Tips For Packing Light

Hey y'all, so as you're reading this, I am in the New York City! I'm so incredibly pumped, but all my posts for this week are scheduled, so to follow me in real time, make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr! I recently just made my Snapchat story public, so you can add me on there as well. jujukachoo 

Since I flew to New York, I had to pack light, and I've talked about on here before how that's not my personality. At all. (I over pack because I normally under pack...) But I really did need to cut down on my packing since plane and all... So today, I'm going to share with you guys how I cut down my travel bag for this trip!

Create a Neutral Color Scheme | I only packed navys and blacks for this trip. A. Because both colors go with my rain boots, and B. They lend themselves to accessories really well. Plus, I've kinda gotten over my aversion to wearing black and navy together, so I can make multiple outfits with only a few pieces. All in all, I packed 7 pieces of clothing for a seven day trip. (Doesn't include jackets.)

Plan, Plan, Plan! | What helped me with packing the most was planning my outfits. I started out with my two striped shirts and went from there. I ended up getting five outfits with those shirts, my two pairs of pixie pants, jeans, and a skirt, so then I threw in my striped dress and my navy gingham shirt. If you have a plan, then you don't end up bringing more than you need because you already know what you're going to wear.

Accessories, Duh | Jewelry and scarves add so much to an outfit! And they help change up a look very easily, and they don't take a whole ton of room in your bag.

xoxo, jKm

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