Guide to Atlanta

I'm incredibly blessed to only live about 45 minutes outside Atlanta. I will not lie to you; Atlanta is definitely not my favorite city. Our infrastructure sucks, and traffic is terrible 90% of the time, but it is where I spend a lot of time because I live in a small city where the most fun thing to do is go to Target. Today I thought I would share some of my favorite places to go in Atlanta in case anyone is visiting this summer! (Fair warning: pretty long)

Where to Eat

Mary Mac's: This is one of the most historic restaurants in Atlanta. It's been around since 1945, and the restaurant has not changed its ways in all that time. The food is absolutely amazing, and probably the best Southern cuisine in the city. I highly recommend the chicken pot pie or the vegetable plate. Also, the tea and biscuits are so good, and I would honestly just eat those all day.
Address: 224 Ponce De Leon Ave NE 

The Varsity: Again, another historic staple in Atlanta. "What'll ya have?" is yelled across the counter, and it definitely be overwhelming if you go at the wrong time aka during a Tech football game. The food is your typical hot dogs and hamburgers. I get hot dogs and fries, mainly because I don't like onions, but their onions rings are really good too. Also, a frosted orange is what they're known for. 
Address: 61 North Avenue 

Daddy D'z: This is the best barbeque in the state. Not so much of a stew place, but good ole ribs and pork sandwiches. It looks kind of like a shack, but you will get the most amazing barbeque you have ever had there. I also love their mac and cheese, which is a vegetable. 
Address: 264 Memorial Drive SE

Taqueria del Sol: When you get here, there might be a long line. It goes by pretty fast and is 100% worth it. I really like the Fried Chicken and Memphis tacos, and their queso is top notch. There are multiple locations, but my sister and I go to the one in Decatur. 
Address: 359 W. Ponce de Leon Avenue

Farm Burger: This is an incredibly organic burger restaurant. The cows are grass fed, and there are veggie options. My entire family like this place, which is quite a feat. I recommend getting the sweet potato fries because these are some of the best I have ever had. Again, we go to the one in Decatur. 
Address: 410B W. Ponce De Leon

Shake Shack: I won't talk a ton about Shake Shack since it's well known, but there is one in Buckhead. It's a weird part of Buckhead where there are really nice stores like NARS and Bonobos. It reminded me of New York a little. Kind of overpriced, but it's definitely worth it, and their milkshakes are great. I like the black + white one. 
Address: 3035 Peachtree Road NE, Suite A146

Sushi Avenue: These next couple of restaurants are in Decatur. If you want sushi, I definitely think this is a great place to go. It's located on the Square, which a really great part of Decatur. 
Address: 308 W Ponce de Leon Ave

Fellini's Pizza: This is a local pizza place that sells pizza by the slice, and it's really good pizza that not from a massive chain. 
Address: 333 Commerce Drive

FIGO Pasta: My sister said this is the closest thing to true Italian food she's had since she spent a semester in Italy. You can choose your pasta and your sauce and create whatever you want. I get the Pollo sauce, and it's a little spicy and so good. 
Address: 627 East College Avenue 

Papi's: This is a Cuban restaurant that's actually right next to Mary Mac's. Definitely a great option and the sandwiches are really good. 
Address: 216 Ponce de Leon Avenue

Where to Go

The High Museum: I love going to the art museum so much and not just because of my great-grandfather's painting. Personally my favorite exhibit is the Howard Finster exhibit. 
Address: 1280 Peachtree St NE

The Georgia Aquarium: Georgia has the largest aquarium in the county. What more do you need? I love aquarium, and the Georgia one is so nice. Plus, Sea lions!!! 
Address: 225 Baker Street NW

Turner Field: (Or SunTrust Park if it's 2017) I am not a Braves fan, but I love, love baseball. I will spend a day even at Turner Field to watch a game. (I'll update you when the new stadium opens.)
Address: 755 Hank Aaron Drive SE (Or 2675 Cobb Pkwy SE)

Zoo Atlanta: Giraffes. Elephants. Gorialls. Red Pandas. I spent so much time here as a kid, and I've actually been twice in the last year. I love zoos so much, and the Atlanta one is so much fun. 
Address: 800 Cherokee Ave SE

Piedmont Park: A perfect place to relax, and there's usually something to do in the park. 

