April Madness aka Pink Sunday

Yesterday I woke up at 5:50 with the excitement of Lilly for Target in the air. I barely slept last night because I got home from Prom at 12 (a post coming later this week!), and I knew that I couldn't sleep in because this was Lilly for Target, y'all. Most anticipated event of the year. I kid...sorta. 

Clearly didn't need the alarms...
I got there at 7:45ish, and there was a line but only of about 25 people. I was checking Twitter and some stores had hundreds of people in line. As it got closer to 8, the line got longer, and once the employee came to open the door, shift went down. Thankfully I had my wonderful mom, who willingly woke up super early after chaperoning prom, to help me. We essentially grabbed everything that was in my size. #notsorry I had to get away from the crazy moms as quickly as possible. 

Luckily I was one of the first people in the dressing rooms, and I tried everything on and got an idea of what I wanted. I kept everything that was a "yes" or a "maybe." My mom and I proceeded to walk around Target to see the chaos. Home section was wiped out except for a set of lights and some beach blankets. Literally all the clothes except for six pieces were gone. (I actually picked up one of the dresses that was left.) The saddest part was I saw a girl who couldn't have been older than 2 with her mom. The mom was picking out clothes, but the little girl did not want to be there. My friend, Keara, was there, and she said she fought with a woman for piece of clothing. That's insane! 

Target really needed more hooks today...
After walking around, I started to go through my cart and decided what a definite yes, but then my mom just said she thought I should get all of it which I am incredibly thankful for that and her help through the madness. I can't say that enough. My mom was a God-send through the craziness. All in all, I woke up too early, spent too much money, and partook in the worst part of capitalism, but I am glad I did it. I would've regretted staying at home and not getting anything. I got 10 items of clothing and a bag for the cost of two Lilly dresses.

I know some people are incredibly angry at people like me for buying out everything, but remember Lilly doesn't make things in my size, and it is hard to find Lilly dresses that fit. I knew this was my shot at getting Lilly clothing even if it is LillyxTarget, and it was only going to happen once, so of course I went a little crazy at 8 in the morning.  I am incredibly lucky to have had an amazing experience with getting stuff from this collection, and I wish everyone could have had the same experience, but this is how a Target collection works. It happened with Missoni in 2011 and Jason Wu in 2012. The supply will never fulfill the demand when the demand is unlimited.

I've never bought so many clothes in one trip to Target.
Will I ever do anything like this ever again? Hopefully I will never need to. My family doesn't do Black Friday, but I will do it for Lilly. If you shopped yesterday, I hope you got what you wanted, and if you didn't, I hope you enjoyed reading everyone's tweets. I know I did. 

Hope y'all have a good Monday! 
xoxo, jKm 

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