So Very Charmed

In my links post, I shared BaubleBar's Build A Charm Necklace feature, and I couldn't stop dreaming up my necklace. The best part? The charms aren't that expensive ($8-14), so it's affordable and adorable. I think my favorite charm is the lobster one.

Block Letter Charm

What would be on y'all's charm necklace?
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Guide to GameDay Wardrobes

I call this, "Guy Senior Photo."


With a little over two months until college football season, we need to start thinking about GameDay wardrobes. I may only be a (almost) senior in high school, but I've been building up my Game Day wardrobe since sophomore year. Today I thought I'd give you three tips on how to have the perfect start to a wardrobe worth of ESPN's College GameDay. 

Get a White Dress | White Dresses are perfect for any college because all you need are accessories in the team's colors to dress it up. I can't think of a single college that a white dress wouldn't work for GameDay. Black is a little different because some schools have navy as one of their colors, but I also suggest getting a black one if it works. This means even if you go to Kentucky and visit your friend at Auburn for a game, you only need to find some orange and navy accessories to match. I'm loving Old Navy's selection of white dresses, and Nordstrom has some really great ones as well.

Go Outside Your Town | If you buy a dress while you're in Athens, chances are super high that another girl is going to be wearing the exact same dress at a UGA game. Go outside the college town boutiques (which I love! Don't get me wrong!) and find all the red + black dresses your little Dawg heart desires. Trying to shop at different stores than your local ones slims your chances of another girl wearing the same outfit. Some of my favorite GameDay dresses have come from Kohl's, Dillard's, and Talbot's, so honestly, if you look hard enough at almost any store, you will be able to find a cute dress. It just takes some time to find the perfect one. 

Shirts Are Cool Too | It. Doesn't. Have. To. Be. A. Dress! I own four Kentucky blue shirts (all from Bluetique) that would be perfect for a game!  Because let's be real, once it gets cold, which it can in the South at night, you will not be wearing dresses every game. Building a wardrobe full of tops is just as important as finding the perfect GameDay dress. I think Piko Shirts are great and inexpensive piece that is a must, and they come in so many different colors! 

xoxo, jKm

P.S. Sorry about my eyes looking like they're closed in almost every picture...


Tips for Senior Year | Guest Post

Hey y'all! As you read this, I'm in Baton Rouge living it up at LSU. Not really, I'm at a journalism camp. Today Hailey is guest posting for me, and she is giving her tips for senior year. I was so excited when I got her email, and I quickly read all the tips, and I'm so happy that she did this! These 10 tips are great and make me more excited for my last year. 

Hey everyone, Hailey from A Southern Sunshine here! I just recently graduated high school and am going to be starting college in the fall (cue the nervous-excited feels). Senior year was definitely the best year of high school for me and a lot of my other friends, and it can be for you too - if you go about it the right way. Class of 2016, you're going to hear a ton of different opinions from recent graduates about how they felt about their senior year; some will claim it was the hardest, and thus, the worst school year of their lives. Was senior year hard for me? Yes, it was by far the most difficult year I ever had to go through - but I'm still alive, aren't I? For those of you going into you senior year of high school, here are my top 10 tips to you (in no specific order)...

1. Avoid Senioritis the best you can.
Senioritis is indeed REAL, and it WILL affect you. Don't let it empower you to the point where you begin flunking classes, that'll lose you everything from scholarships to even your diploma - and the last thing you want to do is not graduate with your class.

2. Go to all the things you've never been to. Just GO.

It's your last year. Leave being able to say you've done it all.

3. Narrow down your list of colleges to about 3.

Don't be that person that wastes all their money applying to every single college in the state because after almost 4 years, they still don't know what they want. It's okay not to have everything planned out, but at least have an idea of the schools where you think you would enjoy spending your time after high school going in to senior year.

4. You may not need that senior shirt or class ring, but you need that yearbook.

You'll outgrow those shirts and you won't want to wear that class ring past graduation, but your yearbook is forever and provides a great source of memories. Even if you don't look at it for another 20 years after you leave high school, you'll always enjoy the feeling of nostalgia it'll give you.

5. Start applying for scholarships early on, and apply for ALL of them.

Even if you barely qualify for the scholarship, take the time to apply for it. I have had friends get scholarships they didn't fully meet requirements for simply because not many people applied. And the earlier on in the year you search, the better of a chance you'll have of winning since most people wait till the end of the year to start looking around. It sucks applying, but the possible reward is always worth the time.

