#SeeSummerBetter in Savannah

Warby Parker's Summer 2015 campaign is called See Summer Better, and as y'all know, this week I spent a couple of days in Savannah, Georgia where I (and the rest of my family) tried out some of Warby Parker's new sunglasses. 

We spent Tuesday morning at Tybee Island, which is so cute. All the houses and stores are painted such bright colors like salmon or turquoise, and I absolutely want to paint my house one of those colors when I am older. The beach was also really nice and pretty quiet since we went in the morning. Emma is wearing the Winston glasses in Ginger Lemonade while I am wearing the Jennings glasses in Striped Beach, which I thought was appropriate. Mama was also killing the game in the Winstons. Both of these glasses, in my opinion, are perfect beach wear! They are both part of the new Summer 2015 line. 

Next up was Downtown Savannah! First we went to Leopold's Ice Cream, a place Sarah Tolzmann recommended, and it was amazing. I got the Peanut Butter Chippy, and it is definitely the best ice cream I've ever had. There was a seemingly long line when we got there, but it went by so quickly. Don't be discouraged if you go and there's a line! Then we walked around a bit and headed to River Street, which is one of the most iconic parts of Savannah. I went for a more edgy look. Well . . . at least for me. A black crop top with a light skirt  (both on sale!) was the perfect outfit for the hot weather. I added the Lowry glasses in Whiskey Tortoise. They are more square than normal wayfarers, and these are my favorite out of the ones I got! After we left River Street, we headed back to our hotel because it was hot, hot, hot, and I hurt my ankle.

Savannah was so incredible, and I would definitely recommended adding it to your travel list! Also be sure to check out Warby Parker to help you see your summer experience better. 
xoxo, jKm


Summer Favorites

The end of June/beginning of July was slightly (re: insanely) crazy because I was at LSU for a week then my dad came home for a week and we visited Alabama and then the Fourth and then I was getting ready to go to Cincinnati, so my June favorites fell by the wayside (and lots of other blog posts...). To make up for it, I wanted to do a huge summer favorites, including people, places, and definitely things! Let's jump into this very long post...

LSU | Crossing off another on my 101 in 1001! I got an email about a journalism camp that was at LSU in April I think, and I convinced my mom to let me go. It was such an amazing experience and one of the best weeks of my life. I learned so much, but I also met so many incredible people. I don't know if y'all will see this, but hi, LSPA people! If your interested in journalism, I would definitely recommend attending a camp because it broadens your perspective about the field, and if you live in the South or love LSU, LSPA is so worth it. 

Alabama | Is it weird to have LSU and Alabama on a list of favorites together? Right next to each other? Probably. My mom and dad took me on a visit after I came home from LSU. Tuscaloosa and Alabama are both so pretty! We ate lunch at the Avenue Pub, and it was amazing. Their fries are seriously so good. If you ever find yourself in T-Town, definitely check it out. 
P.S. I applied to Alabama earlier this month!

The Beach Boys | I refell in love with summer. I went to go see Love and Mercy, which you should definitely see, with my family, and the music just brought back so many memories of my childhood and listening to music with my dad. This band means so much to me, and I'm so glad I'm listening to their music so often now. I made a playlist of my favorite songs if you want to check it out.

I made another playlist full of songs I've been listening to. I've been listening to songs that have been around for a while, but I'm just starting to get into them... Better late than never?

AllStar Weekend | In this post, I talked all about my trip, but I just had to include it in my favorites. I wish it had turned out a little differently, but all things happen for a reason. (And maybe if I talk about it enough, I can go to San Diego next year??) 

The Prince | One of my summer assignments was to read more than one book not required for school, so I chose The Prince as one of them since I am taking AP Euro this fall. My APWH teacher told me to read this book if I ever wanted to rule an empire, and that's honestly so true. It's incredibly well written, and I can see why it has lasted so long as one of the books people need to read. 

