What's In My Bag? | Betsy Johnson Purse

Hey y'all! Happy Thursday. :) Today I'm sharing with y'all what I keep in my purse because I'm super creepy and love these posts, so I'm sure there are out there like me.

This is my purse. It's from Betsy Johnson, and my mom bought it for me from Ross. Is it clear why I love this purse? It has stripes and a bow. Me in a bag basically. 

Here's everything I keep in my bag. There is more but it's basically lone pens and pencils. 

 Lilly Agenda | I like keeping my agenda in a purse rather than carrying it around because I think it keeps the agenda in better condition. Here's an older post about I organize my agenda. An updated one might be coming since I changed how I do it. 

Pencil Pouches | I use two things to carry pencils/pens. The Kate Spade one is for my "every day" pens that I use from my agenda, and then the Avengers one is for my gel pens that I will use during exams to help coordinate notes. 

Makeup | I only carry an EOS lip balm and a lip gloss with me because I hate carrying a ton of stuff with me, but I will occasionally have a different lipstick if I was wearing something else that morning.

xoxo, jKm

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