Fox Theater: The Fox is an iconic part of Atlanta. It's truly a magical place, and I have seen both a play and movie there.
Address: 660 Peachtree St NE

College Football Hall of Fame: Definitely a must-see if you are a football fan. I went with my dad for my birthday, and it's such a great experience. You can customize everything to your team, so my dad and I went for Northwestern and Alabama, respectively. 
Address: 250 Marietta St NW

Alliance Theater: Like the High, the Alliance Theater is a part of the Woodruff Arts Center. If there's a production going on, I highly suggest going to the theater. I went to see One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest there in the fall, and it was amazing. 
Address: 1280 Peachtree St NE

Where to Shop

Lenox Square: Favorite places to go here? Vineyard Vines. J.Crew. Madewell. Brooks Brothers. Anthropologie. Tory Burch. Definitely one of the bigger malls in Atlanta. 
Address: 3393 Peachtree Road

Little Five Points: Little Five is defintely more "indie" than other places. This is not personally my favorite, but my mom and my sister like it a whole lot more than I do. Criminal Records, Junkman's Daughter, and the Vortex (a restaurant) are definitely hot spots. 
Address: 464 Moreland Av NE (Junkman's Daughter)

Phipps Plaza: This is really close Lenox, but it is smaller. Lilly Pulitzer (!!!!), Kate Spade, and Jack Rogers are all here. Belk and Nordstrom are the big department stores at Phipps. 
Address: 3500 Peachtree Road NE

Atlantic Station: Atlantic Station has a ton to offer from restaurants to stores to the movie theater. Kinnucan's, which is one of my favorite stores, is there as well as Old Navy, DSW, Ann Taylor, and Dillard's. There's just a lot to do there, and it's outside, which is really nice.
Address: Midtown

The Shops Around Lenox: I love this little shopping center around Lenox. Kendra Scott, Paper Source, fab'rik, and lululemon are all here, and it's just a really nice, cute place. There are quotes on one of the walls, and I love looking at them. 
Address: 3400 Around Lenox Road NE

Hope you enjoyed! 
xx, jKm

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Enlance con SDS

Happy Friday!!! It's been one week since I graduated, and again, it still hasn't hit me. I will be at orientation next week, so hopefully this whole college thing will feel real by then. So today marks the end of my first week of summer, and I tried to keep in pretty low key. Sleeping and watching Netflix was all I did, so I could recover from the school year. Today, however, I am spending the day in Atlanta with some of my friends as a way to kick off the summer that I truly want. Then my dad officially comes home on Sunday, and all will finally be right again. 

Recently I have been loving all of Kate's posts, and if you haven't seen her YouTube videos, I love them. 

Speaking of YouTube, Dorothy started posting more videos since it is summer, and they're great. 

Can we talk about how good this no bake chocolate eclair cake looks??

I NEED this throw from Pottery Barn for my dorm. The pink one is calling my name. 

I've been nervous about going to college with an anxiety disorder even though I have been pretty good for a while now, but this article defintely helped ease my nerves.

I think this notepad with palm trees is a must-have. 

xx, jKm


Road Trip Essentials

Untitled #223

Summer means one thing: road trips. At least for me. My family always does road trips rather than flying anywhere. We almost always drive. Next week, my mom, dad, and I are going to Alabama for my orientation, but we also driving around the state. Today I am sharing my essentials for road trips.

1. A Good Book Phones die. Music gets repetitive. I absolutely love reading, and if you don't get car sick easily, I always recommend bringing a book. Right now I am reading this travel book my brother got me for graduation. It's all about the South and the people who live there. I haven't read too much of it yet, but I really like it so far.

2. Baseball Hat Southern Tide makes some of my favorite baseball hats. Baseball caps are basically the best for those #badhairdays, and I always bring one (or two) with me when I travel.

