Day & Night Look

Outfit 1: Shirt: Old Navy // Shorts: Old Navy // Shoes: Pierre Dumas // Sunglasses: Target
Outfit 2: Dress: Old Navy // Shoes: Alex Marie // Earrings: Stein Mart

Here's the surprise Thursday post I talked about yesterday! I am working with Vegas.com to bring to you the #UltimateVegasOutfit. Now being someone who has never even thought about going to Vegas, I was in a bit of a pickle. I got some inspiration from the amazingly elaborate hotels in the city, and of course the queens of Vegas themselves, Sarah and Caitlin

Through this research, I decided Vegas would definitely be a cool place to visit. They did just get a hockey team, and who knows what other sports could expand now that they have hockey? Obviously, I probably would wait until I was 21 to go to Vegas just so I wouldn't be limited by my age to do anything, and I know a ton of people actually spend their 21st birthdays in Vegas. Las Vegas is also near some canyons (It's two hours from the Grand Canyon!) and conservation areas that I think would be so cool to visit. 

But sticking to the city itself, I knew that there were two outfits that would be perfect to spend a day and night exploring all Vegas has to offer. Outfit #1 features some of my favorite pieces from Old Navy. This white shirt is so comfortable and airy, which is perfect for the heat. I threw on my jean shorts to have a more casual vibe, and this outfit would be perfect to spend the day walking around and shopping.

Outfit #2 again features Old Navy again because why not? Black dresses are a serious must have for me, but if you're visiting Vegas in the summer, it's hot. The humidity is pretty low, which is so not Georgia's weather, but it is in the 90s most of the day. This black dress from Old Navy is lightweight and super breezy, but it's a LBD, so it's inherently nice. I paired the dress with low heels from Alex Marie, which are so easy to walk in. Since the dress is pretty basic, I added some fun earrings and a bright red lip. This outfit is perfect to spend a night out. 

If you are ever thinking about going to Vegas, check out the deals Vegas.com offers on hotels!
xx, jKm


June Favorites

I can't believe June is already over. In fact, I can't believe that 2016 is halfway over. This year has already been so amazing, and I am so excited to see what the second half of the year brings me. This month has involved lots of planning blog posts, watching too much Netflix, and hanging out with my family since my dad finally moved back home for good! This month has been exactly the kind of summer break I needed after feeling like I was going nonstop for most of my senior year.

Like I said, I've been planning a ton of blog posts. In fact, I've planned so much that starting on July 1, I will be posting every week day. I think I am finally in place where I am comfortable blogging five days a week rather than three. Now that I am writing that out it sounds super strange since I am moving into college in a little over a month... But I do have all of July and August already planned out, and I am pumped to be sharing some great content with y'all.

Plus, I have a bonus Thursday post for tomorrow that I am so excited to share with y'all.

Enough rambling, here are my June favorites:

Catch a blog post featuring this dress next week!

Jessica Howard | I've been obsessed with Jessica Howard dresses forever. Anytime I got to Dillard's I am drawn to all the Jessica Howard dresses. The selection at Dillard's online is a little weak because I cannot find any of the dresses I bought recently, so I would recommend actually going to Dillard's if there is one near you. Macy's also sells Jessica Howard, but again, the online selection is not the best.

Country Club Prep | I am so excited about this! The first Country Club Prep in Georgia opened up right where I live. I absolutely loved the Lexington store, so when I saw we were getting one, I was thrilled. It opened in the middle of the month, and everyone is still settling in, but I am so excited to finally have one where I live. If you're near Atlanta, I highly suggest coming down south and visiting the new store.

Hot Water | So I feel like every month I have a story about my skin breaking out, and this month is no different. #Whatever. My breakout this month was a little different because instead of an area of a really bad breakout, I had one single problem. Nothing would fix it. I, however, had this fact in the back on my mind: Heat will reduce the size of a breakout. So I got a paper towel, wet it with hot water, and put it on my face. Instantaneously, the swelling had been reduced, and I did this a couple more times over the course of about a week. This may be a weird favorite, but it worked wonders.

Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Detoxifying Shampoo & Conditioner | I have hair that naturally gets greasy pretty quickly, which is super annoying, but in the summer, with all the heat, humidity, and sweat, it gets even worse. I was having trouble getting my hair fully clean, so I did what I always do when my hair gets weird. I bought new shampoo. I love this stuff. 1. It work. 2. It smells amazing. My hair can finally go two days without me feeling the need to deep clean it.

