December Favorites

We did it. Another year has (almost) come and gone. I won't talk much about 2014 since that's tomorrow, but December was a hot mess but in a good way. I finished up my first half of junior year, and thank goodness it is over. I actually finished will really good grades, and I am really proud of myself. I am so happy to be on break though. I've spent the past week and a half relaxing with family and watching way too much Netflix in my bed. #NoRegrets 
Here are my favorites for the month! 

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Shampoo | I picked this up three or four days ago because let's be real, during break I am not washing my hair as often as I am during school. It's one of the few dry shampoo in my opinion that actually works. It made my four day old hair look decently clean which is all I ask for in a dry shampoo.

Herbal Essence's Naked Shampoo and Conditioner | What's my least favorite thing? When Target doesn't have the shampoo/conditioner I was just using, so I picked up the Naked line because I said the commercials about it. It's probably one of my favorite shampoo/conditioner combinations that I've used. In my opinion, it makes you feel like you just got your hair washed at the salon. #approved

Class Ring | My big Christmas present from my parents this year was my class ring. My class ring is really special to me because I love my high school a lot, and while these past 2.5 years have been incredibly stressful, I wouldn't have wanted to spend them anywhere else. It just has an emerald stone with my school name around it, and then my school's crest on one side and football stuff on the other.  I wear this basically every day, and it's incredibly special to me. Thank you, Mom and Dad. :)

SDS Spirit Jersey | I got this for Christmas like on the 25th, and I think I've worn it every day since then... Oops. It's so comfortable, and I love a good spirit jersey considering I own three now. I would tell I am sorry about wearing it for five days in row, but I am not since I am on break. (I have washed it though...)

Royal Pains | This is the show I've been marathoning for this break. The concept of the show is slightly ridiculous, but I absolutely love it. It's about a concierge doctor in the Hamptons, and it crazy wonderful.

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