10 Things For 2014

Holy heck...What is this? It's New Year's Eve. 2014 will be over in 24 hours, and I am one year closer to such important events. (Prom. Senior Year. College Apps.) 2014 was such an amazing year. Obviously it had its lows, but the highs of this year were pretty freaking awesome. To celebrate the end of this year, I thought I would share with you 10 things/moments that defined this year.

Kentucky | Did y'all guess this would be at the top of my list? I bet. I visited Kentucky this year more than I have in my entire life. Every tine I went I would just fall more in love with the state, city, and university. I am counting down the days until I can officially call this place my new home. (Which will be next year!!!!) (I also got to meet the president of my future school.) 

Finishing Sophomore Year | It feels like forever ago, but I finished my sophomore year in 2014. It's so crazy to think about because I feel so different, but sophomore year was such a great year, and I actually kind of miss it. It's so weird to think that I met the half way mark of high school this year, and I also just finished 5/8 too. 

Starting Junior Year | Since I ended my sophomore year, I also started my junior year which is once again crazy to think about. I am old. I only have three semesters of high school left. That's insane. Seriously where did the time go?! This time next year I will hopefully know where I am going to college, and I will only have one semester of high school left. What?

Spending Time with my Best Friends | I started the year the best of friends, and I am ending it with the exact same friends. Natalie, Tori, Anna, Christina, Katie, Marina, and Julie are some of the greatest people I know, and I am so glad that I have best friends like this. 

Stripes | 2014 was definitely a year of stripes. I am not sure where my obsession with this pattern came from, but I wear stripes probably once a week if not more... (Sometimes I even mix stripes because my current purse has stripes on it. #notevensorry)

1989 | 1989 might have come out in October, but I swear to goodness, this album has affected my life so much within the past three months. I am always in the mood to listen to this album, and I cannot imagine my life without it. Soundtrack to my life even though I don't actually relate to the songs because I've never had a boyfriend... So bless Taylor Swift with coming out with the greatest masterpiece of our time. (Besides Beyonce's album.)

Keds | Like stripes, white Keds were a huge part of 2014. I wore them so much that my first pair had a hole in them by October. I just bought a replacement pair, and I am trying to take better care of them this time around. They're the perfect addition to a wardrobe because it's like wearing tennis shoes but better. Effort level: minimum. Which I am all about.

HOBY | How was it 2014 without my favorite part of the summer? I won't talk about HOBY much since you can read about it here, but I've said it before, and I'll say it again, it changed my life.

Parks and Recreation | I am like five years late on this craze, but Parks and Rec was definitely a defining show of 2014. I binged watched this way too often when I was stressed out. There are very few shows that I love more that this one. If you are way late on the bandwagon, you need to start watching it. Seasons 1-6 are on Netflix.

Growing Up | 2014 was definitely a year of learning lessons, growing up, and evolving. It was one of the more crazy years, but it brought a lot of growth for me. This was a character building year, and my goal for 2015 is put that growth to good use.


December Favorites

We did it. Another year has (almost) come and gone. I won't talk much about 2014 since that's tomorrow, but December was a hot mess but in a good way. I finished up my first half of junior year, and thank goodness it is over. I actually finished will really good grades, and I am really proud of myself. I am so happy to be on break though. I've spent the past week and a half relaxing with family and watching way too much Netflix in my bed. #NoRegrets 
Here are my favorites for the month! 

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Shampoo | I picked this up three or four days ago because let's be real, during break I am not washing my hair as often as I am during school. It's one of the few dry shampoo in my opinion that actually works. It made my four day old hair look decently clean which is all I ask for in a dry shampoo.

Herbal Essence's Naked Shampoo and Conditioner | What's my least favorite thing? When Target doesn't have the shampoo/conditioner I was just using, so I picked up the Naked line because I said the commercials about it. It's probably one of my favorite shampoo/conditioner combinations that I've used. In my opinion, it makes you feel like you just got your hair washed at the salon. #approved

Class Ring | My big Christmas present from my parents this year was my class ring. My class ring is really special to me because I love my high school a lot, and while these past 2.5 years have been incredibly stressful, I wouldn't have wanted to spend them anywhere else. It just has an emerald stone with my school name around it, and then my school's crest on one side and football stuff on the other.  I wear this basically every day, and it's incredibly special to me. Thank you, Mom and Dad. :)

SDS Spirit Jersey | I got this for Christmas like on the 25th, and I think I've worn it every day since then... Oops. It's so comfortable, and I love a good spirit jersey considering I own three now. I would tell I am sorry about wearing it for five days in row, but I am not since I am on break. (I have washed it though...)

Royal Pains | This is the show I've been marathoning for this break. The concept of the show is slightly ridiculous, but I absolutely love it. It's about a concierge doctor in the Hamptons, and it crazy wonderful.


Inspiration for the New Year

Life's been pretty weird lately. I don't really have another word to describe it other than weird. It's like I've been perceiving my life differently than other people have been. I don't really know how to describe it. But with the new year coming up, my goal for this new year is to be happier and be
 more positive about this. Specifically the last four months have drained a lot out of me, and I want to spend the first part of new the year kinda finding myself again. I just want to surround myself with people and things and everything in between that make me happy because life is too short not to be happy with everything in your life. 


Enlances con SDS

At this point, I think we all know that I am obsessed with a good southern print. During my weekly browsing through Etsy, I found Gus and Cleo, and their shop is so cute. The most of the prints are super minimalist, and I love them. 

