Enlances con SDS

I've officially been out of school for a week, and I've officially been an awful blogger. Only excuse? Laziness and a lack of creativity. I've also been trying to get a jump start on my summer work plus I've had to sign up for my online math class for this summer. With my fingers crossed, I hope to be back to blogging regularly this summer with some great posts planned! :) 

So I saw Pitch Perfect 2 this week with Tori, and I seriously laughed almost every minute of the movie. If you've seen it, you know how perfect the new Jadelynn Brooke tank is! 

I was already pretty in love with the KJP brand, but now after reading this article? I'm obsessed.

Speaking of KJP, they have a ton of new bracelets! I think the Cape Codder is my favorite. 

I've been looking for nice summer dresses, and I absolutely in love with Eliza J. All the dresses are so pretty, and I want them all. I'm thinking about wearing one for preference night next year.

What Lilly agendas are y'all gonna get? I'm thinking about the jumbo one (because I am about to be so busy senior year) in Red Right Return! 

xoxo, jKm 


Junior Year Reflection + What's to Come

Prom 2015

I'm not really sure where the year went. I feel like just yesterday I was nervously walking into the high school I know like the back on my hand because this was it. Junior year. A year I've been dreading since forever. Now tonight I will be attending my last graduation as a spectator before my own. This year was crazy in a bad and good way. 

Bad: My dad was transferred to Ohio. I thought I was moving for most of the first semester. I struggled with my mental health. A lot. I broke down more than ever. I didn't exactly do well on the SAT. 
Good: I finished another year with the football team. I worked hard to get the grades I got. I became a lot closer with some of my friends. I restarted a club that I am passionate about. I think I found who I am and who I want to be. I am working toward being happier and healthier. 

Homecoming 2014

People say junior year is the worst, and I wouldn't say they are lying. I think junior year is hard for multiple reasons. 1. You're freaking out about growing up. 2. Classes get harder, and you know you need to do well for college. 3. Thinking about college in general. 4. Sleep isn't a thing anymore. All factors combine for a rough year, but I honestly think it all makes you a better person. 

Football Season 2014

Here's my advice to upcoming juniors:
-If you haven't learned by now... Perfection is not an option. It's okay to make mistakes. 
-Late nights will be a regular occurrence. It will be alright. Who needs sleep? 
-If you don't wear nice clothes every day, no one will care. Chances are you aren't the only one. 
-Don't make stupid mistakes. 
-Spend time with your friends. This is one of your last years with them. Make it last. 
-Work hard. These are the grades that colleges will see. That's nerve-wracking, but you can do it.
-Find something you love. You will need a distraction from the craziness. 

New York 2015

This summer I am excited to see what happens. I'm going to LSU for a journalism camp. I'll be working on AP Bio and AP Lit summer work with my best friends. And of course, getting ready for the SAT/ACT. I will spend some time in Ohio with my dad and mom and some time in Georgia with Emma. I hope to spend a lot of time working on the blog and crossing on items from my 101 in 1001 list. I have to get senior photos done. Maybe I'll visit Will in Boston. I am excited to spend one of my last summers in Georgia before I go to college.

Here's the summer of 2015 and the final year of high school. :)

xoxo, jKm


Unofficial Start to Senior Year

I am a 'senior.' Sorta. At my school, the Thursday before graduation is the current class' last day. It is a day full of fun and sadness because the seniors are leaving, and it was especially hard this year because I've known all my friends for three years now. Also shaving cream war? That's a thing. But then the next day the juniors wear their senior shirts. We tailgate in the morning, and it's a fun tradition that everyone looks forward to, so I thought I would bring y'all along. :)

The tailgate was not the best ever, but I had so much fun because I was with my favorite people, and it was an amazing way to kick off senior year. :)



 Selfie Stick action


Maalik & Robby


 Tailgate :)

A1 since Grade 1

xoxo, jKm


Amy Ruth Designs | Happy School Supplies

A couple weeks ago, Bess partnered with Amy Ruth Designs to do a giveaway, and I won! I was so incredibly happy because after I entered, I was like even if I don't win, I'll probably get some of this stuff later because it's darn cute. My mom said it was like the company was designed for me. Bright happy school supplies? Sign me up, ASAP. :) 

I will definitely be using everything next year for senior year since junior year is almost over!

xoxo, jKm


Graduation Party Dresses

Graduation party time is quickly approaching. I have seven parties on four different days which means four different dresses to find. I think party grad dresses should be a mix of fun, light weight, and comfortable. I'm loving these four as options, but I'll end up wearing most of my outfits from Lilly for Target. At least I'll look cute while I'm bawling about my friends leaving. 

xoxo, jKm


April 2015 Favorites

This month was insane. I was reflecting on all that I had done in thirty short days, and I am amazed. This was seriously such a crazy month, but I had so much fun, and this was definitely one of my favorite months despite the fact that there was some pretty bad lows. I think the good times canceled them out for this month.

Let's jump into my favorites! 

New York
New York was obviously a favorite. I fell in love with the city, and it was so pretty when Emma and I were there. I felt like Blair Waldorf the entire time I was there which was clearly perfect. 

Lilly For Target
Y'all I am obsessed with everything that I got from LillyxTarget. My closet is so bright and full of patterns now. I wore the green swing/shift dress to a meeting, and everyone loved it.

 New Hair
I cut my hair this month! I'm pretty in love with it, but I still want to dye it a bit darker. (also I miss the brunette emoji!!)

Y'all I am so obsessed with Budapest. I listened to it probably once a day during April. 

Make Up
I've been avoiding wearing make up this month like it's my job. BUT when I have been aka New York and Prom, this lipstick is my go-to. The Audacious Lipstick by NARS is the only lipstick you should be wearing if you can afford to only buy it. Anita is very your lips but better, and a wonderful man working at the NARS boutique picked it out for me.

xoxo, jKm


Prom + Life Update

Happy Friday, y'all! I know I haven't been the best blogger in the world these past couple of weeks, but once I got back from Spring Break, life got super hectic. I haven't been super healthy lately, and the stress of testing has been hurting everyone. I've had two different sets of standardized testing right before AP testing and regular exams on top of class tests and projects. No bueno. 

BUT two weeks ago, I attended my junior prom! It was a very stressful couple of days, and I didn't love it, personally. I mean, I had fun and enjoyed dressing up, but it was a crazy stressful event. Not about that life, honestly. I told my friend, not the best night ever, but I had fun. I do, however, want to share my outfit with y'all because I loved it so much! 

My top is two pieces from Old Navy. My skirt is from Anthropologie, and my shoes are from DSW!

xoxo, jKm