6. Retake those standardized tests early in the year, preferably before you begin applying for colleges.

Schools want test scores in by a certain date past the application deadline, but if you apply early enough to a school with already-great scores, they might be able to send you back a decision a lot faster - and that decision could even bring money to the table. I was accepted to my dream school early in the year and this allowed me to be considered for freshman scholarships; if you weren't accepted by December, you weren't bothered with. My test scores that I spent junior year improving upon helped bring me this consideration - G.P.A. and extra-curriculars mattered as well, but the test scores played a bigger part. Retake your tests over the summer or right at the beginning of the year in August and September, right before you begin applying.

7. Prepare for all those important down-payment fees for stuff like tuition, housing, etc. now.

College starts to become expensive the minute you click that accept button. Start saving now! And as soon as you accept that offer of admission you've been wanting and the sooner you pay those fees after you're accepted, the better your housing, orientation, and many other aspects will be compared to students who choose to wait.

8. It's really never too late to meet someone that could stick with you the rest of your life, so don't be afraid to make new friends or start new relationships your last year.

I made more lifelong friends during my last year of high school than I did any other. Don't be afraid to start new bonds just because you believe you're never going to see any of the people you saw in high school ever again after graduation anyway - that's entirely not true. When people are worth your time and effort, you're going to keep in touch with them. You'll realize who these people are soon enough.

9. Don't spend your free time sitting around doing nothing - you're not going to be around the same friends and family much longer.

Some of your friends may be going to faraway places for their post-secondary education - or maybe you are. Spend time with everyone near and dear to you during this last year because you may not know when you'll ever get real quality time with them again after you walk out those doors on the last day. Life gets busy after graduation.

10. Don't spend your time counting down the days, just ENJOY them.

So many people have been sitting around for years just saying to themselves, "I can't wait to get out of here." Those are the people who never fully treasured the time they spent in high school and never actually made the most of their experience - they were too far into the future to think more about the present. I know you've been dreaming of graduation, and that's completely fine - but don't let it consume you this last year. Focus on the now because nothing is ever the same again after you throw your cap.

Best of luck to the Class of 2016, I hope you all have an amazing last year of high school!

Hope that helped y'all! 
xoxo, jKm


College App Prep 101

Upcoming seniors... I know. I know. It's summer. You don't want to be thinking about school especially college, but you have to be thinking about it. Before you know it, the sun will set on summer, and senior year will start and that means college applications will start. Everyone I know says doing college apps is like taking another class, which in addition to all those APs you're taking is not fun. To lower stress levels at the beginning of the year, you need to start preparing now. If you do these simple six and a half steps, you have a huge jump start on applying! 

1. Polish your resume (Or start it...) 

I blurred about personal information. 

One of the requirements for my research project in the fall was to create a resume. Then throughout the year, I've added to it and edited it. Some colleges require you to send in one, so you want to make that piece of paper show off all you've done. Here's some good advice about college and resumes. Even if the college you're applying to doesn't require one, they help for teachers when writing recs. We will talk about those later. 

2. Finish narrowing down your list of colleges
Do you know how much it cost to send in a college app? $50. So say you're applying to 10+ schools, that's $500 or more... I don't know about y'all, but that's a lot. CollegeBoard suggests applying to five to eight schools, and eight still seems like a lot, but to each her own.

One of my favorite features on College Confidential is the SuperMatch. It allows you to see how different schools match up to your wish list. You can enter the location and size of the school, whether it has a certain sport, or if it has a party scene, and then you can rank on how important it is to you. For me, colleges that were 99% (it's hard to have 100%) are Auburn, UGA, Kentucky, and Alabama. Those are all schools I am applying to in the fall. A school like Penn, where my brother went, does not make sense for me because it only gave me a 40% match, so Penn should not be added to my list of places to apply. 

3. What does the college need?

A transcript? Two recommendations? Or just one? Do they not require test scores? Some schools don't! Make a chart of what school needs what, so you don't end up sending something to Alabama that Georgia needed. This is all stuff you should find out so you can... 

4. Get everything together
If you don't know it, like me, find your Social Security Number. (Then memorize it.) Request official transcripts this summer. Get your score report from your high school.

4.5 Make sure all your tests scores have been sent in
CollegeBoard lets you see what scores have been sent in to colleges. If you go to the AP section, you can view your order history. 
I know for the SAT you can send in at most four schools for free, and for AP testing, it's one. All additional orders cost a fee. So make you've sent all your scores to the schools you're applying to! I would wait to do AP testing after scores come out in July because you should only send them in if they help you in any way! 

