College Decision

Today felt like a good time talk about college. Maybe it's because currently my honors group chat is the best thing ever and we all got real emotional about spending the next year together. I cannot wait to spend four years with these people. There should be no doubt with what I am about to say... Next year I will be attending the University of Alabama! I talked about it a little before on here, but I wanted to formally talk about everything that went into my decision. 

For the longest time, I thought I knew where I wanted to go school. Since I was 13, I was determined that I would go to the University of Kentucky. My mom went to grad school there, and my cousin played basketball there. It was a huge part of my family. I had everything planned out. Everything. My major. My dorm. My classes. My internships. Then it all changed. 

I visited Alabama this past summer, and I fell in love. Tuscaloosa and the university are both so pretty. I mean, y'all the tour starts inside Bryant-Denny. They get you at the beginning. I visited on such a perfect day with the sky being so nice, and my tour was wonderful, ending at Denny Chimes on the quad. I will tell y'all a secret. I almost cried on the quad. I loved the school, yet I was so confused. I applied within the next two weeks and heard back in September. I was still confused after waiting for the decision for three months. How could I tell what school was right for me? Did I just turn my back on everything I had ever said for the past three years? What is all going to be okay? 

I can't pinpoint the exact moment I knew, but I visited Kentucky again when my mom and I went to go see my dad in Ohio. I walked around campus, and I wasn't as happy as I was at Alabama. I proceeded to cry on the car ride back to the hotel. I had lost that feeling that I had had for so long. But it wasn't necessarily gone. It was just toward something else. Don't get me wrong! Kentucky is a great school, and I have friends who are there/going there, but it ended up not being the place for me. I felt really happy at Alabama, and just to confirm I went back to Tuscaloosa in November. The magic in Tuscaloosa was still there, and I was giddy walking through the student media center and CIS buildings. It felt right, which is what it came down to...a gut feeling. 

There were some other factors that led to this decision. It's three hours away from where I live. The football team is amazing. Greek life is a huge deal. The honors college has so many great opportunities for service and growth. It rarely snows. And oh yeah, I was awarded the top scholarship, which covers all my tuition. That was a big part of it. 

I am so happy to be attending the University of Alabama next year. In the honors group chat, we were talking about how a lot of us didn't expect to being going there this time last year, but we are all incredibly thankful that we are. I can't wait to spend my Saturdays in Bryant-Denny screaming "Roll Tide" and to go to basketball games at Coleman. 

Okay, I am done being sappy about how much I love Alabama. Have a good day!
xx, jKm

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