How to Get Out of Your Rut

I've already failed on one of my New Year's Resolutions: blogging consistently. Can I blame it on the fact that Mercury was in retrograde this entire month? If I can do that, I am. January has never been a really good month for me. I hate winter. A lot. I may live in Georgia, but winter still really affects me, and it's hard for me to want to do anything. It's been raining a lot, and it's cold and grey. Not my weather at all, so the past couple of weeks, I've been determined to get myself out of my rut, especially so I can start blogging. 

Okay so it snowed maybe half a centimeter on Saturday... It was gone by the afternoon. 

1. Take a shower. If I feel gross, I don't want to do anything. If my hair needs to be washed or anything, I am just not up for anything until I shower. I always feel better afterwards and more motivated. Washing my hair and my face instantly changes my mood. Here's my typical shower routine. (But here's the shampoo I use right now.)

2. Watch something inspiring. I love documentaries, especially fashion ones. I plan on doing a list of my favorites and ones that I want to watch (watch out for that one Friday), but here are some quick recommendations. Dior and I, Iris, and the September Issue. Watching the three of those just made me want to create and work. 

3. Put on great music. I've already shared this playlist with y'all, but I love it. Lately I have also being loving Pandora's Thumbprint Radio. It's basically a compilation of all the songs you've thumbs uped. I like it because it features all my favorite music. Then One Direction is always on replay. I just got their latest album for my car, and I am pumped for the drive to school now. 

4. Wear bright, nice clothes. I'm a second semester senior. I know all about Norts/leggins and an oversized tshirt, but while I am comfy, I don't necessarily feel great. I do feel great when I wear bright colors to block out the gray skies. I have red Hunter rain boots that seriously brighten up any day. Bright button downs and accessories are also perfect. Caroline's outfits lately have been great, and Krista just did a great post about this. 

xx, jKm


College Decision

Today felt like a good time talk about college. Maybe it's because currently my honors group chat is the best thing ever and we all got real emotional about spending the next year together. I cannot wait to spend four years with these people. There should be no doubt with what I am about to say... Next year I will be attending the University of Alabama! I talked about it a little before on here, but I wanted to formally talk about everything that went into my decision. 

For the longest time, I thought I knew where I wanted to go school. Since I was 13, I was determined that I would go to the University of Kentucky. My mom went to grad school there, and my cousin played basketball there. It was a huge part of my family. I had everything planned out. Everything. My major. My dorm. My classes. My internships. Then it all changed. 

I visited Alabama this past summer, and I fell in love. Tuscaloosa and the university are both so pretty. I mean, y'all the tour starts inside Bryant-Denny. They get you at the beginning. I visited on such a perfect day with the sky being so nice, and my tour was wonderful, ending at Denny Chimes on the quad. I will tell y'all a secret. I almost cried on the quad. I loved the school, yet I was so confused. I applied within the next two weeks and heard back in September. I was still confused after waiting for the decision for three months. How could I tell what school was right for me? Did I just turn my back on everything I had ever said for the past three years? What is all going to be okay? 

I can't pinpoint the exact moment I knew, but I visited Kentucky again when my mom and I went to go see my dad in Ohio. I walked around campus, and I wasn't as happy as I was at Alabama. I proceeded to cry on the car ride back to the hotel. I had lost that feeling that I had had for so long. But it wasn't necessarily gone. It was just toward something else. Don't get me wrong! Kentucky is a great school, and I have friends who are there/going there, but it ended up not being the place for me. I felt really happy at Alabama, and just to confirm I went back to Tuscaloosa in November. The magic in Tuscaloosa was still there, and I was giddy walking through the student media center and CIS buildings. It felt right, which is what it came down to...a gut feeling. 

There were some other factors that led to this decision. It's three hours away from where I live. The football team is amazing. Greek life is a huge deal. The honors college has so many great opportunities for service and growth. It rarely snows. And oh yeah, I was awarded the top scholarship, which covers all my tuition. That was a big part of it. 

I am so happy to be attending the University of Alabama next year. In the honors group chat, we were talking about how a lot of us didn't expect to being going there this time last year, but we are all incredibly thankful that we are. I can't wait to spend my Saturdays in Bryant-Denny screaming "Roll Tide" and to go to basketball games at Coleman. 

