July Favorites

Hey y'all! I cannot believe July is already over, which means summer is almost over. I am headed off to Alabama in one short week to participate in the largest sorority recruitment in the country for one week and then the next I start classes! So crazy to think that something that I have been waiting for for so long is finally happening. I will definitely being keeping y'all updated on all my college life, don't worry. :)

ANYWAYS... July has been a weird month. I feel like I haven't done anything while also doing a whole lot. One of the biggest things I've been doing this month was working on a redesign for the blog! I am waiting a little bit longer to reveal to make sure all the kinks are smoothed out, but I am so, so excited for y'all to see it. Be sure you're following me on Twitter for some sneak peeks every once in awhile.  Obviously, I don't want to give too much away, but I am too pumped to not share some things with y'all. 

For the rest of my favorites this July...

Starting with fashion and beauty and all that good stuff. When I haven't been wearing the same oversized Phillies tshirt I stole from my dad, I have been wearing this gray swing dress from Old Navy. I wore three (or four) times in a week. I'm not joking. It's so comfortable and easy to wear, which is exactly what I look for in a casual dress for the summer. (I've also been wearing it a ton because most of my clothes are already packed...) 

When I have been wearing that gray dress, I have also been wearing this necklace from Lizard Thicket, which is a boutique where I live that I talk about all the time. Normally this is not something I would wear at all, but I have really been loving it. It's such a fun and different piece than the rest of my jewlery. Plus, if I get anxious because of the choker, I can pull it so the beads aren't so close to my neck. This style of necklace is super popular right now, so I am pretty sure you could find something similar is any of your local boutiques or even on Etsy.

(Y'all with probably be seeing that exact outfit ^^ in an upcoming blog post!)

I have also been wearing my Target sandals a ton. They are such a nice alternative to only wearing either my Jacks or my Chacos. I wear them with anything, and they're super easy to slide on and head out the door, which again is exactly what I need in the summer.

I feel like I finally jumped on the bandwagon with this one. I had to pick up more concealer, and my Target, like usual, did not have what I had already been using in stock, so I had to try something else. Everyone raves about the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. It seemed to be the drugstore concealer of every beauty guru on YouTube's choice, and I understand the hype. It's amazing concealer, and it lasted the entire day when I went to Atlanta and walked around in 80% humidity. It's super awesome, and if you want a drugstore concealer, I recommend.

I've talked about Wild so much on here recently that I don't want to spend too much time on it, but it is such an amazing story. Cheryl Strayed tells an incredible story about her hike along the PCT, and it is so hard for me to imagine what she went through but how she tells it makes you feel like you're there.

I probably have more music favorites than ever to share with y'all. I shared some of my current favorites with y'all in my "Currently" post, but I have even more favorites now. I am still in love with "NYC-Gone, Gone," but in addition to the song, I've been listening to Conor Oberst's self-titled album that the song comes from. My other favorites from the album are "Get-Well-Cards," "I Don't Want to Die (In the Hospital)," and "Cape Canaveral."  

I am still obsessed with "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers. I can't stop listening to it. It's probably my favorite song of the moment. The lyrics are just amazing, and I love what the song is about and how she talks about it. So good. 

My other favorite songs right now are "Outside Villanova (Live)" by Eric Hutchinson (shout out to the best friend, Tori, for that song), "White Flag" by Joseph, and "Mexico" by the Staves. If you want to be updated on what I am listening to, check out my "Current Favorites" playlist on Spotify. I update it a lot and change out the music on there frequently.

Now for TV and movies. Again, I talked about this in my "Currently" post, but if you haven't seen Madam Secretary, go watch it. I love this show almost as much as I love The West Wing, which is a huge compliment. I want to be Elizabeth McCord. She's so perfect. As for movies, I'll keep it short and sweet. Go see Ghostbusters if you haven't. Just do it. It was hilarious. 

xx, jKm


Healthy + Helpful Recipes

Happy Thursday, y'all! Today I was inspried by Nuts.com to share some foods that are not only healthy for your body but also are great for your skin. As I told y'all a while ago, my mom and sister are going Whole 30, which means I have to halfway participate in their adventure. I eat what they eat occasionally, but I still get to eat bread and drink milk. Something I have began to do because of this is get outside my comfort zone with foods. If you know me at all, you know I basically eat the same things all the time. I am so picky with my food. I think the best way to start eating certain foods is mixing the new foods with old foods that you know you like.

Today I am sharing recipes with for three different superfoods that will help your skin. 

Spinach | Spinach is filled with Vitamin A and iron. The Vitamin A will help protect you against sun damage, which is so important as we all know I found out from my terrible sunburn, and the iron will help you with cramps. Also don't you want to be like Popeye? I actually tolerate/like spinach, and I will eat it when it's cooked. One of the easiest ways to incorporate spinach into your food is with scrambled eggs, and this spinach and tomato frittata looks so good.

Another spinach recipe I love is pasta, chicken, and spinach. At this Italian restaurant where I live, their chicken and vegetable pasta is amazing. This lemon grilled chicken pasta sounds so delicious as does this chicken and bacon pasta.

