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Tomorrow is my high school's first basketball game of the season. It's kind of a big deal especially since our guys' team is about to be ah-mazing. We have guaranteed three DI athletes on there. One of the biggest struggles I have is what to wear. It's freezing when I drive to the games, but the gym is pretty hot.  How the heck do you even dress for that? Luckily, I think I have figured it out. 


BASKETBALL by juliannakearn

High School | For high school games, you only really need to do one thing: wear your school colors. I think pairing boyfriend jeans and a light long sleeved shirt is a great way to stay warmer outside without overheating in the gym. Keds are great for standing up all night cheering on your team. Trust me, this goes for all sports.

College | This is an outfit idea I stole from Krista, and I am actually in love with it. I used to hate wearing basketball jerseys, but layering it over a button down adds a sense of class to your outfit. Pair it with straight legged jeans and cute ankle booties, and you're ready to cheer on your team.

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