3. Headphones This seems super basic, but I honestly I forget headphones all the time. I absolutely hate it when I don't have the option because I left my headphones at home. Pack them!!

4. Phone (& accessories) Again super basic, but you definitely don't want to leave your phone or chargers at home. If you have the option to, bring all the charging accessories for your car too.

5. Water bottle In the summer, it can get hot, hot, hot. It's so important to stay hydrated especially when traveling because you body can get out of whack easily.

xx, jKm


Graduation Weekend

I did it! I graduated on Friday. It was a really weird day, y'all. Normally our graduation is held outside. Forever and always this is the way we have held it. Except it was predicted to pour down rain and lightening the entire night on Friday. Fast forward through a major mess and my commencement was held in our gym. Not the most ideal place for a graduation, but it was still an exciting day. I am so thankful for my best friends that I have had since freshman year and for my family that came to watch my graduate even if it was from the auditorium. 

It still has not hit me in all honesty. I don't really feel like I graduated. I have the photos. I have my diploma. I have my final transcripts. Yet I still feel like I am getting ready to start another year at high school in two months. Maybe it will feel more real once I go to orientation next week, and I actually start signing up for classes and getting everything ready for August. 

xx, jKm


Senior Year Recap

Today is the day of my graduation. After watching my friends graduate for the past three years, it is my turn to walk across the stage. It's kind of surreal. When I was a freshman, I had a ton of friends who were seniors, and I remember looking up to them so much. Now I am in their position, and I don't feel as grown up as I thought they were. 

Senior year was defintely my favorite year out of the four. I loved all my teachers so much, and I had amazing classes with my friends. I got some of the best grades ever (along with one of the worst). I was editor of the paper. I finished my last football season. I decided where I was going to school. It was just a really, really good year. 

First Day of School

First Football Game of the Season

Last Homecoming Dance

Senior Night

Scholars Day at Bama


xx, jKm


Summer 2016 Bucket List

Read books for fun | I have spent the past four years reading books for school. I rarely get to read for "fun," which I miss a lot. I have a list of books I want to read this summer. I am hoping to get all done before I move out in August because I don't think I will have a ton of time to read when I start school. 

Teach myself something | I really want to work on my Spanish this summer and maybe even statistics. I haven't taken both classes with my junior year, and I really both of them. I don't need to take statistics in college because I have the credit for it, but I think it would be good to kind of relearn some parts. Then I already took my Spanish placement exam, and I am in the second highest level of Spanish, but I don't really remember it... 

Get organized | My room (and life) is a mess, y'all. I have been so busy/tired that I haven't really had a chance to deep clean my room is a while. Since I am moving out in just two short months, I definitely need to work on cleaning out my room and deciding what I am keeping. 

Go on adventures | On Monday, I went to the zoo with Tori and my dad, and it was so much fun just going out and doing something. Sitting around, watching Netflix can be fun, but it gets so boring. The quote on Momentum yesterday was "Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you." Definitely keeping that in mind for the summer. 

See a Braves game (or two) | Okay, if you know anything about baseball, you probably know that this is the Braves' last season at Turner Field. They're moving to Cobb County next season, and that's just going to suck. Turner Field is not my favorite baseball stadium, but it is the one I grew up with. 

Cross off some 101 in 1001 | I have not crossed off as many of my 101 in 1001 items as I would like. It is my goal for this summer to cross off every last one that I need to be home in order to do. 

Vlog more | I have been vlogging my last few moments of high school, and I want to try to keep it up. I am not the best at talking to a camera, but it's fun. Hopefully I can keep it up while I am in college. 

xx, jKm


My Graduation Party

Yesterday I had my graduation party, and I am seriously so thankful for all my friends and teachers who stopped by. It was definitely stressful trying to get everything done and ready for the day because my house has honestly been a mess for the past year and half when we thought we were moving and then weren't. That just equated to lots and lots of boxes, but everything turned out so well! I was definitely Pinterest inspired, but I absolutely loved how everything turned out. 

Can't wait for graduation on Friday!
xx, jKm

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Dear Freshman Me...

