October and November Favorites

Happy end of November! Tomorrow is December, and I am so excited because I love Christmas. The season just makes me so happy and warm and fuzzy. Also it's just started to feel like fall in Georgia? So I am excited for that. I didn't get an October favorites up because I was so busy, so I thought I would combine the last two months to give you lots and lots of fun.

Old Navy Shift Dress | I've worn this dress too many times since I got it! I absolutely love it. It's big on me because I had to go up a size because the arms are a little weird, but I like it really flowly and oversized. (It hides my food baby.) It makes me feel like a 60's queen for some reason. Check back on Wednesday for more of my favorite fall dresses.

NYX San Paulo Matte Lip Cream | Marguerite got this for me for my birthday last year, and I hadn't really worn it a lot because I didn't like the color as it appeared in the tube. Then randomlly one day this past month I tried it on again. That's not the actual color of the lip cream. The actual color is a lot brighter and pinker once you put it on, and it's super pretty. This is one of my favorite NYX products in general. I have Amsterdam (re: stole it from Emma), and Emma has Addis Ababa.  

Alabama Alex & Ani bracelet | I got this while I was in Alabama at Alumni Hall. I've wanted an Alex and Ani bracelet forever, but I couldn't decide which one I wanted. Then I decided on going to Alabama, so I thought it would be the perfect one to start with. At first, I was worried it wouldn't fit my wrist because I have huge wrists, but it does expand wide enough. Here's the rest of the collegiate collection.

Music | My music taste has literally been all over the place these past two months, so I just made a playlist of all my favorite songs. It's mainly a lot of popular songs from different genres. 

John Mulaney's Comeback Kid | I saw John Mulaney last winter with my sister, and his set was so funny. Now it's on Netflix! I definitely recommend you watch it, especially for the last joke about Bill Clinton. It might be my favorite joke. Ever. Then you can watch New In Town, which is also hilarious. 

Freaks and Geeks | I literally started watching this last week, but this show is so good. There's only one season, so after binging the first half of the season, I'm taking my time on the back half.  Can we talk about how James Franco, Jason Segal, and Seth Rogen all look the exact same now as they did in 1999? It's a little weird thinking about them being teenagers. But why do the best shows get canceled so soon? (Ex: Don't Trust the B**** in Apt. 23

Varsity Blues | Speaking of Don't Trust the B, I love James van der Beek weirdly enough. I watched Varsity Blues randomly one night, and I wouldn't say it's the best football movie (Blind Side, Remember the Titans, etc.), but it's cute. Also, it's now something I've seen with Paul Walker.

Alabama | Y'all, I am so excited to be going here next year. It's such an amazing place, and this past month I fell in love with Birmingham and fell more in love with Tuscaloosa. Maybe one day I'll do a post all about my decisions and why I made them because I know it's a little different that what everyone thought I was doing. In the past two months, I've submitted my honors app and scholarship app and then paid my enrollment and housing deposit. It's crazy to think there's only three more weeks in the semester, and then I have one more semester of high school. 

Senior Night | October 30th was my senior night for football as you might have been able to tell with my overposting of photos on Instagram. I didn't cry as much as I thought I would because it felt so surreal. My dad came down for the night, which made it all the more special. 

xx, jKm


Outfit Guide for the Holidays

Happy Wednesday, y'all! Can you believe Thanksgiving is tomorrow? Break is flying by way too fast for me, but maybe it'll slow down since we aren't actually celebrating Thanksgiving tomorrow. My dad is coming home on Sunday, so we are having our dinner then. But today's post isn't about that! Cathleen, Rachel, and Cristina are hosting the #galpalholiday link-up once again! (Be sure to check out my last post because I really like it.) Today I am sharing ideas about what to wear for Thanksgiving and all of the day's events. 

Pajamas // Mug // Socks (similar)
Doubles for Christmas morning too!