Okay, I am done being sappy about how much I love Alabama. Have a good day!
xx, jKm


PB Teen's Design Your Own Bed

Okay. It may only be January and 13 days into the next year, but I am already excited about college. If you follow me on Pinterest, you know that I have been obsessively pinning dorm rooms. It gets me through those days when senioritis is #real. I am almost definitely living in a suite next year, which means I get my own room aka I don't have to worry about coordinating with my roommates. Having my own space to be 100% mine is going to be so great. One of my favorite PB Teen/Dorm features is that you can design your own bed. You can pick different sheet sets, duvet covers, and quilts. 

I picked the Suite Organic Duvet Cover in Navy with the metallic dottie sheets and pompom quilt. I know this won't necessarily look exactly like my dorm, but it's a nice starting off point! I know I definitely want to have lots of navy, white, and gold. I love PBTeen's gold desk accessories so much. Then I am really excited to get all the gold foil prints for my dorm gallery wall.  Pink may sneak it's way in there because I have really cute pink anchor bookends from Target that I am for sure taking to college because I love them so much. I am so excited for this upcoming summer when I can start getting everything together. 

xx, jKm


5 Things that Make Me Happy

...Even in the middle of winter. I am not a winter person. I am a spring, summer, AND fall person, but I cannot handle winter. I am longing for the days of December where it was 50 degrees outside. Y'all, it was 27 degrees last week in the morning. This is not okay. I'm praying for the days of spring to come faster. Another reason I am not a fan of winter is I get super sad. Winter especially January and February are really hard for me for some reason. They haven't been good months for me since middle school, so what I do is I made sure to 1. always have lights on up until I got to sleep and 2. surround myself with things that make me unconditionally happy. 

1. Organizing my agenda. Every Sunday night I sit done and I write down upcoming assignments for the new week. There's something so satisfying about being able to cross something off. My agenda is incredibly colorful compared to the gray winter, so all the colors make me really happy. 

2. Spotify's Songs to Sing in the Shower Playlist. I just discovered this playlist, but I can already tell it's going to be one of my favorites this month. It's a mix of older music and newer music, but it's all so good. 

3. Coloring. Who else is excited coloring is back in? No one? Just me? Y'all are missing out. I love the Secret City ones you can find at bookstores. I have the New York one, and it's so wonderful. Coloring is extremely relaxing, and it's so fun. 

4. Hot chocolate. I'm forever in debt to the person who made hot chocolate. I drink some probably once a day, and who isn't happy when drinking chocolate from a cute mug? I love my Anthropologie mug Emma got me for Christmas. 

5. My birth-month. Today marks the start of the countdown to my birthday. I'm super annoying about my birthday because it makes me happy even when I am upset about it being 30 degrees and gray. Sorry to all my friends who have to deal with "Guess what? My birthday is in a month!"

xx, jKm


Spring 2016 Fashion Trends

Spring collections are shown in September, and trends are set then. However, we are so focused on fall/winter, who can even think about spring? Now that it is the new year, and it's officially my least favorite time of the year, I will be looking toward spring time in hopes that I can escape the gray abyss known as January and February. Today I am sharing my four favorite trends that will start popping up very soon. I for one am very excited about what is to come. 

Spanish Influence | Oscar de la Renta was the obvious choice for this trend. Peter Copping specifically went back to de la Renta's red carnation color and picked up Hispanic influences because of Ava Gardner's lover. What I specifically love about the Oscar de la Renta Spring collection is you can tell where it came from, yet it has newer touches. Again, something Copping strived for. This is absolute from collection from Spring Fashion week. 

Cold Shoulder | One of my favorite things is off the shoulder tops and dresses, and I also love the halter style. This trend combines both. *happy dance* Elle called it "the X-Factor." The Jason Wu dresses also combines another trend this season: ruffles, and the ADEAM collection combines both New York and Japanese influences. 

Romanticism | Lately, I've been loving Free-People and more flowy, floral outfits. The Romanticism trend fall in perfect with that. Very pretty and girly, yet also relaxed, which I adore. Can we talk about that Tory Burch dress? 

