Nashville Inspired Playlist

I can't focus in school right now because all I am thinking about is going to Nashville next week. I am definitely in a Nashville state of mind right, and all the music I am listening to isn't helping. I am pretty obsessed with country music, and Nashville is definitely the perfect place for all that. Since I am not actually going to the beach, I stayed away from the more "beach-y" country music when I made my playlist, but it still features all my favs. You can listen to the playlist here.

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Enlances con SDS

Sandals (similar) // Dress 

I love this new arrival from Lilly! As summer gets closer, more and more new arrivals are cotton, and I live for cotton dresses. I am also loving this dress (in both patterns)

This Elephant pillow is too cute, and I think it might end up in my dorm next year. And speaking of things that might be in my dorm room, I love this little sign for the Alabama bookstore.

Give me all the cookie recipes. I've been craving homemade cookies lately, and I think one with caramel is too good to pass up.

Spring Break and summer are coming up. If you're headed to lake or beach, a monogrammed PFG should definitely be on your list.

These shorts are perfect! I've been looking for shorts like these for forever.

Have y'all seen Meghan's new video? If not, you need to watch it now. I am not sure why I like it so much, but I do.

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My Non-Beach Spring Break Essentials

 Get to know me. I am not a fan of the beach. I hate sand. *Insert Star Wars reference here* I am more about the beach aesthetic rather than the actual beach. That being said, I never go the beach for Spring Break unlike everyone else at my school. I mean, who wants to spend the week with everyone they go to school with? That's just not my thing. I honestly prefer going to a new city and exploring.

This year I am going to Nashville with my mom! I am so excited to explore such an amazing city, especially since I haven't been back since I was in elementary school going on college tours for Will and Emma. I definitely want to go to Draper James and obviously the "I Believe in Nashville" mural. I am so excited. If you have any recommendations, let me know!

A lot of "Spring Break Essentials" are for if you are going to the beach, so I thought I would share my essentials if you are traveling to the city!

Untitled #218

Untitled #218 by juliannakearn featuring a leather purse

Jeans | So this year, I am going to Nashville, and last year I went to New York and Boston. It's definitely cooler in those places than it is in Georgia, so a great pair of jeans is a must. I honestly wish I had been better prepared when I went to Boston because it got so cold when we were there. 

Converse | I know white Converse are really "basic," but I am absolutely obsessed with mine. They are super comfortable and easy to style. When you are walking around the city, you are definitely going to want shoes that don't cause blisters. I learned this the hard way in New York... 

Pearl Earrings | I hate bringing jewelry when I travel, so I only bring my pearl earrings and maybe a nice necklace. I don't like taking my nicer jewelry because what is something happens to it or if it gets damaged? 

Sunglasses | This is something I almost never remember to pack and always regret it. Always remember sunglasses!

Watch | Having a watch on hand is nice in case your phone dies and you need to get somewhere on time! I honestly think having a watch is just a good thing in general. More people should wear them because your phone isn't always going to be around. 

Scarf | I brought a J.Crew scarf to New York, and it was one of my best choices. Lilly has really cute city scarves that I think would be fun to get for the city you are going to! Because I love Philly, this one is on my wishlist. :)

What are y'all going for spring break?
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Enlances con SDS

Mackenzie has been my fashion icon lately.

I am so glad Lilly brought back Southern Charm. It's one of my favorite prints, and I love the new color scheme. 

This J.Crew shirt is 100% on my wishlist.

I am going to Alabama next year, so obviously anything with elephants catches my eye.

Definitely procrastinating in any way, so I've been preparing for recruitment, and I love this post from Dorothy.

How cute is this outfit from Caroline? It's too hot in Georgia for this outfit already, but I'll have to save this one for later.

In my hunt for YouTube videos about college, I found Abbey.  Bonus! She goes to Bama.

