Little Things

Everyone has those "little things" in their closet that end up making a HUGE impact on their entire wardrobe. It's those things that you wear all the time, and you never get sick of them. Here are my eight "little things" that I wear all the time or are similar to what I wear all the time. 

Gingham Shirt / Striped Shirt (similar)

Gingham Shirt | Where was I before a I owned a gingham shirt? Probably sad and lonely. During the spring and summer, I probably wear my gingham shirt once a week, and in the fall, it makes its appearances too. It's great to wear with bright skirts and shorts and to layer under sweaters

Striped Shirt | This is pretty much the same as the gingham shirt. It's seriously such a versatile piece, and I wear mine all the time. Maybe too much... Because it's okay because I own four different versions of a striped shirt. 

Black Dress | Literally everyone of the planet says this, but if you don't own a LBD, you should. Dress it up. Dress it down. Spring. Summer. Fall. Winter. There's always a time for LBD.

Leopard Flats | Jenna Lyons said leopard is a neutral. Do I need to say more?

Red Lipstick | Taylor Swift wears red lipstick. I wear red lipstick. #twins. But really, red lipstick can and will change your life. Need to feel fancy? Red lips. Sassy? Red lips. Classy? Red lips.

Cute Sweatshirt | Gone are the lazy days of oversized hoodies and sweats. Here are the days of riding boots, jeans, and a cute sweatshirt. You look somewhat put together, but in reality, you rolled out of bed and threw on the first thing you had. #lifehacks

Vest | A good vest will elevate your outfit. In my opinion, you always look better when you put a
vest on.

Colorful Scarf | In the spring, I wear my favorite J.Crew scarf all the time. It's flowy and colorful, and it's my favorite. Lilly Pulitzer makes some amazing patterns with the Murfee scarves.

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