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I am not a huge jewelry person apart from statement necklaces, but lately I've been wearing four pieces consistently that I absolutely love. I might do a post on my statement jewelry later because it has expanded considerably since I last did a post on it. (A baby Julianna post.) 

Monogrammed necklaces 1 // 2 | My pearl necklace broke recently, so lately I've been wearing my monogram necklaces nonstop. I love the Marley Lilly state necklace because the monogram is more understated, but my blue monogram necklace, from Bluetique, is also pretty perfect.

Class ring | This is definitely the piece of jewelry that is most important to me. I was never much a ring person until I got it, but I wear it every day, and if I ever lost it, I would cry. I'm so glad I got one this past year, and it will remain with me for a long time. 

Pearl earrings | I'm rarely seen without my pearls in my ears. I pretty much wear them all the time unless I am showering or wearing a different pair of earrings, which I almost never do. These are definitely in my must haves for any wardrobe. 
xoxo, jKm

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