Acing Pattern Play

I want to start off with apologizing for being MIA since Thursday. I got really sick during school and went home during fourth period, and then proceeded to get worse on Friday. I had an awful headache and couldn't stand to look at anything bright aka a computer for too long. But now I am back and feel (a little bit) better. 

One of my favorite things in the entire universe is mixing patterns. My sister always says it doesn't have to match; it just has to go. Here are my tips for making your outfit go together.

We will just ignore that these all feature the same shirt... 

Color | Most of the time I am mixing patterns I use one color to kinda make the prints go together. It unites the two really easily. This is really helpful if you're in the beginning stages of mixing prints.

Neutral Prints | We've all heard leopard is a neutral. Well I believe stripes and gingham kinda of act as one too. When curating outfits, treat those three prints are basics rather than statements.

Simplify | If you're going for brighter more intense patterns, I suggest keeping everything else in your outfit relatively simple, so you don't distract for your statement pieces.

Don't Fight | Have one of your prints be "louder" than then other one. Don't have the two competing for attention because then the patterns start to overwhelm you.

How do y'all mix patterns?
xoxo, jKm

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