Dear Freshman Julianna, 

First off, you need to calm down. You’re way too stressed for a 14 year old. It’s not healthy. You’ll discover this through some excruciating doctors visits that all end in tears. If you’re wondering whether or not it gets easier, it doesn’t. You’ll gain control of your anxiety through lots of growing up, but you won’t stop crying when people ask you to talk about your feelings. You put way too much pressure on yourself. I’ll break it to you now. You are not going to Northwestern. Not because you didn’t get in. You won’t even apply because 60,000 a year is way too much for you, and the idea of snow freaks you out. You won’t even go to your second school. For the next three years, you will plan out your entire life from where you’re going to school to where you’re living to what you’re studying. Everything will change the summer before your senior year. It’s a hard decision, but you made the right one. I won’t tell you where you end up, but trust me. You’re going to be really happy. Just trust in God's plan for you. 

Second off, thank your Mom. For the next four years, this woman will go to Hell and back just to make sure you are okay. She makes sure you have wonderful teachers, and she fights for high school to be an enjoyable experience. Especially in the upcoming year, she will deal with all your panic attacks while also dealing with her own students and health. There are days you will resent her because you think she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Again, trust me, about 99.99% of the time, she is right. Just listen to her. 

In this upcoming year, you are going to meet amazing people. You don’t know it, but you are going to become best friends with Jordan. Even after she graduates this year, she will continue to be one of your best friends. You will connect because you both have slight obsessions with sports. The two of you will constantly text through the next four years about football and basketball. She’s going to become one of your favorite people. In this next year, you are going to become friends with lots of seniors. You will cry at graduation, and you will wonder how you will survive without them. They’re amazing people who protected you as a baby freshman. But don’t worry. You remain friends with Natalie and Tori for the next four years too. You and Tori will never fight, and even when you don’t see each other, you will pick up right where you left off. The two of you will go through adventures together that you didn’t even think were possible. You and Natalie will have fights. One that might even end your friendship, but the two of you realize what’s important in life: having each other as best friends. She always has your back, and you always have hers. Over the next four years, you will have the most amazing friends from ones you became friends with way back when in elementary school like Julie, Alex, and Marina to ones you were friends with in middle school like Katie, Natalie, and Tori to ones you found in high school like Christina, Marguerite, Grace, and Jackson. There are even more people who are incredibly special to you, but it would be hard to name them all. 

You know how you kind of want to quit football right now because all the senior guys scare you? Don’t. Keep going to practice. Put up with the guy who somehow finds way to argue with you about everything. Deal with the kickers who say stuff that you never want to hear. Not this senior class, but the next one will become some of your favorite people. Then the next one will start to feel like family, and finally, your senior class is filled some of the greatest people you have ever met. They’ll become your brothers, and you will never feel anything like standing under those stadium lights on Fridays again. You will deal with lots of blood, sweat, and tears over the next four years. Literally. Cherish every moment because I miss it already. 

Speaking of boys… You’re little boy crazy at 14. You are going to discover what it’s like to have a crush on a guy for almost three years... Oh well. Over the next four years, you will realize that boys are not worth it sometimes. You will learn that finding what you love doing is so much more fun than any guy you will meet. You’re only 14. You will meet lots of guys over the next four years, and you will learn what you like and don’t like. One day a guy, your friend no less, will tell you that you are intimidating. For about five hours, you will analyze this comment and then realize that if a guy finds you intimidating and is scared, he’s not worth it. So what? You have a really big personality with strong opinions. Tough if a guy can’t handle that and bless the guy you will find in the future who can. Don't change who you are for some boy. 