Some place you might not realize you can put your spinach is in your smoothies. Emma does this all the time, and she swears you cannot taste the spinach. 

Goji Berries | According to Nuts.com, goji berries are filled with beta carotene which will make your skin appear "luminous." I mean, who needs a highlighter when you have goji berries? These sound like the perfect ingredient to add to your smoothies. Here is a Berry Booster smoothie, which you can add another superfood with blueberries, and here is more of a tropical smoothie that features mangoes, organges, and chia seeds, again another superfood. Can we talk about how pretty the tropical one is? (Okay, y'all, I hate bananas with a passion. Is there any way to replace bananas in smoothies?)

Walnuts | Walnuts have omega-3s, which help diminish wrinkles, and while you may be a teenager like me, the best way to have good skin later is to start protecting it now. This trail mix recipe is a great snack for that mid-afternoon energy boost. In addition to walnuts, it also has almonds, which are packed with Vitamin E that will help your skin too. 

For a yummy dessert, you can make chocolate covered walnuts, something that I love, but instead of using regular chocolate you can use cacao nibs, which have antioxidants that will nourish your skin. 

xx, jKm


Why It's Okay to Go to a State School

*Disclaimer: I'm not saying it's bad go to private school at all. My dad and my brother and sister went to private schools, and a ton of my friends are going to private schools this fall. This is just a post talking about something I sort of experienced and one of my roommates definitely experienced, and something I think a lot of kids go through if they go to a high school like mine: ultra competitive.* 

Let's get this out of the way. Not everyone is going to go to Harvard or Princeton or Yale or Columbia. I can remember my junior year when we had to talk about where we wanted to go school in my AP Lang class. So many of my classmates wanted to go to really, really nice schools, and it's not like these kids were dumb. Four of the top seven kids were in my AP class, and half of the kids in my class were junior marshals. Do you know what ended up happening? Most of them ended up going to UGA or Georgia Tech, which aren't bad schools, but they aren't the schools most of them dreamed of going to when they were younger or even as juniors. Not everyone gets into those high prestigious school. There's a reason those schools have a less than 7% acceptance rate.

My high school was really competitive. Everyone needed to be the best, and if you weren't taking rigorous classes, then what were you doing? The brightest of the bunch were praised as being the best, and the pressure around being one of those kids is rough. I felt it even though I did my best to ignore the insanity that came with my school. It was almost expected that some people were going to go to an Ivy League-esque school. They were times where I felt like I wasn't making the right decision because I was going to a large state school rather than a small private school even though I probably could have gotten into a more highly regarded school. 

I talked about my college decision here, but since I was a freshman, I have always wanted to go to a state school with the exception of looking at my dad's alma mater. I wanted that big school feel in a college town. I wanted to spend my Saturdays watching football and tailgating. I wanted a school with big Greek life. I wanted great academics, but I also didn't want to go somewhere that was super academically competitive because I had just spent four years dealing with that. That's the reason I didn't like Vanderbilt. State schools offered me all that and more, and that's why I only applied to Alabama, Clemson, UGA, and Kentucky. There were times where I wondered if I had applied to other more "prestigious" and gotten in, would I have gone? I mean, at the end of the day, probably not, but sometimes I doubted how smart I was because I was going to a state school. 

While my criticism was mostly in my head, one of my roommates actually dealt with people telling her that she wasn't making the right choice by going to Alabama, which first of all is super rude. Don't tell people they are making the wrong decision when it comes to college. They told her that she was too smart to go to a school like Alabama. I mean, what a backhanded compliment. I talked to her about it, and basically told her that we were going to have more fun at Alabama with all our national championships, but hearing her talk about that experience made me think. Why do other people care where you are going to school? I would never once look at my friends who are going to Georgia College, Georgia Southern, or Georgia State, which are not as well-know as other schools in Georgia, and ridicule them for their choices.

My brother used to always tell me that it doesn't matter where you are but what you are doing there. My parents went to two completely different schools. My dad went to a private school up north, and my mom went to a state school in Georgia, but they ended up working at the exact same place. When you are making your college decision, the only thing you need to be thinking about is what is best for you. Don't let what other people think influence how you are going to spend the next four years. Go to a big instate school. Go to a small private liberal arts college. Go to the school that's in between. Wherever you go, make sure it is your choice and not anybody else's. It's okay to go to private school, but it's also okay to go to a state school. So if you are a senior and you're getting ready to apply to college, please don't let what other people say get into your head. 

On Monday, I will be sharing my Do's and Don't's of applying to college.
xx, jKm


Dorm Haul Part 2

Here is part 2 of my dorm haul just like I promised! Yesterday was about the more basic stuff I bought, and today is all about my fun decor items. Some of this stuff I did get this summer, and other stuff I got a while ago, but I did my best to link everything or find something super similar! This isn't everything that will be in my dorm because my three lovely roommates are bringing some stuff, mostly for our kitchen space, but I will show y'all what the living space ends up looking like once all of us are moved in and settled. 

