perfect pants in the entire world, and I would wear them every single day if I had enough pairs. J.Crew also sells them if you're willing to pay more.

Loafers | Boots are fantastic, but I know I will be wearing them nonstop in winter, so I give them a small break in the fall. Loafers lately have been my favorite shoe. I wear my leopard ones all the time. I like these ones from Target and from DSW.

Makeup | This is my favorite eyeliner and my new favorite lipstick. I am so excited to start pairing the two together this fall. The Line Stiletto goes on perfectly without fail (okay almost every time), and the Butter Lipstick (Big Cherry) is amazing. I am not the biggest fan of the NYX regular lipstick, but I love the Lip butters. I recently got the Covergirl LipPefection Balm in Berry which is perfection for a sheer berry color.

What are your fall essentials? Do we share some?