How to... Keep an Organized Desk

I have two previous desks post that can be found here and here, but today I thought I would a post on how to keep your desk organized. Something I always forget when my desk is cluttered is the fact that I actually love being able to work on a desk. Normally I work on my bed or couch, but working at my desk makes me feel so much more productive like I am a real person. 

Here are my tips on keeping an organized desk! 

Actually Use It | The best way to keep a desk clean is to actually use the desk. If you're not using it regularly you know what you desk becomes? A stock pile. I mean, y'all aren't going to work on a messy desk are you? No. Want a clean desk? Use it. 

Clean Clutter Regularly | If you're using it every day or almost every day, you need to clean up after yourself. Put away your pens and pencils. Clear off your textbooks. If you spend five minutes every night cleaning up, then it won't get messy. (That goes for like everything else too.) 

Make It Fun | Drab desks are boring. And honestly you will not care that the boring desk gets messy because who cares... If you have a fun and happy desk, you will naturally want to keep it clean. To make my desk "happier," I have my monogrammed pencil holder (#DIY), a Kentucky print my best friend got me, and my nautical initials. If my desk was actually against a wall instead of a window, I would hang so many fun things on the wall. Maybe once when we move...

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