Enlances con SDS

Oh Old Try, you have my heart once again... Because paddle faster. I hear banjos. 

Did I ever share this with y'all? It's so accurate, and I died laughing.

I may or may not be obsessed with Carly's apartment. I'd definitely be okay if my apartment looked that perfect one day. 

I know a lot of girls just received bids or are about to, so to find perfect swag for your sorority, follow SororitySugar! They post for almost every sorority ever, and they're great for all your Greek needs. 

I love this new arrival from Lilly and cannot wait to see what else they release. 

xoxo, jKm


Organize | Agenda & Notes

Yesterday I mentioned that I had recently changed how I organize my school life, and I do have to say; it's working really well. It's taking some serious effort to do anything for school since it's second semester, so it's nice that all notes and agenda are so colorful and happy. :)

Recently, I have searched for the perfect pen. I hate, hate when pens bleed through notebook paper because it makes it hard to take notes, and I'm super picky about the size of the pen tip. At Target, I bought the InkJoy stick pens. Yoooooo, I love them. Absolute perfect pen, so if you're looking for a new set, I definitely suggest these. 

I used to assign the types of assignments to a color, but now each subject has a color. Stat is green. Lang is pink. History is blue. Physics is black. Spanish is red. I'm writing less this way, and I love seeing the different colors; it's so helpful. When I am done with something, I highlight it which is a tip I stole from Dorothy

Welcome to my Stat notebook. Stat is really the only class I take real notes in right now. (Probably should take notes in physics... Oops.) I love using color while taking notes because it's scientifically proven that colors help you remember information better. I'm in high school, so I have to write out my notes, but I fully believe writing something helps you remember it more than typing. I box in or underline words that are super important, and highlight vocabulary words by writing them in different colors. (Also if you have idea what this means... Help?)

What are your tips for organizing?
xoxo, jKm


The Art of Being (Seeming) Productive

At the beginning of the new year, I know I felt the motivation to do all my homework and pick out my outfits the night before and not procrastinate and wake up early. I swear that lasted for a day. Life is rough as a junior in high school. Motivation is nonexistent. But while I have no motivation to do anything, I've been doing things that make me seem and feel at least a little bit productive. If you're going to be unmotivated, you can still at least feel like you're getting something done.

Invest in a highlighter | I don't know why, but having a highlighter has recently made me feel like I am doing something. I use it to check off my homework, and I love seeing all the yellow colors in my agenda signifying that I have done something. 

Changing up your organization | Something I've done recently is changed how I take notes and how I organize my agenda. The new routine is actually super helpful, and be on the lookout for a post coming up. (Hopefully tomorrow!) 

Pack your bag the night before | While I can't pick out my outfits the night before or barely write blog posts before 11..., I do put all of homework and stuff into my backpack. Trust me, you will thank yourself when you wake up five minutes before you leave. 

xoxo, jKm


January Playlist

Instead of sharing with y'all one of favorite albums/songs in my monthly favorites (be on the lookout this), I thought I would share with y'all all of my favorite music because January has definitely been a month of listening to new songs and discovering new artists and rediscovering favorites. 

Ghost | I heard this song on the radio, and it got stuck in my head, and I looked it up after it stewed in my head for a while. I really like it because it sounds like other music I like but still very different.

Everywhere I Go | Y'all, New Politics is an obsession. I found them through YouTube because I was listening to Walk the Moon, and it took me a while to be like yes, I like them. I love this song, Harlem, and Tonight You're Perfect. 

Wildest Dreams | So we all know 1989 is my absolute obsession, but Wildest Dreams may be one of my favorite songs ever. I am sing screaming it every time it's on. Ugh. It's perfect. Also, New Romantics? Again. Bless TaySwift. 

Tears | Does anyone remember AllStar Weekend from the Disney Channel? Anyone? Okay, well, they ditched Disney and became the Tragic Thrills. They sound so great. It's a more rockish take to their music and it totally works. But I still listen to their old music too. *swoons*

Shut Up and Dance | I've probably listened to this song the most this month. It's crazy good, and honestly just puts me in an amazing mood. And have y'all seen the music video???

Stolen Dance | This is a song that definitely grew on me the more I listened to it. I love how it sounds. Like all the background noise and the voice sounds deeper and intense and then goes it to the more upbeat part. I don't really know. I am awful at explaining music, but I like it. 

