November Favorites

Happy December 1st! I am actually super disappointed that November is over because I am not ready to face exam season. (Also I am taking the SAT this weekend...) November was a pretty good month for me, but I really cannot believe it's over. Where did time go? Also, I only have two more weeks of school till I am half way through junior year? What. 

Here's are this month's favorites!


This necklace and these earrings are both from Bluetique. During November, they were doing a buy one, get one sale at all their stores, so I obviously had to hit that up when I went to Kentucky over my break. The tassel necklace is actually something my sister picked out for me, and it is nothing like anything I own which is why I love it so much. The earrings are also nothing like I own because I really only wear pearls, but I am excited to expand my jewelry collection. 

I went to the J.Crew Factory in Ohio, and I absolutely fell in love with the cute gold pave studs. If you can't tell, I've been into earrings lately. :) 

I am obsessed with this houndstooth dress. I picked it up to wear for game days, but I've been finding myself more and more drawn to it whenever I'm looking for something to wear. Be on the lookout for an outfit post featuring it tomorrow. 

Okay so I know 1989 was in my October favorites, but seriously y'all, it is the only thing I've been listening to it. I think my sister summed it up best when she said, "I am always in the mood to listen to 1989." Best album of the year? Quite possibly. 

When I am not listening to 1989, however, I am usually listening the iTunes Radio station Weekly Top 50: Alternative. It's a station that is going to play songs that I know I will like. I like this particular station better than anything I have on Pandora. 

I don't watch whole lot of YouTubers. I watch 3-5 pretty exclusively, but lately I've been watching Meghan Rosette like crazy. She is absolutely hilarious and has really good taste in clothes and makeup, and she doesn't act like she knows everything there is know about makeup which I really like. It feels like she is just a normal person which I think can be hard to find nowadays. If you don't watch her videos already, you need to. 


Enlances con SDS

Happy Friday! It's been such a hard week because all I wanted to do was go on break. I am going to Ohio to start off my break to look at houses with my mom and sister, and then I am going to spend all week sleeping, studying for the SAT and preparing for exams. 

Flashback Friday to when it snowed last year. Mainly cause it's flipping cold in Georgia. 

Make sure y'all have been checking out my gift guides.

I recently just got this scarf from Marley Lilly, and be out the look out for an outfit post soon. :)
P.S. how cute is this college colors scarf? I kind of want the forest green and white one for high school.


Gift Guide: Sporty Spice

Monday's post was based off my best friend Anna, and today's is too. She has two very distinctive styles: classic prep and then super sporty. I actually congratulate her when she wears really pants opposed to norts. #lovemybff I think she would love all of these gifts! 


Gift Guide: Boho Chic

Today's gift guide is based off of my best friend Tori. She is definitely the most boho out of all my friends, and I honestly believe she will help change the world someday. I actually have the most perfect gift, but I won't share until I give it to her. 


Gift Guide: Sparkles

Happy Wednesday! Thanksgiving is in a week and a day, and I am excited to spend the week with my mom and dad. 
Today's gift guide is based off of that person in your life who adores all things sparkly. I love this gift guide because all the presents work well for New Year's Eve events. (My sister was my inspiration for this because during the holidays she loves all things sparkly.)


Gift Guide: Southern Belle

Welcome to Day 2 of gift guides! Today's guide is for the southern belles in your life. This is slightly based off of my best friend, Natalie, and myself. It's a little bit of a mess, but I think any girl who prides herself in being southern would love one of these gifts.


Gift Guide: Classic Prep

I fully don't believe in celebrating Christmas till after Thanksgiving, but I start thinking about gifts as soon as it's November. I mean, you have to find the perfect gift for the people in your life. That's difficult! And a lot of pressure. This week I will posting gift guides based off of the personalities of people in my life.

 Today's guide is based on my friend, Anna or aBe as I've called her on here. We have very similar styles, but I always believed her's to be more clean and classic especially in the fall and winter. 

Check back tomorrow for another gift guide!