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Stripe Inspiration

**Click images for sources

If you know anything about me, this will sound a little weird. I miss wearing stripes. Somehow I stopped wearing them at least once a week, and I really miss wearing them. It's probably because I have less "spring" stripes. I have more fall/winter stuff, but I am really loving the idea of distressed jeans, Converse, and a light striped shirt

xx, jKm


What to Look for in a College Roommate

One of my best friends, Marguerite asked me the other day how I found my roommate for college, and instead of trying to tell her in the few minutes we had left before class started, I said I would write a blog post all about it. (She's my blog's #1 supporter.)

Here's a little back story: I spent basically from November to January talking to girls and trying to find people to live with. Later in January, I thought I had roommates. Everything was good, and I was excited to not being stressing over it anymore. I'll spare you most of the details, but I didn't have roommates anymore after about a week. At the point, I just thought whatever, I'll do random. Leave it up to the roommate gods if you will. Then one day, a girl messaged me on Tumblr, which I know sounds a little weird, but trust me, it worked out in the end, and I am super excited.

Emma (Hey! if you're reading this) turned about to be pretty great. So the quote sometimes thing fall apart so something better can take its place, yeah that is this situation. We both admitted that we were kind of awkward talking to new people upfront, which I think made it a whole lot easier to get to know each other. Emma was in a similar position to me where she originally had roommates and it didn't work out. We talked for a couple of days, and we decided that we would room with each other. She also lives in Georgia, so we met in the middle in Atlanta, which I definitely recommend you do if you can! 

So here's my advice/tips for when you're looking for a roommate! 

Are they similar to you? Or are they like your friends? | I don't mean that your roommate has to be exactly like you, but having similar personalities/beliefs does make living with each other easier. I definitely didn't want a roommate who was going to party all the time because that's definitely not my personality. Also, look for people are similar to your friends. Emma reminded me of some of my friends, which was a good sign. She was involved in things that a lot of my friends were involved in. 

Something Alabama did was create a Google Spreadsheet for accepted students from your state. I actually just looked at Emma's and looked to see what she wrote for things she liked. We definitely shared similar interests now that I am looking at it, which is really good. So if your school has something similar, check that out. 

Are you comfortable talking to them? | I talked to maybe a dozen girls during my roommate search, and I could very easily tell how a conversation would go within the first couple of messages. There were some girls who were really nice, but the conversations were really hard to keep going. With Emma, it was pretty easy to talk to her once we figured out that both of us were not fans of Tom Brady. Like I feel comfortable texting her about how I am almost done with How I Met Your Mother. It feels like texting one of my friends from high school. 

Are you excited about similar things? | I could not live with some who wasn't excited about football season. I defintely wanted someone to spend Saturdays with in Bryant-Denny and who wanted to see the games. This wasn't a requirement, but I am happy to be living with someone who is rushing just because it a stressful experience. We can go through it together and survive the long week. 

Are you compatible according to the roommate survey? | So for Alabama, in order to sign up for housing, we had to fill out this survey that mainly talked about the music we liked. I am not sure how helpful's Alabama's is, but if your school has a more in-depth survey, definitely see if you and the person you are talking to are "compatible." Emma and I were 84%, which is pretty good.

Do you get along in person? | (Sorry this messes with the consistency of the questions.) If you can meet your (potential) roommate, I would definitely recommend it! Emma and I both live in Georgia like I said earlier. We went to lunch at Atlantic Station with our moms. It was a little weird at first as meeting new people can be, but once we got past that initial phase, everything went really well! If you guys can meet at an accepted students day or something like, I highly recommend trying to meet up.

Good luck!
xx, jKm

By the way, Emma is only one of my roommates. We have one other roommate named Carson, and we are still looking for another. Emma was the first good "finding a roommate" experience, so that's why I talked about it more. 


Road to March Madness

Top: Mittoshop (similar) // Jeans: Old Navy // Shoes: Jack Rogers // Necklace: Bourbon & Boweties

Today is the day! The SEC Tournament starts today, and I am so excited. Even though I am going to Alabama next year, I am still supporting my Cats during the tournament. I will forever be a Kentucky Wildcat during basketball season. (Notice I am still wearing an elephant necklace.) This season has not been our best, and it's definitely not been like last year. I, however, still find parts of each team that are super important to me. Like I've loved Tyler Ulis and Jamal Murray this season. Plus, I am excited to see how this year's class will develop next season because most of them will probably not declare for the draft. 