These are definitely my top six songs this month, but follow me on Spotify to see all my music. :)

xoxo, jKm


Acing Pattern Play

I want to start off with apologizing for being MIA since Thursday. I got really sick during school and went home during fourth period, and then proceeded to get worse on Friday. I had an awful headache and couldn't stand to look at anything bright aka a computer for too long. But now I am back and feel (a little bit) better. 

One of my favorite things in the entire universe is mixing patterns. My sister always says it doesn't have to match; it just has to go. Here are my tips for making your outfit go together.

We will just ignore that these all feature the same shirt... 

Color | Most of the time I am mixing patterns I use one color to kinda make the prints go together. It unites the two really easily. This is really helpful if you're in the beginning stages of mixing prints.

Neutral Prints | We've all heard leopard is a neutral. Well I believe stripes and gingham kinda of act as one too. When curating outfits, treat those three prints are basics rather than statements.

Simplify | If you're going for brighter more intense patterns, I suggest keeping everything else in your outfit relatively simple, so you don't distract for your statement pieces.

Don't Fight | Have one of your prints be "louder" than then other one. Don't have the two competing for attention because then the patterns start to overwhelm you.

How do y'all mix patterns?
xoxo, jKm


Wanderlust: Boston

My brother, Will, is doing graduate research in Boston right now, and he doesn't come home a whole lot because he is working, so my mom actually suggested recently that we go up to Boston for our spring break when we were talking about visiting my dad and stuff. (After I mentioned that I wanted to go up this year.) 
Last time we went to Boston was the summer before sophomore year, and we didn't do a ton of Boston things because we were mainly there to find Will an apartment. I am excited at this prospect of visiting the city again because it is such a historic place, and I do love U.S. History. 

(Biggest long shot ever except maybe asking to go to the Vineyard or Nantucket, but maybe if I ask enough...?) 

For people who have visited Boston, what do y'all suggest? 

xoxo, jKm

No Comparisons

I had a rough day yesterday. And rough as in I almost cried three times. Something I cannot stand is being made to feel as if I am inferior even if it is being done unintentionally. Usually it is not even another person's fault; it is my own. 

One of my worsts habits is comparing myself to others which has become so easy especially in high school where you are labeled by anything you do. Football manager. Sports Editor. My Class Rank. My GPA. Then those labels are being compared to everyone's else labels. Is your GPA higher? Do you have a higher class rank? Are you more involved? It's the worst, and I try so hard not to do this, but it's almost impossible when we are taught to be better than the next at a young age. 

 During Spanish yesterday we were writing summaries, and mine was just not good in comparison to the girl sitting next to me. I struggled with conjugating and had to look up every fifth word while the girl next to me wrote a two page summary while I had barely just gotten three paragraphs done. I felt awful. This happened in two of my other classes too. I wasn't good enough in comparison to those around me. But my progress shouldn't be compared to those around me. One of my favorite quotes is Don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. I just need to focus on what I am doing and how I am improving. Not how I compare to the person sitting next to me because who am I to compare myself to someone completely different? I am playing against myself. No one else.

xoxo, jKm 


Birthday Wishlist (Links)

In case y'all didn't know, my birthday is in a couple of week. I am turning 17, and I am excited to celebrate my birthday because it means I am another year older, and I get to wear a tiara to school. One of my friends asked me what I wanted, and at the time, I didn't know, so I told her I would make a blog post giving her some options. Because what are friends for? ;) 

Quiet New York | I'm absolutely obsessed with New York. Or at least the idea of it. I've never been, but I will hopefully be going my senior year. Quiet New York is a photo collection of the city which I think is so perfect, and maybe it will hold over my wanderlust for another year. (Any of the other travel books from Anthropologie would be wonderful too.)

Instagram Pouch | Pamela Barsky makes the cutest canvas pouches, and I am particularly obsessed with the Instagram one. In all honestly, if I got any one of these, I would be so incredibly happy. 

NYX Lip Butter | Y'all, it's called JuJu . . . It was made for me, but really, lip butters are my absolutely favorite lip products right now. 

I will accept anything that is monogrammed. Just a rule of thumb for life. 

xoxo, jKm


What's In My Bag? | Betsy Johnson Purse

Hey y'all! Happy Thursday. :) Today I'm sharing with y'all what I keep in my purse because I'm super creepy and love these posts, so I'm sure there are out there like me.