What to Wear :: Basketball Games

Tomorrow is my high school's first basketball game of the season. It's kind of a big deal especially since our guys' team is about to be ah-mazing. We have guaranteed three DI athletes on there. One of the biggest struggles I have is what to wear. It's freezing when I drive to the games, but the gym is pretty hot.  How the heck do you even dress for that? Luckily, I think I have figured it out. 


BASKETBALL by juliannakearn

High School | For high school games, you only really need to do one thing: wear your school colors. I think pairing boyfriend jeans and a light long sleeved shirt is a great way to stay warmer outside without overheating in the gym. Keds are great for standing up all night cheering on your team. Trust me, this goes for all sports.

College | This is an outfit idea I stole from Krista, and I am actually in love with it. I used to hate wearing basketball jerseys, but layering it over a button down adds a sense of class to your outfit. Pair it with straight legged jeans and cute ankle booties, and you're ready to cheer on your team.


5 Lessons from Varsity Football

A week ago, Caroline posted what she had learned from high school tennis, and I thought I would do a similar post once football season ended. The season ended last Friday, and I will not lie to you . . . I cried for about 15 minutes after the game ended. The season didn't go as well as we would have liked, but I have been so blessed to be able to spend three seasons with this same group of guys now. After spending another 100 days with these guys, I've learned a lot.

Family is super important | I can't tell you how much I love this team with all my heart. It's been such an experience/blessing getting to spend three or four years with the seniors and juniors. Over time, they've become like a family to me, and over the years, I've learned how important it is to have a family because they're there for you when life can get hard. I am getting to stay in Georgia for my senior year, and I am super honored to be able to stay with these guys for another year. 

What doesn't kill you makes you gag | I swear, nothing smells worse than the boys' locker room. That's all I have to say.

You don't have to be serious all the time | One of the privileges of spending Monday-Wednesday at practice is I get to hang out with what the guys like to call the ICU or the Injured Cure Unit. While I don't love to hang out with them 24/7, I have learned a lot from them. Some things that I never wanted to know, but they make me laugh. They have made me realize that I don't have to be super uptight all the time and take everything so seriously. 

How to win and how to lose | I never really grew up around competitive sports, but over the past three years, I've definitely learned how to be a good winner and loser. It's something I believe our coaches stress a lot. I've also learned how to accept losses. I am proud to stand by the team every Friday night no matter what their outcome is because I know how hard they work. That's become more important to me than any win. (But winning is definitely nice.)

Hard work is the most satisfying thing | One of the things I am most proud of is my letter jacket. I fully believe it gives me a bond to the all of the guys who have earned a letter too. This is my second year of working with the varsity team, and I love being able to watch their games and know that I have contributed something to the team.


Guide to Wearing Red Lipstick

So you want to wear red lipstick HECK YEAH. Go red lipstick. It is awesome! But for every one person I see talking about how great red lipstick is, I see three people lamenting “oh I can’t wear red lipstick!” That’s a flat out lie. Don’t lie to yourself. BeyoncĂ© wouldn’t want it that way.

“But ooh oh oh Emma. I really don’t look ‘good’ in red lipstick!” We’ll get to those scare quotes at the very end, but first the main point of this whole thing: there is a red lipstick for everyone. I promise promise promise. Now get ready to go back to elementary school and let me drop some primary color knowledge

Remember this?? It’s the color wheel ~~~~woooo~~~. Find the red. Okay, got it?
Now red is a primary color. Which means it can used with other primary colors to make other colors (red + blue = purple and red + yellow = orange!). So red is the color of the lipstick you are trying to put on your beautiful face. Yes. Obviously. We’re all here for the same reason.

Now we are going to momentarily talk about the color of your skin and think about where it fits into a spectrum of all the colors of skin. You are probably thinking of a color spectrum from light to dark. That is a part of it! BUT this is an oversimplification of what skin looks like. You are thinking about the pigmentation of someone’s skin. What we need to think about is the undertones of your skin. Now some of you may have heard of this before, maybe you haven’t. But it is the magical key to unlock red lipstick.
Take a look at my face and my little sister’s face.