Also, this month I got the Batiste Dry Shampoo for dark hair, and I really like it. I like the smell better of the coconut & tropical one, but it works just as well. Plus I don't have to worry about any white residue being left over, which isn't really a problem. I just worry about it.

Hiking | I actually love hiking. It's my preferred method of exercise, and I have been convincing my dad to go with me. We have this pretty cool nature reserve in my county, and the trails are easy. Plus it's next to river/lake, which I love so much. My dad and I actually went to Chattahoochee Bend State Park since I liked it so much when I went with Tori. We did the River Trail because I love walking along the Chattahoochee River and seeing the view. Next on my list is trails more north around the Appalachian area, and I want to go to Stone Mountain too.

The Mowgli's | Y'all. This is my new favorite band. I randomly added their song "San Francisco" to one my playlists, and I fell in love. I began listening to their other songs, and I also really like "Summertime," "The Great Divide," and "I'm Good." Even my dad liked them when I played their songs on our way back from hiking, so we know they're good.

Psych | One of my friends, Grace, recommend this while we were in AP Lit, and I figured since I had finished Scrubs, I would start Psych. The show is pretty funny, but there are episodes that can be suspenseful. I loved Dule Hill in The West Wing, and he's also great in this (He gets to tap more than he ever did in TWW). I love trying to figure out the murderer before the episode is over.

Batman (1989) | Something I've been wanting to do recently is get more into superhero stuff. I've seen most of the Marvel movies, but there's so much I don't know about Marvel and DC, and I want to know more. The only Batman movie I've seen is Dark Knight Rises, so when I saw Batman (1989) was on Netflix, I knew I had to add it to my list. This movie is crazy, and I've had to watch it multiple times to really take it all in. I definitely prefer Christian Bale to Michael Keaton, but Jack Nicholson is an amazing Joker. I want to finish this series and then actually watch all of the reboots and not just the third one...

(I won't lie. I have also been watching all those cartoons of the Superheroes that are on Netflix. I love the Ultimate Spider-Man and Avengers Assemble.)

Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town | A book is finally on one of my monthly favorites. It's been over two years since I have actually talked about a book being one of my favorites, but that's honestly because I forget the books that I've liked reading for school. (Don't worry I am doing a post all about my favorite books soon.) I found Missoula in our library when I was sitting in there working on stuff. Jon Krakauer is one of my favorite authors, and I loved Into the Wild, which I read in AP Lang in 11th grade. I figured I would also like this book.

Krakauer focuses on the rape crisis that happened in Missoula, Montana and the University of Montana. The book is really well-written and tells the stories of multiple victims, which makes it heart-wrenching to read. I will warn you that it can go into great detail about the rapes and assaults, which can definitely be hard to read. If you have an interest in the justice system or social issues, I recommend this book over and over again. I think it's super relevant considering what is going on at Stanford and Baylor. Up next on my list is Under the Banner of Heaven.

xx, jKm


Planning Your Staycation

Summer is the best time to travel, but sometimes you can't travel because of time or money. That's where the idea of the "staycation" comes from. I am all for staycations because it's all the fun of a vacation without having to sit in a car for hours upon hours. I'm very lucky that I only live about 45 minutes from Atlanta, so I can easily go to the city for a day to experience something new. Here are my tips for planning out your staycation: 

Figure Out What's Around You | Yes, I live south of Atlanta, so I go there a ton when I want to do something fun, but there are other smaller cities around me that I don't get to explore as often. I haven't really been to the downtown areas of the cities that surround where I live, so I am making it my mission for the rest of the summer to actually go see what's around me rather than going to my tired old spots that I know like the back of my hand. Finding new cities and new areas around you is so exciting because it's like a little hidden gem that you now have. (Marguerite and I are actually do that today!)

Look for City Passes | If you live in or near a big city, find out if they offer passes to do multiple activities in the city for cheaper. Atlanta's passes offer five different activities like the Aquarium, World of Coke, and the Zoo. This is a great way to experience different stuff in your city without having to spend a ton of money. For each city, I think you're saving around 40%, and you have the passes for nine days, so you don't have to do everything all in one day! This is also great if you're going on an actual vacation. I would love to do this for New York, Chicago, or Philadelphia! 