This is my purse. It's from Betsy Johnson, and my mom bought it for me from Ross. Is it clear why I love this purse? It has stripes and a bow. Me in a bag basically. 

Here's everything I keep in my bag. There is more but it's basically lone pens and pencils. 

 Lilly Agenda | I like keeping my agenda in a purse rather than carrying it around because I think it keeps the agenda in better condition. Here's an older post about I organize my agenda. An updated one might be coming since I changed how I do it. 

Pencil Pouches | I use two things to carry pencils/pens. The Kate Spade one is for my "every day" pens that I use from my agenda, and then the Avengers one is for my gel pens that I will use during exams to help coordinate notes. 

Makeup | I only carry an EOS lip balm and a lip gloss with me because I hate carrying a ton of stuff with me, but I will occasionally have a different lipstick if I was wearing something else that morning.

xoxo, jKm


Winter Essentials

After a couple weeks, it has finally started to get cold in Georgia, and I'm not the biggest fan. I don't really mind the cold because I'm rarely outside during the school day, but I don't like the gray skies that winter brings. Have to get through winter somehow, and these are my must haves for the cold.

Cute Mugs | I received both these mugs from my best friends, Natalie (hurry up before it's gone!) and Anna, for Christmas, and I guess I am starting a collection. ;) I'm a huge hot chocolate drinker in the colder months, and something about a pretty mug makes it taste so much better. (And dare I say it? More instagram worthy?)

Fuzzy/Warm Socks | I wasn't a huge sock wearer a year ago, but I love them. My feet are always cold, lately. For my secret Santa gift in newspaper, my friend, Jillian, gave them to me, and they are so warm. I am also obsessed with my J.Crew camp socks. Those are perfect for wearing out in public.

EOS Lip balm | One of things I forgot about winter was how chapped my lips get. It's awful, but I am forever trusting my EOS lip balms. I don't carry them around as much in the other seasons, but trust me, in the winter, I probably have two or three on hand at any given time. Favorites: Vanilla mint, pomegranate raspberry, and strawberry sorbet. (It's like Pokemon. Gotta have them all.)

Ankle Boots | I got this pair from Target this year, and I love them. Not my usual style, but they definitely twist things up from my usual riding boots. They're structured and really comfortable, and I love wearing them with my camp socks.

Hunter Rain Boots | Is is really an essential list with my rain boots? They're so great for every season whether it's raining in the spring winter summer or snowing in the fall and winter. I love the red pair so much, and I've talked about how I think they're the superior color choice. 

xoxo , jKm


Navy & Gold

In October, I did a post on Pink and Gold, and while I still love this combo, I have begun to love navy and gold. In my life, we've been talking about college a whole lot with new transcripts coming out and signing up for AP classes, so to distract myself from the fear of growing up and impending adulthood, I plan my dorm room which, in my mind, is decked out in gold and navy details. 

xoxo, jKm


Everyday Accessories

I am not a huge jewelry person apart from statement necklaces, but lately I've been wearing four pieces consistently that I absolutely love. I might do a post on my statement jewelry later because it has expanded considerably since I last did a post on it. (A baby Julianna post.) 

Monogrammed necklaces 1 // 2 | My pearl necklace broke recently, so lately I've been wearing my monogram necklaces nonstop. I love the Marley Lilly state necklace because the monogram is more understated, but my blue monogram necklace, from Bluetique, is also pretty perfect.

Class ring | This is definitely the piece of jewelry that is most important to me. I was never much a ring person until I got it, but I wear it every day, and if I ever lost it, I would cry. I'm so glad I got one this past year, and it will remain with me for a long time. 

Pearl earrings | I'm rarely seen without my pearls in my ears. I pretty much wear them all the time unless I am showering or wearing a different pair of earrings, which I almost never do. These are definitely in my must haves for any wardrobe. 
xoxo, jKm


Spring Semester Motto

I love a good motto. I create one for myself every year, and I decide to change it up for this semester. I've talked about how this semester is really about rediscovering myself and loving who I am. In order to do this, I have realized that I have to let go of the past. I can't focus on what I did a year ago, three months ago, two weeks ago. It's about the now and the future. Past mistakes aren't what defines me anymore. 

Every day is a new start. I am going to wake up thinking about this every day. Every day is a clean slate just like the new year. I have the chance to change what I want every day. 