Stripes on Stripes | Stripes are always a good idea, so now that they're "in style," my life has been made. Y'all, the more stripes the better, in my opinion. This might be the trend I am most excited about. 

xx, jKm


Tips for the New Semester

Y'all! I have some incredibly exciting news to share! I've been saving this for about a week now, but since it's the new year and all...I got a new computer, which means I can finally start blogging more and better. My old one was just crashing any time I tried to work on anything whether it be school or blogging. It was a mess, and I am so thankful to have a computer that works. Thank you to Mom and Dad for not letting me suffer through another semester without one.

Speaking of new starts, today I am sharing my tips for starting a new semester on the right foot because I didn't really get to share any when school started. 

Start with a Clean Slate | This could mean everything and all things. For me, it meant starting a new section in my Euro notebook, buying a new notebook for government, and cleaning out all my binders. I have a three subject notebook for Euro, and amazingly enough I only used one section for first semester. #blessed Then I took economics last semester, so I needed to get a new notebook for my government class in hopes my notes will be better. Lastly, I clean out all of my binders and put my old notes in a file folder, so I have them for exams come May.

This is something I did because I got a new computer, but if you're in college, it also makes sense to do. I created all new folders on my computer for my study guides and notes. Each class has its own folder to keep everything nice and organized. 

Replace Broken School Supplies | August is a time full of buying school supplies, but how much of it actually lasted throughout the first semester? For me, it's not a lot. The new year can be a fresh start for school supplies too. I got a new set of folders because my old ones got torn up during the semester, and I got a new pack of pens because why not? 

If It's Broke, FIX IT | If something didn't work last semester, change it. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Change how you're organizing your agenda, your notes, or your binders. After one semester, you can get an idea of what didn't work for you and what did.

Here's what worked for me this past semester...

Color Code System | I color code everything. This year each class I am taking has its own binder, notebook, and folder. For math, everything is purple. For bio, everything is green. You get the picture. I translated that color code to my agenda. Ex. all my math homework/tests are written in purple. Bio is green. Euro is light blue. Econ/Gov is red. Lit is pink. I write all my newspaper deadlines down in black, and anything related to college is also written in pink but either in the margin or on the last two lines.

Sticky Notes | Our Office Depot went out of business, so everything was on super sale, and my mom and I bought out the Post-It note supply. We have every single size from small to very, very big. I use sticky notes all over my agenda. I mainly write to-do lists and important reminders. I keep track of blog posts, chores, and important emails. I like them because I can move them around and they add even more color.

Highlighters | This is a tip I got from Dorothy aka PrepInYourStep. In her agenda, she highlights when she has completed something. To me, it makes everything looks a little neater than crossing it out. It really works for me. (I use pens to cross off things on the sticky notes because the yellow highlighter doesn't show up.)

Creating Your Own Study Guide | I started doing this in late September/October. Before the test, I would take all my notes and highlight everything that I thought was super important. Then I typed up all the highlighted sections and reworded them. Then I printed those notes and wrote out reminders to myself and again highlighted the most important information. This really helped me, but I learned I needed to start doing this before the day before the test.

New Year, New Agenda | Sometimes you need a fresh start, which requires a new agenda. Here are my favorite agendas for the new year - Sugar Paper LA for Target // Lilly Pulitzer (12 month) // Day Designer // Rifle Paper Co // Kate Spade 

xx, jKm


New Year, Better Me?

I, like much of the rest of the world, do not like the saying new year, new me, but I do like the idea of a new start. 2015 was a year of lessons and trials, and I am determined to make 2016 the best year yet. I don't think I need to start over in terms of myself, but I do think in the new year I can work on becoming better. Last new year I had all these goals, and to be honest, I didn't really accomplish any of them. Whoops... Those are the same goals I have for this year, and I want to focus on myself this year. I am turning 18 in February, graduating in May, and moving out and starting college in August. A lot is going to happen, and it's about to be a year full of change - something I am not good at. I want to be able to embrace this year of change and have my best year yet. I cannot wait to share this journey with y'all, and I truly hope 2016 is an amazing year!

xx, jKm