We’re both super pale! (Also super cute!) We both have dark hair and light eyes. But look good is drastically different colors. This is because I have cool undertones (sometimes called pink or blue) and Julianna has yellow undertones (sometimes called olive)
Think about what color you get complimented on the most when you wear it. That is the easier way to determine this. I look great in teal! Julianna looks great in turquoise! I look great in persimmon. Julianna looks great in coral!

Emma vs. Julianna

Now we are returning to the color wheel we talked about earlier. Colors are usually groups into the cool and warm group like this: cool: blue, green, purple vs. warm: red, yellow, orange.

But first let’s look at those colors Jules and I look good in... 
Teal and turquoise are both variations of the primary color blue, but they have different undertones. Teal on the bluer side of green-blues, so it is a cool blue. Two definitely cool colors coming together to make a cool color! Turquoise is on the yellow-green side of blues because it is a blue plus a yellowy green. (Yellow’s a warm color!) While it is doesn't make it a “warm” color (it is still blue!), we can say it  has warm undertones.

This happens with secondary colors too, but it feels more complicated, especially with orange. You know how orange is the color that everyone loves to hate on? Or people say that no one looks good in orange? That is because it is the only main color that is made by putting two of the same color family together red (warm) + yellow (warm) = orange (always warm), so it is hard for someone with cool undertones (like a lot of people have) to ever look great in a true orange. But I look good in persimmon because the orange has been what I am calling “greyed out”** basically by adding the opposite color on the color wheel (blue) to make it browner. This makes it both duller, but also more neutral. Julianna with her warm undertones can wear most oranges all the live long day (except Tennessee Orange. Obviously)
More about greying out** if you don’t quite get it yet: think about sage green. The stereotypical bridesmaid dress color. Not everyone looks good in green (typically a cool color). But sage green has been “greyed out” by the addition of a little bit of red hue to the color. So the cool + warm color = neutral color! Also a muted tone. This is why most bridesmaid dresses are muted colors. They have been mixed so they look good on everyone (or look great on no one. depending how you see it). (Navy would be another example, a really warm blue, or lilac, a warmer redder purple)

So think about what you think the undertones might be for the colors you look good. I am an extreme cool case and Jules is more of a neutral/warm. You could be neutral and look well in just about everything, but maybe mostly really saturated colors. Like that big neon trend! Or a super white t shirt. But it really does help to remove pigmentation from your thought process. Anne Hathaway and I wear similar colors, but so do me and Lupita Nyong’o. There will be variations based on hair color and skin tones, but the undertones places us together in one camp. 

So we are talking about red lipstick and which ones you should wear. BUT THE ANSWER HAS ALREADY BEEN REVEALED. We are looking at three potential undertones for red lipstick (there are tons of other stuff to factor into your fave lipstick. but this is what is going to make you look good. the other stuff is personal preference.)

Just like the way you think about colors in general now, apply it to lipstick. 
Here are some examples and one more thing to think about: if I wore any of the blue reds below, they would look more neutral, since my skin and their pigment is in the same undertone family. Those color look natural on me. When I wear something like NARS Heatwave, really not an orange but an orange red, it literally looks like I put an orange highlighter on my lips. That is because color perception is relative to the things it is next too. 

BLUE RED: Mac’s big three of reds are all blue reds, MAC Red,Ruby Woo and Russian Red, Revlon Certainly Red, NARS Scarlet Empress

NEUTRAL RED: Revlon Really Red (most colors that are red plus a veracity qualifier are true reds), Mac Relentlessly Red (though a little more orange-y), NARS Jungle Red (I think “retro” reds are usually a bit more orangey though), NARS Cruella (though maybe a bit cool), NARS Dragon Girl (bright bright true red)

ORANGE RED (this color could be called yellow red to reference the undertones but then everyone might think we were talking about…orange lipstick): Revlon Fire & Ice, Revlon Love That Red, NARS Heat Wave

It can be helpful to shop for brands that come with descriptors: MAC and NARS are the most evocative and clear for me and sometimes you can find descriptors of drugstore brands online. But like anything that says “blue red” or “cool red” I can be pretty confident purchasing. Same goes for someone who warm undertones “coral” “orange” “brick” are good words to look for. The more neutral ones are more universally flattering.