Hope y'all are having a fantastic 2015 so far!!! 

xoxo, jKm 


Top Netflixs Picks

In honor of going back to school, I am sharing with you my favorite picks on Netflix right now. Because let's be honest, it'll take us a while to get our sleep schedules back on track, and we're, or at least I am, still procrastinators. I've picked out my 6 favorite movies/TV shows. 


The West Wing | For all you Scandal watchers, TWW is a political drama with more emphasis on politics. I am pretty sure I've talked about this show on here before, and I am cannot tell y'all how much I love it. It's witty and entertaining and crazy wonderful. I've watched every episode at least twice, and it still is one of my favorite shows. 

Royal Pains | I talked about this show in my December Favorites. The entire concept of this show is ridiculous, but it's wonderful. Sometimes I'll watch it before bed, and I have to cut myself off because after every episode, I'm like I need more. I definitely recommend this if you like hospital dramas but aren't a huge fan of the gore/sickness. 


Clueless | Honestly, this is a cult classic, and I'm surprised if you haven't already seen it. This has been one of my favorite movies since I was really little. I wanted to be Cher when I was younger, and who can resist Paul Rudd?

Camp Takota | This recently came out on Netflix, and it's hilarious. Grace, Hannah, and Mamrie are all on YouTube, and they're such clever people. I watch Grace pretty religiously and Hannah and Mamrie when I am feeling down. If you're into YouTubers, definitely watch this. 


Schooled | This takes a look into how college athletes view the NCAA and how the NCAA hurts the students. It' is super interesting, and I think it looks into a perspective that most people forget about when talking about the NCAA and its regulations. Must see if you like sports. 

Greenwich Village | I watched this with my dad one night, and it's amazing. It is set in Greenwich in the 60s and talks a lot about protest music, which I am really into, and the artists and how this generation brought it back. I especially like it because I love Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. 

What are y'all watching on Netflix?

xoxo, jKm 


Goals for SDS

On Friday, I talked about my Goals for 2015, and one of them was to focus on blogging. This year I want to spend a lot of time expanding Sass del Sur and creating something that makes me proud. I haven't been putting as much effort into the blog as I would like to be but in 2015 that will change. 

Post Consistently | This is something I should have been doing from the start, but we all know life gets in the way, and then all of a sudden you haven't posted for two weeks. Okay . . . Maybe that's just me. Right now, I should be posting Mondays-Fridays, and I want to make sure that I do that as consistently as possible in the new year. 

More Outfit Posts | Outfit posts are my favorite kind of blog post to read, so obviously I should be doing them myself. My goal for this year is to do at least one outfit post a month, and hopefully get into a habit of doing more. 

Become Social Media Savvy | For the amount of time I spend on social media, I should be better at it. I want to expand my social media accounts and just all in all make them better. 
P.S. y'all should be following me! Twitter // Pinterest // Instagram // Tumblr

Go Across Media Platforms | I don't just want to have photos on my blog; I want to try to incorporate different kinds of media like videos and graphics on SDS too. 

Increase Quality | Last but certainly not least, I want to make sure everything I post is great quality. Sometimes I think I worry about getting a post done rather than making sure it is good. This will require better planning on my part, but I am ready for it. 

I am excited to continue this blogging journey with y'all, and I can't wait to see what this year brings. 


2015 Goals

I cannot make resolutions, and I definitely can't make them for an entire year. Instead, I divide my year into sections, so here are my goals for the first semester of 2015. A lot of my goals are focused on me and kinda getting my life on track. One of my friends had a Semester of Valerie, and hers was more about focusing on herself rather than guys, but my Semester of Julianna will be focused on feeling better and becoming a better person. 

Keep up my grades | I am finishing my junior year, and I really want to finish strong. I've had good grades for the past five semester, and hopefully I can keep that up because these are my last grades for college applications. 

Focus on blogging more | Admittedly I haven't been a good blogger. I've been a horrible blogger actually. I want to focus a lot on maintain this little piece of the internet. I don't have football this semester, so I will definitely have more time to spend working. 

Don't worry; be happy | This will kind of be the motto for this semester. I haven't really worried about whether or not I was happy this past semester which is weird I guess. I want to focus on myself these next couple of months. 

Get healthy | This isn't just about physical health, but this includes mental, spiritual, and relational health. 

Become organized | Obviously the most cliched, but I always focus on this at the beginning of the year to start it off right.