Find Things You've Never Done Before | Despite going to Atlanta on average twice a month, there are things I've never done before in my city. I've never been to the Botanical Gardens or the History Center or the Beltline. Very basic stuff that people talk about when they talk about visiting Atlanta. I'm always looking at lists of things to do in Atlanta to find what I haven't done yet. (Here's my list of things to do in Atlanta.) Find out what you've never done in your city that everyone talks about and go experience something new. 

How do you staycation?
xx, jKm


How I Use Google Calendar

When I was planning out my blog posts, this one was originally called “How Google Calendar Helped Me Get My S#!^ Together.” I’ve wanted to be able to use Google Calendar efficiently for forever. I have tried in the past, but it didn’t make sense to use it for school because my access to a computer was limited.

This summer, however, I needed a way to be able to plan out all my blog posts because I was getting behind, and I had to have a way to keep track of my ideas. I have tried having a blog agenda, but I end up not using it, and it all goes to waste. I figured if I could sit down for one day that I could find a way to use Google Calendar that was efficient and made sense to me. Low and behold, I was able to plan out June, July, and August blog posts and organize my first month of college activities. Google Calendar was finally working for me, and I think it will continue to help me out in the fall because I will have access to a computer more often than not.

I love Google Calendar because it's on both my computer and my phone, so I have it with me 99.99% of the time, and I can easily move things around with having to scratch out or erase my notes. Most the time I prefer pen and paper, but I am absolutely loving Google Calendar to help me with planning out my blog posts. 

Here are my tips for Google Calendar:

Tip #1: Create different calendars with different colors | I have four different calendars: a main one that is red which has all my doctor’s appointments, school activities, and miscellaneous stuff, a blog one that is blue which is my posting schedule, a sorority one that is pink which has the recruitment schedule and will have all my events once I get those, and a high school football one that is green which is mainly so I can figure out when I should come home to visit.

Having the all the separate calendars and colors allows me to view just one of them or all them to see how crazy busy I am. When I am focusing on blogging, I only have my blog calendar visible to see what days don’t have posts and the order of everything and what I have to accomplish. When I am trying to determine if I have time to get something done, I look at all my calendars.

Tip #2: Change the color of something when it’s done | I really only use this for blog posts, but I am trying to get a ton of stuff done in advance, so when I move-in and I start school I am not behind. I’ve been pre-writing a ton, so when I am all done and the post is scheduled, I click on the event and change the color to a darker blue. This helps me again to know what needs to be completed and what is already done. Like in June, I shot four outfit posts in one day, but they weren’t all going up in June. Two of them were going up in July, but since the photos were already taken, I went ahead and wrote the post. I changed the color of the event so I wouldn’t worry about those specific posts anymore.

Tip #3: Utilize the tasks feature | The tasks feature helps me a ton with blogging. I create a to-do list for each month, and when I am viewing that month, I write done everything that has to be done for the month of blogging excluding writing the posts, which is pretty obvious. I write down how many outfit posts I have planned, what photos I need to take for other posts, and how many graphics I need to create. Then whenever I switch to look at a different month, I switch which to-do list is on the screen.

Tip #4: Always keep Google Calendar open | When I open up Google Chrome, three tabs open – a new tab with Momentum (because I like the quotes), Google Calendar, and Blogger. Since it’s summer, I have been spending a ton of time on my computer working on things, so I always keep my calendar open. Whenever I get an idea or something comes up, I can easily switch tabs and add it to my calendar that way I am very rarely having to remember something. Google Calendar is also what comes up when you hit the home button. 

xx, jKm


Guide to Picking an Agenda

An agenda, in my opinion, is the most important thing in someone's life. I absolutely live for buying new agendas in the summer, and I have to refrain myself from buying all of them because who needs 12 agendas?? Literally no one. I know agenda buying can be a stressful process, so today I picked out some of my favorite brands of agendas. These three agendas are actually the agenda me, my mom, and my sister have. 

Lilly Pulitzer | Personally, my tried and true brand is Lilly Pulitzer. I will not lie to you. I only bought a Lilly agenda my freshman year because it was Lilly, but over the years, I have fallen in love with this agenda. I like having both the monthly and weekly view plus the bright colors make me so happy. I have switched between the large and jumbo sizes each year, and I ordered another jumbo one this year because I wanted to make sure I had plenty of room for everything. I liked having the jumbo my senior year because it is the same size as a notebook, but it can feel a little bit too big sometimes.