Enough about boys. Let’s talk about what is really important - school. Math will continue to be hard for you this year, but it gets better. You will have amazing teachers sophomore and junior year that become like surrogate parents, and then senior year math will be super easy. Just wait. Surprisingly, you’re going to hate English this year, but you will meet one of your best friends through this class. She will be the one to pick you up when you’ve beaten yourself up, and she is absolutely one of the most understanding and kind people who deals with your bullshit. You don’t give her enough credit. English gets better though. Your next three years will be again filled with teachers who either become like your Mom or are your Mom. Spoiler! In biology this year you will make a promise to your teacher that you will take AP Biology as a senior. You keep your promise, but science doesn’t get easier for you. You end up liking it a lot more as subject except physics. You will hate that class, but again you will suffer through it with some amazing people. Chemistry will become one of your favorite classes that you take. While you’re taking, you will hate almost every minute of it, but looking back on it, you will love it and your teacher. There’s one regret you will have, and it’s not taking a class your junior year. It’s a really hard decision you have to make, and you make it for your health. Who knows what it would have been like if you had taken it. You have a really good junior year still, and you make up for not taking that class junior year by taking a class your senior year. I have no idea if that makes sense… Oh well. Ooh, one more class to talk about. You will never love a class like you love AP World History. Some of your very best friends are in this class, and your teacher will become one of your favorites. You end up taking European History because of World, and again, you love this class more than anything. Not so much because of the people in that class, but because you love Euro and this teacher. These two classes will teach you more than almost any other class. It’s amazing. 

One day you're going to attend your last high school basketball game and as the clock winds down, you will begin to cry. Not just because y'all lost, but because it's over. You will spend four years cheering on the Chiefs, not just in basketball or football but in everything. There will be so many times that you lose your voice from yelling so loud during football and basketball games. Sitting at baseball games will become one of your favorite past times in the spring. Road trips to see games will become some of your favorite memories. In your first year, you will laugh at the phrase, "Once a Chief, always a Chief," but by senior year, you will understand. I won't spoil the greatness of the next four years, but you will witness history over and over again. I truly did love high school. 

There’s one last thing I want to talk about, and it’s this blog. You haven’t even created this blog yet. You will try to make one during first semester and realize you have no clue what you are doing. You will try again in May, and you will still have no clue what you are doing. The next three years will be filled with forgetting to schedule a post, having great ideas but no execution, and meeting great people on the internet. Your blog may not be world famous or anything, but it is yours. You will be incredibly proud of this space you’ve created just for yourself even when you only get 10 page views on a certain day. This blog will become your baby and a place for you to create and write. It’s hard to see it now, but people will read your blog. You just need to keep working on it. Also, one day you will learn that doing high school and trying to blog every single day is nearly impossible for you. 

I hope you are proud of the person you become. You will go through Hell in the upcoming years, but you will also come out incredibly strong. Just wait. The fun hasn’t even started. 

Love, I-Just-Finished-High-School Julianna

xx, jKm


Graduation Dresses

So... I have more day of school. Today I took my AP Macroeconomics exam, and then Thursday, when I literally have nothing to do except turn in textbooks, is my last day of school. Then it's... *dun dun dunnnn* Graduation season! My party is on Sunday (Wait, what?), and then I have Baccalaureate on Tuesday then graduation on Friday with everyone's party on Saturday.  This requires a lot of nice outfits, and honestly graduation season is so much fun, and I love dressing up. I created my picks for dresses that would be absolutely perfect for all the festivities! 

1 // 2 // 3  // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

I know some schools require girls to wear white dresses, but my school doesn't. We just have to wear nice dresses. This is actually the dress I am wearing for graduation. (I wore it for spring teas at Alabama too!) Then I think I am wearing this dress either in blue or pink (since I have all three) for baccalaureate. Personally, Lilly is my favorite place to buy dresses for really nice events like graduation. I've pretty much worn a Lilly dress for every nice event from homecoming to Will and Emma's graduation. I will definitely be sure to post my outfits for everything. 

xx, jKm

P.S. I am trying my best to vlog my last week before graduation! 


Senior Prom

Hey y'all! My senior prom was two weekends ago, and I figured I should share with y'all my dress and some pictures from it. I went with a similar group that I've gone with for every dance since junior year homecoming. A few people have changed, but I really like this group of friends and going to dances with them. My senior prom was Star Wars themed, and I was all in. #Nerding Prom and dances in general are never my scene, which I have said before, but I did have a really great time celebrating another one of my "lasts."