I really wish I was spending this week in Nashville, watching basketball. Maybe one day that will be my career, but if you're looking for tickets for this year or next season, I'd definitely recommend looking at TickPick. The website is super easy to use, which is definitely nice for someone like me who is not the most tech/website savvy, and they have tickets for everything from NFL Tickets (Go Eagles!) to all kinds of concerts to theater shows. 

Happy Wednesday!
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Weekly Motivation

Last week was not good. Not for me, my mom, or my sister. Every day seemed to get worse. I had trouble sleeping, and when I have trouble sleeping, I am so irritable, which just made everything bad. I tried everything to make myself feel better. Shopping? Nope. Miracle? Nope. Girl Scout Cookies? Nope. Individually those work, and I did all three. Nothing. I felt like Alexander. I had a no good, very bad day week. Nothing could turn around this week, but everything that happened just reminded me that bad weeks just happen. There's nothing I could do to fix it because sometimes you need bad weeks. Sometimes I scroll through Pinterest and my quotes board when I am feeling bad, and I saw this... 

There are days that suck. A lot. But without the bad days, there's nothing to make the good days seem so good. Yeah, it's hard to think about that when it seems like nothing will go right for just one day, but just remember that better days are ahead. 

xx, jKm


Prom/Formal Dress Season

A little known fact about me...I hate prom dresses. Like the super typical ones that are sparkly and way too much tulle and crazy cut outs? Not for me. I mean, my prom dress last year was pretty simple. I already got my prom dress (Hint: it's Lilly), but I thought I would some of my favorite dresses that are more on the simple side for prom! I tried to include a wide range of prices, and I added a short dress because I absolutely love short dresses. (Mine this year is!) These dresses are great because they're not too specific for prom, so if you need a nicer dress for college, you already have one.  

Prom 2016

Happy dress shopping!
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February Favorites

Unlike most months, February did not fly by. I usually don't have great Februarys, but this year I had a really great one. I turned 18. My dad came home almost every weekend. I met one of my roommates. My high school basketball team made the Final Four for the first time in school history. I am one month closer to graduating. I'm just warning y'all now that the next three months are about to be crazy, but let's hope into my February favorites. 

Untitled #216

OGX Coconut Milk Serum | In December, I told y'all how much I loved the coconut shampoo and conditioner. Since I liked those products so much, I decided to try out the serum. This stuff is amazing. I put it mostly on my ends when my hair is almost done drying but still wet. It makes your hair feel super soft, but it is really easy to use too much and have your hair get greasy. That's my only complaint. 

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Toner | I've talked about this product so much on here before, but I keep loving it. I started breaking out a lot this month, and I got a tone of acne scars because of it. This stuff helps fade dark spots so well. It works really fast, and I love the rapid clear line. 

Vaseline Lip Therapy | I had the worst chapped lips at the beginning of the month. I picked up Vaseline lip therapy after I borrowed some from my friend, Alex. Y'all, this stuff works magic. I've never loved a lip treatment so much, and all it is Vaseline. I am so late to figuring this out, but this is definitely my new must have for winter. 

White Low Top Converse | When do I not love these? Whenever it wasn't raining, I was probably wearing my converse because it was too cold for sandals but too hot for riding boots. Gotta love the South. This is the best bandwagon I've ever jumped on, to be honest. 

Le Pen | I saw that Dorothy had these pens, and when I found them at an art store, I knew I had to buy some. I specifically use these for my agenda, and I love them so much. They're bright and like Flairs but skinner, which I really like. 

Maybelline Mostly Graphic Eyeliner | Again, a product I have talked a lot about. I didn't wear makeup a ton this month because I was breaking out, but if I was wearing any, I was wearing eyeliner. This is the easiest eyeliner to apply in my opinion, and I like the fact that it is basically a marker. I wish it stayed on longer though, but it works for me. 

How was your February?
xx, jKm