The agendas got a little makeover this year. I absolutely love the new design for the pages that start each month, and the monthly preview is a little less cluttered too. The agenda, however, is basically the same as it has been forever. There is a monthly preview followed by weekly pages. There are two pages of stickers this year, and the notes pages are in the front instead of the back like last year, which I am pretty excited about.

Day Designer | I got a Lilly Pulitzer agenda again this year, but if I hadn't, I would have picked a Day Designer. I was not on the Day Designer train for a really long time. I thought they were too much, but recently I was looking at the Blue Sky x Day Designer collection at Target, and I realized they're actually pretty great. I like the setup of a built-in to-do list, and I think having a quote on each page is too cute. Personally, I think they're better for college than high school because of the schedule part.

Ban.do | Another great option is the agendas at ban.do. They're set up in a similar way to Lilly agendas, but instead of having lines on each day to write down everything there's just space. They have a monthly overview, stickers, and a notes section as well! I think the ban.do agendas are super whimsical and fun, and I love the illustrations before each month.

xx, jKm


National Wear Your Lilly Day

Dress: Lilly Pulitzer (Swing Dresses from Lilly) // Shoes: Sam & Libby for Target

Me trying to figure out where to go next. 

Happy first day of summer/National Wear Your Lilly Day!! We all know that I love swing dresses, and Lilly has been killing the game lately with them. I got this one in Birmingham in April on my way to sorority Spring Teas because I could not for the life of me figure out what to wear. This dress was absolutely perfect for Spring Teas because it was lightweight and comfortable even after wearing it for 8 hours. I even wore it to graduation. Then I am considering wearing it for sorority recruitment in the fall because it's honestly my favorite dress in my closet right now. 

I am also loving these Sam & Libby sandal wedges. I got them a while ago but never found a use for them while in school because I was not about to wear wedges while having to walk up stairs. They are, however, the perfect going-out summer sandal. They are pretty comfortable but a little narrow so beware if you have wider feet like me. I do love the gold and brown together, and they will definitely be in my rotation for when I need a nicer shoe. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the first official day of summer!
xx, jKm


10 Summer Fashion Essentials

When it comes to summer, I am very repetitive in what I wear. I have a very standard couple of outfits, and there's not a ton of variation. Y'all have seen me rave about most of these products before, but I can't help myself. I am very loyal to what I love. 

For shoes, I continue with my love of my Chacos. I wear them two-four times a week with basically anything. I really want a more colorful pair without a toe strap. But honestly, if you haven't jumped on this Chaco bandwagon, 1. who are you? and 2. just do it. When I am not wearing Chacos, I am probably wearing my Converse or my Jack Rogers. I know some people think the whole white Converse thing is too basic, but I love my Converse so much, and you can get them practically in any color. Then I don't think I have to y'all how much I #LoveMyJacks. 

For bottoms, I rotate through all my Norts, my chino Old Navy shorts, and my high waisted jorts. I don't really wear a ton of skirts in the summer, and I am most likely wearing running shorts while not actually running. Oh well. 

For tops, I am either wearing something pretty breezy or an oversize Alabama tshirt not going to lie. This swing top from Old Navy is up on my wishlist because I need a new white shirt. The one I have right now is also from Old Navy a couple of years ago, so it's getting a little dingy. I like the 70's vibe with this one.

Then I have been obsessed with these sunglasses from Target for a very long time. Their basically the only pair of sunglasses I wear. Whenever I lose them, I just repurchase the same pair. 

Last but not least is this nail polish from Sally Hansen. I painted my toes right before Baccalaureate, and I have only had to touch them up a little bit. This nail polish last forever on your toes, and I absolutely love white nail polish in the summer. I really like this one because it's super opaque and doesn't require a thousands coats to be a nice white.   