Strawberry Picking | This was another one of my summer assignments for AP Biology. We have a farm in my county that allows you to pick fruit pretty much all year, and there's a farmer's market too. I went with Natalie, my sister and one of her best friends, and it was such a blast. I've lived in the same place for 17 years, and this was the first summer I've ever gone strawberry picking. 
(I've also been loving my Chacos! I wear them at least once a week. No Chac tanline though... I tucked the toe loop under my toes because I don't love it. I'll be getting ones without it next time.)

Women's World Cup | Were y'all following me on twitter during this? I mainly tweeted about how much I love Kelley O'Hara, but seriously, I'm so glad I was alive to see this especially since I love the 99ers so much. Carli Lloyd's second goal during the final? Who says women's sports are boring?

Evol/Amy's | I eat a ton of frozen dinner because I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to making food, and my sister started buying these organic ones. Needless to say, I love them. I don't count calories really, but these have like half as many as a normal frozen dinner, but they still fill you up completely, which I've found that some healthy options don't do that. My favorite is Amy's Ravioli bowl, but I've liked most of the ones I've tried. You can find both brands at Target!

Also, I've been drinking Hubert's Lemonade out the wazoo. I don't know if the lemonade at all Willy's taste the same, but that's what Hubert's taste like. It's sweet and a little bit of a bite, and I love it! I get it at my town's version of Whole Foods.  

Maybelline Lipstick | Y'all stop. There is not another brand of drugstore lipstick you need to buy. Okay there probably is, but that's not the point. I love Maybelline lipstick so much. When I've been wearing makeup, I'm probably wearing one of them. They smell good, last a long time, and are super bright! 

xoxo, jKm

While y'all are reading this, I'm headed to Savannah for one last trip before back to school truly starts! Be sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (jujukachoo)!


Style Crush :: Kiernan Shipka

Like faux Suri Cruise, I want to be best friends with Kiernan Shipka. Possibly easier to obtain, I want to have her fashion sense. Y'all . . . she's two years younger than me and has way better fashion sense than I will hope to dream of having. She dresses in a way that is so grown up yet still so age appropriate for a 15 year old. Please teach me your ways. Also she makes me want to be blonde, which is a hard task considering I love my hair. 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Who has been your style crush recently?
xoxo, jKm


My Weekend with the AllStars

My Father's Day present to my dad was tickets to MLB's AllStar Game FanFest, Futures Game, and Celebrity Softball. Originally, I was going to take him to a Pirates game because I've never been to Pittsburgh, but then I remember the ASG was in Cincinnati this year. (If y'all didn't know, my dad got transferred to Dayton this past fall, which is right outside of Cincy.) I thought my dad would enjoy these things more than the actual game or the HomeRun Derby because they're kinda chill activities, and we both love Celebrity Softball so much more than any other ASG activity. One time Shawn Johnson did a backflip to first base, and we still talk about it.

However, if you don't follow me on Twitter or Snapchat (jujukachoo), y'all missed the disaster that this trip turned into. I was supposed to fly out Sunday morning at 8:30ish, and my dad and I were going to spend the morning exploring Cincinnati and then go to the games. Well, my flight got delayed. Then it got delayed again... And again... And again. I ended up getting on a plane at around 5 and landed at the Covington airport at 6:50. We missed all of the Futures Game and 5 and a half innings of Celebrity Softball. Fantastic, right? I was incredibly disappointed, but my dad and I still had a fun weekend. I may have suggested we go to San Diego for AllStar Weekend next year because I wish that we had had more time to experience everything.

Celebrity Softball

Taping of Mike & Mike

Fan Fest

xoxo, jKm


My Jewelry Picks

Crab Charm Bangle // Elisa Pendant Necklace // Pearl Studs Earrings // Signet Ring

I've been loving delicate jewelry lately. I think smaller pieces sometimes just make a bigger statement than actual statement pieces. Plus you're outfit can be louder, and in the summer, I'm all about loud prints and bright colors!

xoxo, jKm