April Favorites

Happy end of April/beginning of May! I am so excited because guess what? I graduate in two weeks. How insane is that... April was a great and crazy month all at the same time. I started off with my senior spring break, which was so fun. See my Nashville Food Diary here. Then I went back to school, and it was crunch time. These past three weeks have been insane since AP exams start this week, but I've just been focusing on that finish line because I am so close to being done. I just have to take five exams, and then I am home free. Today I am sharing with you everything that I have loved for the month of April (and part of March). 


Here come my new Holy Grails for skin care. Whenever I start traveling, I start breaking out. Bad. Right before I left for Alabama, my skin wasn't great but manageable with makeup. Right before I go to Tuscaloosa, however, my skin was a mess. I had really big breakouts in three different places on my face, and everything was super red like my skin was angry at me. Naturally, my mom and I pulled on the interstate and went to Target to something to fix this before I had to go meet with sororities. I won't lie to you. I picked all Neutrogena products because it was first on the shelves, but I love everything I got. 

The cleanser is one of my favorites cleanser that I have tried. It made my skin noticeably less red really quick, and my skin did not get oily, which is huge for me. I've used the treatment pads before, and I am honestly obsessed with them. I never repurchased them after the last time I used them, but they are seriously one of the greatest things to help with breakouts. In general, I love the Rapid Clear line, but the treatment pads are one of my favorite products ever. Then I got the spot treatment to use specially around my hairline because that was the worse place. Again, everything got smaller and less red within I would say an hour to two hours.

Like I said, when I was in Alabama, I was attending spring teas for sororities. I was out all day, and I really did not want to worry about my makeup being messed up. In addition to my primer, I think this stuff really helped. My eyeliner gotta kind of messed up, but I think that was because I rubbed my eyes... Ya know. Watery eyes and all. I will definitely being using this stuff again during recruitment when it is 90 degrees in Alabama. #LordHelpMe I also used all of this for prom, and my makeup lasted from 4 in the afternoon to midnight in the humidity of Georgia and hotness of a nightclub (where my prom was held). 


Garbage Time with Katie Nolan Podcast & The West Wing Weekly Podcast

I got really into podcasts this month. My two favorites have been Garbage Time and The West Wing Weekly. I have talked about Garbage Time and Katie Nolan before, but I just started listening to her podcasts since the show is not on right now. If you love sports and love people poking fun at athletes, I definitely recommend! Katie Nolan is incredibly smart and quick witted, and she is one of the best in the business in my opinion.

Then The West Wing Weekly Podcast. The West Wing is my favorite show ever, and I am so happy Josh Malina and Hrishikesh Hirway decided to create this podcast. They go through each episode and talk about it. The show is on Netflix, so I recommend watching the show and then listening to the podcast. There are no spoilers in each episode, so if you haven't seen all 7 seasons, you are okay!

Bob's Burgers 

Y'all. Senioritis has hit its last stage, and I have been watching Bob's Burgers nonstop. I've watched episodes before here and there, but now I am legit just constantly watching it. It's so funny, and it's definitely a nice distraction from the hundreds of mock AP exams and actual AP exams. Speaking of which, good luck to everyone who has exams this week! 

Monica's videos were under the recommended section on YouTube, and I was really bored so I started watching them. Her vlogs are so different and so much more creative than other YouTubers. I absolutely love it. Everything about her vlogs is seriously so wonderful. 

xx, jKm

P.S. I found my vlogging camera after months of not knowing where it was, so be on the lookout especially since graduation season in coming up! 

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