Skirt // Shirt (on sale until 11/29!) // Earrings // Shoes 

Jersey (You can get a discount code from McDonald's) // Leggings // Shoes // Headband
Okay. Yeah, I'm an Eagles fan. It's a rough life out there for us. 

xx, jKm


It's Not the End (Life Update)

There's only been one word to describe my life lately...Overwhelming. Everyone who ever said senior year was easy clearly didn't remember first semester. Or they didn't take four AP classes. November was a crazy month. The entire time I felt this impending deadline of last Friday. We have to get this done before Thanksgiving. Research Paper. Budget Project. Math Test. Bio Test. Euro Essay. Newspaper. Etc. The list of things I had to do was never ending. Every one of my friends and I did not think we would make it to Friday between the stress and no sleep, but thankfully we all survived. 

For the past week, I made my biology teacher tell me everything is going to be okay. She tells us this when we freak about our grades (Biochem was a rough unit, y'all) and all that life is throwing at us. I think that's something people, especially high schoolers, don't hear enough. Everything is going to be okay. My mom always tell me that in the end, everything's going to be okay. If it's not okay, it's not the end. It's hard to remember that in the moment because I certainly didn't this past month. All I could is that my life was going to be over if I didn't finish my Budget Project, which is a 100% not true. I mean, life would have been pretty bad, and I probably would have failed economics, but here's the thing. I was going to get it done. I had no reason to be stressing over it as much as I was. But hey that's life, so I am really sorry that I haven't posted anything in the longest hot minute. School comes and always will come first, and I've talked about that before. I am hoping to use Thanksgiving Break to schedule lots for the end of November and the beginning of December, so exams don't get in the way. 

To make up for such a word-y, rambly post, I do have another schedule for later this afternoon! See y'all then. 

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

I recently discovered Minted and all their print options, and I really like this gold foil Alabama one.

We all know I am obsessed vests, and I've been loving fleece vest especially from Patagonia. 

I've recently discovered a love for turtlenecks, and this one from Vineyard Vines is perfect. 
Striped? Check. Loose Neck? Check.

Vineyard Vines also just released their Holiday collection, and oh my... these tartan pants.

I'm literally late to every single music hit, but I can't stop listening to "Hotline Bling." 

Carly shared this Kate Spade dress on her Snapchat, and I am slightly obsessed. Floral in fall? Sold. The bow on the back? Classic Kate Spade.

Give me all the tassel pendant necklaces for the fall. This one and this one are wonderful. I have the Target one, and I wear it at least once (or twice) a week.

Old Navy never fails to impress me. They've continuously stepped up their game over the past couple years. Their dressed for this season are amazing. This swing dress is definitely on my list. And suede skirts are in, and this one from Old Navy is a nice less expensive option. 

Too early for Christmas?? Not according to Jadelynn Brooke's new Christmas collection, which is so happy, preppy, and Christmas-y!

This ceramic elephant might be an addition to my dorm next year... Roll Tide.

xoxo, jKm


3-D Printing + Fashion World

The world around us is changing, and there are new developments every day. One of my favorites is 3-D printing. The first time I heard about 3-D printers was when I visited my friends at Georgia Tech, and one of them actually had a 3-D printer in his dorm common area. Since then, this has become a huge technology for science but also for fashion. Just recently, Paris Fashion Week feature 3-D fashions by Dutch designer, Iris Van Herpen.  She combines fashion and science together to create different and interesting designs.

3-D Printing is available because of additive manufacturing aka 3-D printers. AM allows for designers to get their products made faster and cheaper, and it allows for more customization. There are a lot of subsets of AM, which if I explain, it will sound like gibberish, so here are some explanations.

The world of 3-D printing and fashion, however, does not stop at Paris Fashion week. Shapeways allows people like you and me to upload designs to printed using 3-D technology, and they've even designed their own dresses. You upload the design, and they'll produce it. Designs range for jewelry to art to home, and everything is incredibly unique. Most of the designs incorporate science and math, which is so cool. The options are endless and incredibly affordable considering you're getting personally designed, 3-D printed things. 

I picked out some of my favorite jewelry options from Shapeways, but there's so much more available from artwork to lighting.

xoxo, jKm