5. Talk to teachers about recs NOW!
Teachers have lives outside of school, and chances are if you ask a teacher for a rec, another kid is going to ask them too. You want to secure a recommendation because I know some teachers have limits on how many they will write. I asked my teacher at the end of school. ALSO, make sure to ask if they will write you a good one. That's so important. 

6. Start thinking about financial aid
College is expensive. Start looking at scholarships you can apply to whether they're school ones or ones from outside sources. One of my friends said she wished she has looked at scholarships earlier. 
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Enlances con SDS

Did y'all see Carly's Tony Awards outfit?? She's been killing it lately!!

You're missing out if you aren't following Coco Rocha's baby on Instagram.

How did I miss this Ed Sheeran video a year ago?? This is one of the best mashups I've ever heard. But my favorite part? When most of the people don't know the lyrics to "No Diggity."

Not a link, but y'all, I've been watching Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 so much. Both season (kinda angry about there only being two) are on Netflix. 

xoxo, jKm 

P.S. I'll be in Baton Rouge this upcoming week! I don't know if I will have blog posts done for the whole week, but you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat! Everything is @juliannakearn except Snapchat which is @jujukachoo. :) 



Nothin' Short About It

J.Crew // Old Navy // Vineyard Vines // Target

I used to be really into shorts during my freshman year, but I've kinda stopped wearing them for some reason. But recently I have gotten back into them because it's summer, and all I really want to go shorts shopping. Right now I mainly have solid and critter shorts, but I'm am loving different prints and fun details likes lace and pom-poms. I want some fun shorts to go with my senior shirts for next year, and I definitely have my eye on these four. The Edgartown print ones from Vineyard Vines are seriously so cute, and I think they are so perfect. *heart eye emoji*

xoxo, jKm


3 Favorite Pinterests

Now that it is summer, I've been spending way too much time on Pinterest. (shameless plug. Go follow me!) Certain people's pins just make me so incredibly happy, and I want to share them with you so your dashboard can be brightened up. :) Also, tell me your Pinterest, so I can follow you! 

Jadelynn Brooke | I'm not only obsessed with the three sisters' t-shirts. Their pins are so incredibly happy, and I will go on periods where I only repin stuff they've pinned. They pin lots of "preppy" stuff, which I love, but they don't limit themselves, which makes my dashboard a lot more interesting.

Smart Girls Group | I love pretty much everything SGG does, but their Pinterest is...on fleek? I don't know, but that's the only thing I can think of. They pin so many great things from home decor to outfits to food to great quotes. Like this Pinterest makes me want to go change the world. (But also keep pinning...)

Katelyn aka ASprinkleofKate | Katelyn's Pinterest was one of my favorites the minute I started following her. She has so many boards (something I love!), so anyone can find something the love on her Pinterest. My personal favorite is her Nautical Board

What are y'all's favorite Pinterests? Don't forget to tell me yours, so I can follow it!
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Today at 7:30, the USWNT takes on Australia in the FIFA Women's World Cup. Fun Fact: I love women's soccer a lot more than I like men's. I've been waiting for these games since the USA lost last summer in the Men's World Cup. Plus, Kelley O'Hara is from my county, but she went to my rival high school. I will put aside my feelings for the Cup. To kick off the United States' run, I've put together a perfectly patriotic outfit, which is great for any World Cup parties and the 4th!

Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Old Navy (On Sale!) // Shoes: Converse

My face when talking about my rival high school...

xoxo, jKm


Live Smart Series in NYC 2015

Hey y'all! I have some incredibly exciting news to talk to you about. On July 10th-12th, the Smarts Girls Group aka some of the most amazing women out there is hosting it's second Live Smart Series in New York! Unfortunately, I can't go this year because it's the weekend I am spending with my dad in Ohio, but I figured I'd tell y'all about it, so I can live vicariously through y'all. 

The Live Smart Series is for any girl who has huge aspirations. During the conference, you will hear from all sorts of amazing women who have fulfilled their goals and they will give you advice on how to do the same! You also get to meet girls with the same dreams as you, which in my opinion would be amazing. Some people just don't get the blogging world. Can you say networking opportunities? (Also, you can attend a free SoulCycle class! I'm extremely jealous. That huge trend has not hit my small city yet.) 