What are your summer fashion essentials?
xx, jKm


Go-To Summer Outfit

Shirt: Gap (similar) // Shorts: Old Navy // Shoes: Jack Rogers // Necklace: Bluetique (similar)

This is probably my new go to summer outfit. The shirt from Gap is so comfortable and super lightweight, which is necessary to survive this 90 degree weather. I love the combination of stripes and floral print - my two favorite prints. I talked about these shorts last Friday, and they've quickly made their way into my rotation when I put on real pants rather than athletic shorts/leggings. This outfit is so easy to wear and incredibly comfortable. It's basically the real world version of a tshirt and Norts. 
What's your go to outfit for summer?
xx, jKm


Why I Love Baseball

One of the reasons I started this blog was to merge two things I love: sports and fashion. I haven't been doing a great job of that of late. Since summer is in full swing, I wanted to share something very special with y'all. Baseball aka my favorite sport. Baseball has been my favorite sport for eight years now, and I can give it credit for a lot of things in my life. A lot of people always complain to me about how boring baseball is, but there's something about this sport that is so important to me, and I wanted to share that feeling with y'all. 

First things first. I fell in love with baseball in October 2008. It was the day the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series, and it was one of my dad's happiest moments. I wasn't watching the game, but I could hear from him celebrating from my room as I was falling asleep. (Hey, I was in fifth grade. I had an early bedtime.) He did his typical "dad" dance in our hallway, and this moment was huge for him. He had waited 28 long years for this moment. 

I had grown up hearing the tales about the glory days of Steve Carlton and Mike Schmidt, who if you know anything about Philadelphia, they're big deals, but now I got to see who these new heroes were. Earlier in the series I asked my dad who #8 was on the team since 8 was my favorite number. He told me it was Shane Victorino, and then I decided he was my favorite player. (He remained my favorite Phillie until he was traded. Not going to lie. I cried.) Then when they won the World Series. From that moment on, baseball was my favorite sport. 

I began trying to learn everything I could about baseball from my dad. It started out mostly with the Phillies, but as I got older and learned more, it began to spread to other teams. Red Sox. Angels. A's. Giants (who I took a while to accept because of 2010). Cubs. I wanted to know it all. My dad and I would spend our mornings walking to the bus stop talking about the latest news in MLB. This is how I grew really close with my dad. He worked nights and when big information would come in, he would print photos and articles and then leave them in my room, so I would see them when I woke up. 

The Phillies continued to be good for about three more years. Players get old. They get traded. They retire. Soon the 2008 team that I had come to love was no longer there. Like I said, I cried when Shane Victorino got traded. (Hunter Pence, another one of my favorite players, was also traded the same day. They both went on to win World Series.) It sucked, and honestly? The Phillies were bad again. It became harder to be a proud Phillies fan in Georgia where most people are Braves fans, but I still wore my jerseys and rattled off facts and figures when people tried to question whether or not I actually liked sports. 

Becoming a Phillies fan led me to become an Eagles fan. A Flyers fan. On occasion, a Sixers fan. (I'm not the biggest NBA fan in general.) It led me to also these other teams and sports, and again, I began to broaden my knowledge past Philadelphia sports and into the leagues. My life would be really different if the Phillies hadn't won the World Series in 2008. I can't imagine life without that team even though I wasn't paying attention the entire time.

But why do I love baseball? Why have I stuck with it for 8 years? Baseball is a really big constant for me. There are typically 9 innings with 27 outs and 9 players on the field. There's a 40-man roster. If you need someone to come up, then you have to send someone to the minors. It just the way things are. Nothing changes about that even with this new technology. (My dad and I both argue that some parts of baseball have been ruined by technology.) In Field of Dreams, Terence Mann reminds Ray that baseball reminds of what was once good and can be good again. 

There's also this idea that you don't have to have the highest pay roster to win. Underdogs can win in ninth inning with a walk-off grand slam. Heck, underdogs could win the World Series! A team like the 2002 Athletics can have a 20 game win streak when their entire payroll is equivalent to that of another team's star player. This scene from Moneyball asks how could you not be romantic about baseball? How could you see these stories of players making comebacks and making history and not feel some sort of romantic feeling? (My personal fave is R.A. Dickey winning the Cy Young award.) 

Sure. Sometimes games are boring. Sometimes they are too long. But when the Red Sox came back from a 3-0 deficit against the Yankees to win the ALCS? When Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter on LSD? When Roberto Clemente got his 3,000th hit three months before he died? When Harry K sang High Hopes after the Phillies won the World Series? 

It is moments like those and so many more that make baseball amazing. Sure, the other three major sports are great, and I love football and hockey and tolerate NBA basketball, but baseball has this sense of pureness to me that the other sports don't offer. Without baseball, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't be studying what I am studying. I never would have joined newspaper. I wouldn't be going to Alabama. 

But thank God for the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies.

xx, jKm