Fall Fashion Essentials

Saturday was the first time it felt like fall in Georgia, and I am so excited. It was between 60-50 all day. I wore a sweater and pants and loafers. Hi, I live in Georgia, and it is almost never feels like fall this early! 
If you can't tell, I am definitely over excited for autumn to begin. I posted my fall wishlist last month, but here are my essentials for the perfect fall.

Sweaters | This obviously should be on everyone's essentials list. If I could, I would live in sweaters year round. This one is from J.Crew, and I am obsessed with it. It's so different than anything I own. Some of my favorites are Ralph Lauren cable knits. I have three, green, pink, and white. They're perfect for when it gets even cooler, and you want to layer with button downs. I also love sweaters from Old Navy. How cute is my Ooh la la one??

Pixie Pants | One day, I won't rave about Old Navy Pixie Pants, but today is not that day. #sorrynotsorry These are the absolute most perfect pants in the entire world, and I would wear them every single day if I had enough pairs. J.Crew also sells them if you're willing to pay more.

Loafers | Boots are fantastic, but I know I will be wearing them nonstop in winter, so I give them a small break in the fall. Loafers lately have been my favorite shoe. I wear my leopard ones all the time. I like these ones from Target and from DSW.

Makeup | This is my favorite eyeliner and my new favorite lipstick. I am so excited to start pairing the two together this fall. The Line Stiletto goes on perfectly without fail (okay almost every time), and the Butter Lipstick (Big Cherry) is amazing. I am not the biggest fan of the NYX regular lipstick, but I love the Lip butters. I recently got the Covergirl LipPefection Balm in Berry which is perfection for a sheer berry color.

What are your fall essentials? Do we share some?

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