Look at this group of girls! Don't you want to be a part of it?
Here are some of the women that you will get to hear from! 
-Krista Roberson, aka Covering Bases: Head of Social Media for MLB (aka my dream job)
-Emily James: Season 11 finalist for SYTTCD 
-Carly Heitlinger: The College Prepster (aka my biggest inspiration) 
-Anne Fulenwider: Editor-in-Chief of Marie Claire
-Lizzy Okpo: Co-founder/Fashion Designer at William Okpo

...and y'all, that's seriously just the beginning. There's such a long list of amazing women that will be attending this conference whether they're speaking or they're girls coming. The women who work for SGG are such passionate people with amazing drive, so I know that this conference will be just as amazing as they are. Emily Raleigh, the founder, is seriously one of the sweetest people I've come into contact with, and I know her work will make this one of the best experience of your life.

If y'all end of going, be sure to tweet me/tag me in photos from the conference, so I can be extremely happy for you/slightly jealous! Both my Twitter and Instagram are @juliannakearn. :)

Follow Smarts Girl Group here and Live Smart Series here for upcoming information! Seriously y'all, if you can go, you don't want to pass up this chance of a lifetime. 

xoxo, jKm
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Favorite Hair + Skin Care Products

I couldn't wait till the end of June to share with y'all my favorite hair/skin care items. This combination has seriously just made me so happy, and it just works really well for me. During the summer, I kinda avoid taking showers unless I am going out/hanging out with friends, but now I am excited to take a shower if that makes sense? Just because I love these products so, so, so much. 

I'm obsessed with Not Your Mother's. I love their Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, so I figured I would love the brand's shampoo and conditioner as well. And I do. I love, love them so much more so than any other shampoo and conditioner combination that I've used before. The smell isn't my favorite ever, but it isn't super concentrated, so it doesn't last for a really long time, which I like. Also, since they are a purifying shampoo and conditioner, it gets all the "gunk" out of your hair and makes your super soft. 

This is my favorite facial cleanser ever. When I can use it, I can literally feel it cleaning my pores out. I mainly use it as a cleanser when I take showers, but I will use it as a mask if my skin is particularly oily. When it says it controls shine for up to 8 hours, it isn't joking. I will use it before I go to sleep, and when I wake up skin is still not oily. God bless rice protein for what you do for my skin. 

I love what Argan Oil does for my hair. It makes it soft and smell good plus it protects my hair from heat damage. I love the Oil from Organix (Now ORX!), and I cannot get enough of the smell. I will use this mainly on the ends of my hair once my hair is like half way dried, and then I will use a little more right before I blow dry my hair or straighten it. 

I will use this moisturizer if my skin is doing alright, and I am not breaking out like crazy. Like if I am breaking out a little bit, this is what I use when my face is still wet from a shower because you should moisturizers right after you shower since it locks in the water still on your skin! See. I learned something in my chemistry class. :) 

If my breakout is horrible, I will use these treatment pads after I shower. They work wonders and help reduce redness and the size of break outs super quickly, so if I have school or an event the next day, I will use these to help clear up my breakouts fast. They make your skin feel kind of weird and greasy right after you use them, but the feeling goes away in a few of minutes. They don't make your skin oily even if they feel like they will. 

xoxo, jKm


May Favorites

Happy June 2nd! May went by super slowly because of exams, testing, and end of the year activities. Plus my high school's graduation fell kinda early this year, so I still had a whole week of May after school was out, which doesn't always happen. I am so, so, so excited it's June and that May is over because it's summer! And I have so many fun things planned for the next two months. 


 These Old Navy shorts. They are so comfortable, and the print is super cute! Anna asked me if they were Lilly so you know the shorts are perfect. I think the Pixie Chino shorts might need to all be in my closet... 

This Old Navy white dress. I shared it with y'all earlier on here, and I wore it probably three times in May, which is a lot for me. It was the perfect dress for grad party hopping. 

Make Up

CoverGirl Lash Blash Volume + Length. This is probably my favorite mascara of all time. I'm never going back to anything I used before this.  

Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation. This probably the best foundation I've used in a very long time. Full coverage. In my opinion, it isn't too heavy but it's not a BB cream obvs. I used a powder to set it, and I think it lasts all day.  

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer. I think this helps my foundation stay on longer because some people have trouble with the foundation wearing off, but when I use this, I don't notice that at all. 

Maybelline Nudes Palatte. Because why would I spend $50 on Urban Decay when I can spend $10 and get super similar colors...

PaperMate InkJoy Pens. I got these to do summer work with, and these are amazing pens. I don't love that it is a 1.0 M tip because I prefer .7 or smaller, but the ink isn't too thick which I love. I feel like 1.0 M are hit or miss with how well the ink writes, and I love these.

Music wise, I've been listening to the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack nonstop. "Flashlight" has been stuck is my head for over a week. I've also been loving "Worth It" by Fifth Harmony.

What did y'all love this month?
xoxo, jKm