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Taking a break from Back to School fashion with some throwbacks and advice!

Transformation Thursday? First Day of Freshman Year to "First Day" Senior Year. 

As y'all are reading this, I'm celebrating my last first day of high school. I shared my Unofficial Start to Senior Year with y'all in May, and today it is #real. I'm feeling a mixture of excitement and sheer terror, but I think that's something everyone goes through at some point. Since it's my first day as a senior, I wanted to reflect all the way back to freshman year. The internet didn't even really know me then since I started my blog at the end of that year, and I cannot believe how much I've grown yet stayed the same since then. I mean, I'm wearing the same shorts in those pictures. I think this Taylor Swift quote sums up the past three years: I will never change, but I will never stay the same either. I hopefully have become a better version of myself.

I was honestly trying to remember what I was like at the beginning of freshman year, and I couldn't, so naturally I went to my Tumblr archives. I really wished I hadn't. I was incredibly awkward when I was 14, but hey, for some reason, I had some really awesome friends, which means even if you think you're the lamest person on the Earth, there will be people who like you. When I was 14, I had lots of opinions, yet I didn't have enough experience to express them. I was still trying to find what my style was, so my clothes didn't exactly fit me every day. I hadn't found out how to be quiet yet... Despite all that, I still had and still do have kick ass friends whether they were freshmen or seniors, so for upcoming freshman, don't worry if you haven't exactly found who you're supposed to be. There will be people who are willing to help you figure it out and deal with your awkward 14 year old self.

As a freshman, I also worried. A lot. About my grades, my friends, and myself, but nothing about that was healthy. I've talked about having an anxiety disorder on here before, and freshman year was the start of it being really bad. During freshman year, my anxiety was constant. I was having anxiety attacks probably two to three times a week, which is clearly incredibly unhealthy. I was constantly comparing myself to others and trying to be the best of the best, which is definitely the mindset implemented by my high school. News Flash: It's not worth it. My anxiety disorder heightened all these feelings, but even people without one feel like this during high school. It's okay to worry because that means you care but don't let worrying consume you. High school doesn't last forever. Thank the Lord. These four years will not be the best four years of your life because there are so many more years ahead of you, and this is only a small chunk in the bigger scheme of things. It will be over before you know it, trust me, so it's not worth obsessing over every single detail. Save yourself some tears and focus on getting better, not your mistakes.

Here's the rest of my advice for high school in general:

-Learn to balance friends and school. It's important to study but also to make memories. You probably won't remember your grade in 10th grade English, but you will remember the time your high school beat the rival school for the first time in football.

-99.99% of the time boys (dating in general) aren't worth it. High school boys are the worst. Maybe you will find a good egg, but don't spend your time looking and worrying. Just let things happen.

-Start thinking about standardized tests sooner than you think you need to. I really wish the first time I took the SAT wasn't the November of my Junior year. I wish I had taken in sophomore year, so I had more time to prepare, and I knew what I needed to work on sooner.

-Be friends with your teachers. School is so much easier if you have teachers by your side. They'll write your recommendations, give you advice, and let you hide out in their room before/after school when life is just a little too rough. Teachers aren't out to get you, and some of them are pretty cool. 

-Don't do illegal things!! Especially on school property. Don't put your future at risk!! In my opinion, it is just not worth it especially when you're a freshman/sophomore. Be careful with everything you do. 

-Find friends who will not only be there for your successes but for your failures. The greatest people in your life will be there for you when you get a 5 on your AP exam, but they will also be there when you fail a test or have a rough break up or something awful happens. I'm so thankful I have the group of friends that I do because I know that I could go to any of them with a problem or success.

So freshmen, welcome to high school. It's gonna be rough and sometimes pretty awful, but I think y'all will get through it. I believe it.
xoxo, jKm

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