Lilly Pulitzer just released their new arrival for Resort 2014, and I have my eye on the Janice Knit Shift dress. Plus the Catwalk print somehow reminds me of Magnolias. I might be wrong on that.

I may not have a boyfriend or bean boots, but a girl can dream of having a relationship like this right?

Meredith and I are on the same page with this post. I am very into the oversized tshirt and leggings craze, and Meredith dress it up so well. 

It's past Christmas, but Shannon's idea of roommate Christmas cards is too cute not to share. Early planning for next holiday season? ;) (or two for me...)


Little Things

Everyone has those "little things" in their closet that end up making a HUGE impact on their entire wardrobe. It's those things that you wear all the time, and you never get sick of them. Here are my eight "little things" that I wear all the time or are similar to what I wear all the time. 

Gingham Shirt / Striped Shirt (similar)

Gingham Shirt | Where was I before a I owned a gingham shirt? Probably sad and lonely. During the spring and summer, I probably wear my gingham shirt once a week, and in the fall, it makes its appearances too. It's great to wear with bright skirts and shorts and to layer under sweaters

Striped Shirt | This is pretty much the same as the gingham shirt. It's seriously such a versatile piece, and I wear mine all the time. Maybe too much... Because it's okay because I own four different versions of a striped shirt. 

Black Dress | Literally everyone of the planet says this, but if you don't own a LBD, you should. Dress it up. Dress it down. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. There's always a time for LBD.

Leopard Flats | Jenna Lyons said leopard is a neutral. Do I need to say more?

Red Lipstick | Taylor Swift wears red lipstick. I wear red lipstick. #twins. But really, red lipstick can and will change your life. Need to feel fancy? Red lips. Sassy? Red lips. Classy? Red lips.

Cute Sweatshirt | Gone are the lazy days of oversized hoodies and sweats. Here are the days of riding boots, jeans, and a cute sweatshirt. You look somewhat put together, but in reality, you rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing you had. #lifehacks

Vest | A good vest will elevate your outfit. In my opinion, you always look better when you put a
vest on.

Colorful Scarf | In the spring, I wear my favorite J.Crew scarf all the time. It's flowy and colorful, and it's my favorite. Lilly Pulitzer makes some amazing patterns with the Murfee scarves.


What to Wear: Holiday Parties

I don't attend nearly enough holiday parties considering how much I love the holidays because let's be real, what's the best part? Planning the outfits. I've created three different looks for three different parties that you might encounter during the holiday season. 

Christmas Sweater Party
Sweater Party
Sweater Party by juliannakearn

I don't do "ugly" Christmas sweaters, but I do love a cute Christmas sweater. This is definitely something I would wear if one of my friends planned a sweater party. The antlers ring is too festive too.

White Elephant Party

White Elephant Party

White Elephant Party by juliannakearn

White Elephant parties are more relaxed in my opinion, so obviously we break out the leggings. Layer a flannel and throw on some riding boots, and you're good to go with your framed selfie of yourself. (My favorite white elephant gift.)

New Year's Eve Party

New Year's Eve Party
New Year's Eve Party by juliannakearn

What's New Years without sparkles? Nothing is the answer. Tulle is super in right now, and I absolutely adore it, so of course a sequined crop top and black tulle skirt is required for NYE. And who can resist red heels with bows? Answer: Not me.

What are y'all wearing this holiday season?


Back For Good (Hopefully)

It seems like every three months I have this period where I don;t have time to blog/have any ideas. Life has literally been so crazy between the move and exams, but I will be off from school for two weeks starting on today, so hopefully I be spending my break hanging out with friends and family, watching really bad holiday movies, and of course, writing amazing posts for y'all. 

xx, jKm


Study Tips! (Links)

I was going to give y'all my personal study tips, but then I realized that there a lot better people out there who have been doing this longer than I have, and they're better at studying than I am. I've collected my favorite study posts! 

Rebecca's desk posts make me so happy, and so do her study tips!

Dorothy is an education major and super organized, so obviously her tips are amazing and colorful.

Pretty basic tips, but we all need a reminder when our brains are fried. :)

With exams comes wanting to pull our hair out, but with Caroline's tips, you can keep your stress levels normal.

From Miss College Prepster herself. If you haven't seen these tips, you don't have a Pinterest. 


Out of the Woods

Dress: Stein Mart  // Vest: Old Navy (similar) // Boots: Target // Scarf: Marley Lilly c/o

I promise you, I am a superhero. 

I am so excited to finally get this post up! I've planning do this for over a week, but break was way more hectic than I planned... Every part of this outfit is one of my favorites for fall transitioning into winter. It still isn't too cold consistently in Georgia, so I can still dress like it's fall pretty much. 

I am in love with this Marley Lilly scarf, y'all. It's so soft, and literally the perfect piece for fall/winter. The best part? It actually keeps your neck pretty warm which is fantastic since it's kinda becoming cold in the South... I particularly like the teal color because I don't really own this color in my wardrobe, and I think I want to start wearing it more. It is a mix of my two favorite colors: green and blue. :) And I am a sucker for a houndstooth print. I got this dress in the past month, but I've worn it three times already. It is comfortable, has pockets, and is ah-dorable. Basically it is the perfect dress. 

Disclaimer: I received this scarf from Marley Lilly through their Blogger Review Program. All opinions are my own, and I would not support a brand that I did not fully believe in.