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In honor of going back to school, I am sharing with you my favorite picks on Netflix right now. Because let's be honest, it'll take us a while to get our sleep schedules back on track, and we're, or at least I am, still procrastinators. I've picked out my 6 favorite movies/TV shows. 


The West Wing | For all you Scandal watchers, TWW is a political drama with more emphasis on politics. I am pretty sure I've talked about this show on here before, and I am cannot tell y'all how much I love it. It's witty and entertaining and crazy wonderful. I've watched every episode at least twice, and it still is one of my favorite shows. 

Royal Pains | I talked about this show in my December Favorites. The entire concept of this show is ridiculous, but it's wonderful. Sometimes I'll watch it before bed, and I have to cut myself off because after every episode, I'm like I need more. I definitely recommend this if you like hospital dramas but aren't a huge fan of the gore/sickness. 


Clueless | Honestly, this is a cult classic, and I'm surprised if you haven't already seen it. This has been one of my favorite movies since I was really little. I wanted to be Cher when I was younger, and who can resist Paul Rudd?

Camp Takota | This recently came out on Netflix, and it's hilarious. Grace, Hannah, and Mamrie are all on YouTube, and they're such clever people. I watch Grace pretty religiously and Hannah and Mamrie when I am feeling down. If you're into YouTubers, definitely watch this. 


Schooled | This takes a look into how college athletes view the NCAA and how the NCAA hurts the students. It' is super interesting, and I think it looks into a perspective that most people forget about when talking about the NCAA and its regulations. Must see if you like sports. 

Greenwich Village | I watched this with my dad one night, and it's amazing. It is set in Greenwich in the 60s and talks a lot about protest music, which I am really into, and the artists and how this generation brought it back. I especially like it because I love Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie. 

What are y'all watching on Netflix?

xoxo, jKm 

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