March Favorites

March is over... Tomorrow is the first of April. I have two months of junior left. Cue the panic/excitement. This month went by really quickly, yet the weeks went by really slowly. Does anyone else ever feel like that? Oh well... A lot happened this month, so I have a couple of favorite that I want to share with y'all!

Siren in Scarlet | One word: Obsessed. I've never loved a red lipstick more than I have loved this one. It's the perfect bright red shade. It last literally all day. (It lasted through school.) The matte is perfect. Honestly, I would suggest this lipstick to everyone. I think it would work for every type of person. 

Neutrogena Treatment Pads | I bought this while I was in Kentucky because I was breaking out so bad. It was a huge problem. Between this and the next product, my face cleared up with in a weekend. I still had remnants of the breakouts, but I could conceal it which I couldn't do when the breakouts were the size of mountains. Ew. 

Neutrogena Spot Treatment | I use this when I don't use the treatment pads. In my opinion, this stuff doesn't dry out your skin like some spot treatments. And it works. It helps clear up my breakouts so well, and it helps prevent new ones from happening. 

Converse | Meet my new favorite shoes. I hurt my knee this month, so I've been wearing my Keds and Converse like crazy. Fun and practical. Plus who can resist royal blue? Not me... 

Necklace: Bluetique // Earrings: Target
 Again, another piece from Bluetique. I love this necklace mainly because I think the clusters look like cat paws, and ya know... It's March. Go Cats! But I'll say it again, Bluetique has something for everyone. If you're ever near one, go.

Pearls are a girl's best friend, right? Until you lose them... But if you didn't already know this, Target has a set of three (I was wearing one) for $5. They're actually pretty great quality, and you get the luxury of choosing what size you want to wear. I prefer wearing the biggest size, but I'm glad I now have the option to wear smaller pearls.

Hope y'all had a great March and here's to April, (my) spring break, and school being almost over!
xoxo, jKm


Welcome to New York (& Boston)

At this point in the semester, all I can think about is Spring Break. (And my SAT scores.) I have a week and two days until I am on break, and I am so excited. Like 90% of my school goes to the beach for break, but I am honestly not a huge fan of the beach. Personally I'd rather be on a lake or near the sea in the north. Usually, we just go to Kentucky, but we've spent a lot of time there this year, so... If you can't tell by the title, I am going to New York and Boston! 

Emma and I are going together, and we're going to spend time in New York then visit Will in Boston. I am super excited because it's been a goal to go to both cities. Plus I get to see Will who I haven't seen since Christmas. I've been to both cities, but I don't remember going to New York, and our last Boston trip was really short, so I am excited to start crossing off my bucket list. 

If any of my Northern followers have any advice for dressing in these cities during the first week of April, please help a Southern girl out, 

xoxo, jKm


Get Ready for Madness | North Carolina Tar Heels

UNC Tar Heels
UNC is a part of the ACC and is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are coached by Roy Williams. UNC has won 5 national titles. UNC is a part of the historic rivalry of UNC v. Duke. 

Necklace: Lizard Thicket // Shirt: UNC Bookstore // Skirt: Gap // Shoes: Jack Rogers

One of my favorite things is dressing up t-shirts, and it's especially great for basketball/football games. Personally I love wearing the shirt with pattered skirts and a necklace. It ends up being cute and comfy.

xoxo, jKm

Sorry, this is a week late! Y'all know from yesterday's post...

Get Ready for Madness | Indiana Hoosiers

Indiana Hoosiers 
Indiana is a part of the Big Ten and is located in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana has won 5 national titles, and in my opinion, they are known for their striped warm up pants. 

 Cardigan: Target // Top: Mom's Closet // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Emma's Closet

Tip toein' in my high heels

Praying for the Hoosiers like... (Or I just wasn't paying attention.)

I wouldn't wear this outfit to a game since it's a little nice, but I think it's great for if you're working during basketball season, and you want to be supporting your team even though you are at your job. 

xoxo, jKm


Sunday Update

I. Am. So. Sorry. This last has been so insane, and it didn't start off in a way that helped blogging, so it kinda fell to the way side. Two Saturdays ago I took the SAT again, and then immediately after that my mom and I left for Kentucky, in hopes to go to a concert. We, however, got stuck on I-75 for about an hour... We got to Lexington around 8, and then on Sunday, my dad came down from Ohio to spend the day with us which was really nice. Then on Monday, my mom and I went on an official tour of UK because we didn't want to have go back to Georgia just yet. After we left Lex, we drove down to London, KY and got to see my cousins who we hadn't seen in a while which was really nice. 

So tl;dr... I didn't really have access to a compute this weekend, and the trip was really last minute. Then when I don't start the week off well, my motivation is really off. Oops. I have also been really busy working on newspaper stuff for next year, so that's taken up a lot of my time. To make up for missed posts, I will be doing two #GetReadyForMadness posts tomorrow, and I may try to post double posts on a couple more days depending on how creative I am feeling this week. (Also maybe more outfit posts this week?? Fingers crossed.) 

 Here are some of the ideas I am thinking for upcoming posts (not necessarily this week): 

-I want to do kinda of tourist's guide to Lexington. I've been there so often, and there are so many great places that I want to make sure people do to in case they go. 

-I've done a lot of shopping recently... So I am thinking about doing a Spring Haul. 

-Anything about Spring Break, maybe? I'm not sure about this one. I never go to the beach... 

