Guide to GameDay Wardrobes

I call this, "Guy Senior Photo."


With a little over two months until college football season, we need to start thinking about GameDay wardrobes. I may only be a (almost) senior in high school, but I've been building up my Game Day wardrobe since sophomore year. Today I thought I'd give you three tips on how to have the perfect start to a wardrobe worth of ESPN's College GameDay. 

Get a White Dress | White Dresses are perfect for any college because all you need are accessories in the team's colors to dress it up. I can't think of a single college that a white dress wouldn't work for GameDay. Black is a little different because some schools have navy as one of their colors, but I also suggest getting a black one if it works. This means even if you go to Kentucky and visit your friend at Auburn for a game, you only need to find some orange and navy accessories to match. I'm loving Old Navy's selection of white dresses, and Nordstrom has some really great ones as well.

Go Outside Your Town | If you buy a dress while you're in Athens, chances are super high that another girl is going to be wearing the exact same dress at a UGA game. Go outside the college town boutiques (which I love! Don't get me wrong!) and find all the red + black dresses your little Dawg heart desires. Trying to shop at different stores than your local ones slims your chances of another girl wearing the same outfit. Some of my favorite GameDay dresses have come from Kohl's, Dillard's, and Talbot's, so honestly, if you look hard enough at almost any store, you will be able to find a cute dress. It just takes some time to find the perfect one. 

Shirts Are Cool Too | It. Doesn't. Have. To. Be. A. Dress! I own four Kentucky blue shirts (all from Bluetique) that would be perfect for a game!  Because let's be real, once it gets cold, which it can in the South at night, you will not be wearing dresses every game. Building a wardrobe full of tops is just as important as finding the perfect GameDay dress. I think Piko Shirts are great and inexpensive piece that is a must, and they come in so many different colors! 

xoxo, jKm

P.S. Sorry about my eyes looking like they're closed in almost every picture...

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