Enlances con SDS

At this point, I think we all know that I am obsessed with a good southern print. During my weekly browsing through Etsy, I found Gus and Cleo, and their shop is so cute. The most of the prints are super minimalist, and I love them. 

Lilly Pulitzer just released their new arrival for Resort 2014, and I have my eye on the Janice Knit Shift dress. Plus the Catwalk print somehow reminds me of Magnolias. I might be wrong on that.

I may not have a boyfriend or bean boots, but a girl can dream of having a relationship like this right?

Meredith and I are on the same page with this post. I am very into the oversized tshirt and leggings craze, and Meredith dress it up so well. 

It's past Christmas, but Shannon's idea of roommate Christmas cards is too cute not to share. Early planning for next holiday season? ;) (or two for me...)

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