-In my May, I want to talk about my experience as a junior and how this past year went/what I wish I had known. 

-Prom's next month, and I have a little surprise up my sleeve for a post idea. ;)

-In the next couple of weeks, I hope to be posting more outfit posts and lots of photos. 

Hope y'all had a good weekend! 
xoxo, jKm


Ten Seconds at a Time

My new favorite show is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It premiered on Netflix last weekend, and it is sooooo good. It's like Parks and Rec because it's so happy, but the concept is so insane and strange. But I love it. One of my favorite scenes is where Kimmy says you can make it through the next ten seconds, and then just start counting to ten again. 

I think this sentiment is so amazing because everyone says take it one day at a time, but sometimes you can only take it ten seconds at a time. Focus on the first ten seconds then the next ten and then the next ten. Like Kimmy in the bunker, everything will turn out to be okay. 

xoxo, jKm


Get Ready for Madness | UConn Huskies

Welcome to another week of Get Ready for Madness! This past weekend some crazy games went on, and it was the perfect start to March Madness. This next week involves a lot of conference championships, and I really wish I could going to the SEC one, but this year it is in Nashville.

UConn HuskiesUConn is a part of the American Conference and is located in Storrs, Connecticut. They are coach by Kevin Ollie, who has coached their for three years. UConn has won 4 national titles, including one last season. 

Shirt: JC Penny (similar) // Jeans: Jeans // Boots: Hunter // Necklace: Stein Mart


xoxo, jKm

P.S. Sorry this isn't the best! I kinda did this last minute. Next week will be better. :)


Una Semana in Review | March 1-5

Happy, happy Friday! I've never been so happy for it be Friday. This week was so long and stressful, but it was also a pretty amazing week. This week I decided to change things up and instead of sharing my favorite links of the week, I would share everything that happened.

Sunday, March 1: We finally got to go to Old Navy and get jeans for me. We'd been trying to go for a week, but things kept happening. For errands, I wore my favorite hat from Southern Tide and shirt from Lands End. In addition to jeans, I got two new button downs and a new shirt which was seen...

Monday, March 2 | HERE! I started a new series all about March Madness, and while it is a post about Duke, it's one of my favorites that I have ever done. Hoped y'all are excited about the
 next five teams. :)  

Tuesday, March 3 | I got to see Kentucky play basketball! I went up to Athens with Emma to see the team go 30-0. It was a close game, and I didn't act very lady-like, but I left so incredibly happy as you can see from the Snapchat. Then we went to Waffle House to see one of my sister's best friends, and we stayed over at his house since it was super late (12) by time we were done. 

Wednesday, March 4 | I didn't go to school this today because I was "sick." It was nice to have a break because while life has been great, school has been super stressful. Mainly because I have a lot due today, and the SAT is next week. Also, Prom? Incredibly stressful. 

Thursday, March 5 | Yesterday was kinda of blur. (Even though I was writing this on Thursday.) I guess it's kinda a good thing since the next day was Friday. *insert praise emoji*

Hope y'all had a good week! What did you do?
xoxo, jKm


Escape the Ordinary | Kate Spade Spring 2015

I guess I had forgotten about the Kate Spade Spring line when it was at NYFW is the past fall, but when I saw it online, I refell in love with everything. Kate Spade is easily becoming one of my favorite designers. Refinery29 called it "a weird-girl garden party." Which I am all about

Here are my favorites of my favorites from this season:

Image Map
Click the images for links!

xoxo, jKm

P.S. Kate Spade expanded their sizing for this collection to include 16 and XXL. :)


February Favorites

A lot happened in February. I turned 17. My dad came home for the first time in a month. Snow happened to literally every except where I live in Georgia. But before I recap all of February, you can just read about it here. ;) I am excited it's March, however, because it means I am one month to be being done with junior year and a month closer to spring break 2015. 

Here are my February Favorites

Gallery Wall
ST Hat // School Hat // Marley Lilly Hat // Southern Marsh Hat

Of Miracles and Men, ESPN's 30 for 30 documentary

xoxo, jKm


Get Ready for Madness | Duke Blue Devils

Hey y'all, so at the beginning of summer I did one of my favorite things that I've ever done for the blog: Countdown to Game Day. Since it's March, I thought I would do something similar for March Madness and the NCAA tournament. There are six Mondays including Championship Day until college basketball is done for the season, so to honor one of my favorite sports, I am going to be posting outfits based on the six teams with the most NCAA titles every Monday until the sixth of April. This includes Duke, UConn, UNC, Indiana, Kentucky, and ULCA. Some of these easy will be very to do, but some will be very hard. As you can tell by the title, today we are starting with Duke.

Duke Blue Devils
Duke is a part of the ACC and is located in Durham, North Carolina. They are coach by Mike Krzyzewski, Coach K, who has coached there for 35 years. Duke has won 4 national titles, and they are known for their intense fan base, who are called the Cameron Crazies. 

Shirt: Old Navy // Pants: Old Navy (color unavailable) // Shoes: Target // Necklace: Target 

xoxo, jKm

I tried to keep my bias away, but at least I saved it for the end...? Here it goes... I. Hate. Dook. I am still bitter over 1992 even though I wasn't born, and I literally cringed while writing about them. I do respect Coach K a lot because even my mom has never said a bad word about him, but never in my life will I root for Dook.