Now for my caveat from the beginning: honest to god, you can wear whatever lipstick color you want. Let me repeat YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER LIPSTICK COLOR YOU WANT. Peacock blue. Black. Blush pink. Anything. Your lips, your rules. While you might want the color that compliments your skin tone the most, you can also wear something that isn't your best shade if you like it! I love wearing a brick red lipstick, an orange red which is not “my color” but so what? I love it! I also love wearing bright purple lipsticks which are totally my color, but are way more unconventional than saturated reds.
I even bought a coral lipstick the other day. But a really really pink coral! And I love it!

**if you do happen to buy a lipstick that you just feel like you look awful in, here’s what I recommend so it doesn’t just wallow in a drawer. Put a layer of nude lipstick on first. Like your “naked but better color.” Mine right now is Revlon matte balm in Elusive. (I have really pink lips!) But by putting that on, and it being the same color as my lips, I am letting my natural color mix with the color of the lipstick. So it may never be your most flattering shade, but it will be wearable, if you want to try different colors outside your comfort zone.
But really remember
You do you and you can’t go wrong.

Thank you to Emma for writing this for me! If you have more makeup questions, you can ask her here.


October Favorites

(sorry this is three days late!)
This month was in one word...awful. Which sucks because October is one of my favorite months, but I was counting down the days till this month would be over in hopes that November would be better. Even though this wasn't the best month I have a ton of favorites to share with y'all! 


This isn't the best photo, but it's a pretty good representation of the color.

Revlon ColorStay in Trendsetter | So I posted my fall essentials at the beginning of the month, and I talked about NYX's lip butters and how much I loved them. Well... I lost it within a week. I am 90% sure it is in a hotel in Kentucky. Oops. When I went back to Target to replace it, they didn't have the color I had purchased before so I went around looking for something else.
 I picked the ColorStay lipstick up because I thought the color would be more cranberry (literally the worst at telling colors). 1. It's not cranberry but more magenta, but 2. I really love it. Stays on super well. Moisturizing. Bright color. #perfect in my opinion. 
If you want a more cranberry color, I would suggest Backstage. 

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle | I've talked about this stuff on here before, and y'all I am still obsessed. Smells ah-mazing. (It's addictive) I think it helps protect my hair. It definitely makes it feel softer and smoother. I am so desperate try their other products! 

Davines OI | Another Birchbox sample that I absolutely adore. I love using this stuff when my hair is slightly damp, and it works wonder on making my hair shiner and smoother.

Mally Beauty Lipgloss | This isn't the best color for fall, but screw fashion rules and let me wear a bright pink lip color in October. The one I have is in Petal to the Metal (which I can't find on Birchbox). The gloss is slightly sticky if you put too much on, but it stays on fairly well for a lip gloss, in my opinion. 


Tartan Scarf | It wouldn't have been October without my Gap scarf. I've talked about it a little bit on here before, but I am absolutely obsessed with it. It's so soft, and we all know I am a sucker for ANYTHING black and green. The best part of this scarf though is it is actually warm. Perfect for it became freezing in Georgia at the end of the month.

Hey SB and Zach.

Hair Bows | Freshmen year, I was known for wearing my hair bows, and I kinda stopped during my sophomore year. But lately I've been wearing them so much more. They are perfect for when I really, really don't want to do my hair. ;) I make my own, but I love the ones from Bows and Kites.


1989 | HAVE Y'ALL LISTENED TO IT? Seriously go listen to it now. It's so perfect and one of her best compilations of music because everything fits so well together. While you are listening to it, read this Vanity Fair article which is hilarious.

Is it really a favorites post if I don't mention Kentucky? After actually being in Kentucky, I went to the #SeeBlue Preview Night in Atlanta, and again, I fell in love with the school all over again. I met so many people from the school, and I honestly am just amazed at it's perfection. 

Red Band Society | I don't know if I should tell y'all about this because rumors are it might be canceled... But if you haven't watched this show, you need to. It's slightly implausible since the kids definitely would not be at the same hospital or the same wing as each other, but I love it anyways.