What I Wore: Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (Formal Dresses Here) // Shoes: Jack Rogers // Earrings: Kate Spade

xx, jKm


Why Not?

Happy AP Exam week! I know a lot of people have taken some exams already, but my first one is today. I have AP Lit today and then Euro Friday. Then Bio is on Monday followed by Gov and Econ. It's a lot to take in right before I graduate, but besides my AP exams, I just have one more math test and then I am home free!!! It's really exciting but at the same time, I am pretty nervous for my exams. There are definitely some that I feel better about than others, but I know that I have worked pretty all year, and it is what is! 

If you are taking exams this week, good luck!
xx, jKm


April Favorites

Happy end of April/beginning of May! I am so excited because guess what? I graduate in two weeks. How insane is that... April was a great and crazy month all at the same time. I started off with my senior spring break, which was so fun. See my Nashville Food Diary here. Then I went back to school, and it was crunch time. These past three weeks have been insane since AP exams start this week, but I've just been focusing on that finish line because I am so close to being done. I just have to take five exams, and then I am home free. Today I am sharing with you everything that I have loved for the month of April (and part of March). 


Here come my new Holy Grails for skin care. Whenever I start traveling, I start breaking out. Bad. Right before I left for Alabama, my skin wasn't great but manageable with makeup. Right before I go to Tuscaloosa, however, my skin was a mess. I had really big breakouts in three different places on my face, and everything was super red like my skin was angry at me. Naturally, my mom and I pulled on the interstate and went to Target to something to fix this before I had to go meet with sororities. I won't lie to you. I picked all Neutrogena products because it was first on the shelves, but I love everything I got. 

The cleanser is one of my favorites cleanser that I have tried. It made my skin noticeably less red really quick, and my skin did not get oily, which is huge for me. I've used the treatment pads before, and I am honestly obsessed with them. I never repurchased them after the last time I used them, but they are seriously one of the greatest things to help with breakouts. In general, I love the Rapid Clear line, but the treatment pads are one of my favorite products ever. Then I got the spot treatment to use specially around my hairline because that was the worse place. Again, everything got smaller and less red within I would say an hour to two hours.

Like I said, when I was in Alabama, I was attending spring teas for sororities. I was out all day, and I really did not want to worry about my makeup being messed up. In addition to my primer, I think this stuff really helped. My eyeliner gotta kind of messed up, but I think that was because I rubbed my eyes... Ya know. Watery eyes and all. I will definitely being using this stuff again during recruitment when it is 90 degrees in Alabama. #LordHelpMe I also used all of this for prom, and my makeup lasted from 4 in the afternoon to midnight in the humidity of Georgia and hotness of a nightclub (where my prom was held). 


Garbage Time with Katie Nolan Podcast & The West Wing Weekly Podcast

I got really into podcasts this month. My two favorites have been Garbage Time and The West Wing Weekly. I have talked about Garbage Time and Katie Nolan before, but I just started listening to her podcasts since the show is not on right now. If you love sports and love people poking fun at athletes, I definitely recommend! Katie Nolan is incredibly smart and quick witted, and she is one of the best in the business in my opinion.

Then The West Wing Weekly Podcast. The West Wing is my favorite show ever, and I am so happy Josh Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway decided to create this podcast. They go through each episode and talk about it. The show is on Netflix, so I recommend watching the show and then listening to the podcast. There are no spoilers in each episode, so if you haven't seen all 7 seasons, you are okay!

Bob's Burgers 

Y'all. Senioritis has hit its last stage, and I have been watching Bob's Burgers nonstop. I've watched episodes before here and there, but now I am legit just constantly watching it. It's so funny, and it's definitely a nice distraction from the hundreds of mock AP exams and actual AP exams. Speaking of which, good luck to everyone who has exams this week! 

Monica's videos were under the recommended section on YouTube, and I was really bored so I started watching them. Her vlogs are so different and so much more creative than other YouTubers. I absolutely love it. Everything about her vlogs is seriously so wonderful. 

xx, jKm

P.S. I found my vlogging camera after months of not knowing where it was, so be on the lookout especially since graduation season in coming up!