I am not sure if I have talked about how my dorm is set up, but I am living in an apartment style dorm. My roommates and I each have our own room and then there are two bathrooms for us to share with a common living space and a small kitchen with a fridge and microwave. Then we live across from the floor kitchen which has a stove. I am really excited to have my own space because it allows me to get away if I need to, but I do have three really great roommates.

Wooden Monogram | I won't talk too much about this since I talked about monograms last week, but I am so happy with how this turned out! I can't wait to hang this up above my bed.

Brunch Pillow | Weekends are for brunch, duh. When I saw this pillow in Target, I had to have it. It's so cute, and when you love brunch as much as I do, it was definitely a must have.

Elephant Pillow | Elephants are the mascot for Alabama, so this gold elephant pillow was right up my alley. I think I am going to put this pillow on my desk chair since it is smaller.

Travel Pillow | This is probably the most ridiculous pillow I got, but I couldn't help myself. It's so cute, and it will be nice to use when I want to sit on the floor, which I do a lot.

Gold Polka Dot Pillow | This was one of the first pillows I got, and it's just been waiting in my closet to be used in my dorm. Hobby Lobby has a ton of great decorative items, and everything is divided up based on the style, so I highly recommend checking them out.

Anchor Bookends (Similar) | I got these forever ago at Target when they did their nautical collection for home decor. These bookends were kind of the basis for my dorm room, which sounds crazy but I love these bookends so much. Gold, navy, and pink with slightly nautical elements is the perfect theme for my dorm room.

Tuscaloosa Print, Atlanta Print, Knoxville Print | Like I talked about last week, these Evelyn Henson prints are going in the living space. Atlanta and Knoxville are my and my roommates' hometowns, and Tuscaloosa is our new city. I just got front-loading frames to hang them up.

Georgia Print (Similar) | My parents got this for me my junior year when I came back from New York, and I think it is such a pretty print. I am so excited to put this in my room and have it remind me of home. If you didn't know, "Georgia on My Mind" is our state song.

Alabama Canvas (Super easy DIY!) | I made this right after I came home from visiting Alabama the first time. Obviously crafting is one of the easiest ways to decorate your dorms, and this was super easy. I just printed out an outline of the state, traced it on a canvas, and painted! Definitely something anyone can do.

Navy Quatrefoil Rug | Again I talked about my rug last week, and I wish I had an actual photo to show y'all, but it is still wrapped up in its original packaging. Once everything is set up, I will definitely show you guys what the rug looks like in my room.

Pink Ottoman | When I went to orienation, I realized just how high my bed was going to be. While I am 5'9", I still had trouble getting up onto my bed and especially getting off of the bed because jumping onto the concrete was not fun. I got this ottoman to help me out.

Amazon Fire TV Stick | During Amazon Prime Day, my parents ordered this for me, which I was so incredibly thankful for since I had not thought about getting one. My dad had a TV from Ohio that he gave to me for college, so having the Fire Stick is just an added bonus. I love it because it means I can watch Netflix in my dorm without having to use my computer, and since the TV is going in our living space, my roommates and I can watch stuff together. 

Like I said, I am moving in next Friday, and I am going to try my very hardest to vlog the experience for y'all. I really want to start to vlog while I am in college, and I think move in is the best start. If it goes as planned, I will again try my very hardest to get it up as quickly as possible, but I am going through sorority recruitment and then classes start, so I am not 100% sure I will have time to edit! 
xx, jKm


Dorm Haul Part 1

I am so excited for this post, y'all. Next Friday (the 5th), I will be moving into my dorm room at Alabama. Today and tomorrow I thought I would share with y'all what I am bringing because personally, I absolutely love this kinds of blog posts and YouTube videos. I gave a preview of what I am bringing in my Personalized Dorm Decor post. Like I said, there's today's post, and then there will be one tomorrow because I didn't want this post to get too overwhelming. So keep in mind that I am a freshman and I am going into this with absolutely very little of an idea what I needed to bring. My brother and sister were on two opposite ends of the spectrum. Will brought almost nothing, and Emma brought almost everything. Like in most things, I tried to be a mixture of the two of them. Luckily, I am only living three hours away from home, so if I forget/need something, it's not like I am half way across the country from my parents. 

Today's post is going to be more of the basics, and tomorrow will be more fun decoration kind of things. I didn't take pictures of everything either because most of it is still in boxes, and that wouldn't be fun to show. I do promise that once I am all moved in there will either be a post or video (or both) showing y'all everything, AND tomorrow's post will have a lot more photos so be sure to check back tomorrow.

Twin XL Jersey Sheets | I just picked up some basic navy sheets that are super soft. Unfortunately, mine came with a flat sheet and a pillowcase, which I won't need. Do they make ones that come with only fitted sheets? Am I just missing that? Anyways, I like having navy sheets. I have them at home, and they hid stains really well.

Gingham Twin XL Sheets | I was all for having only one set of sheets until I saw this set at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Y'all, they are too perfect. I think these will be my regular set, and then when I am doing laundry, I will use the plain sheets. Also, I tried so hard to find these online and couldn't, but like I said, I got mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond!

Mirror | One of the greatest decisions I've made was getting a full length mirror that currently hangs on the wall outside my room. I knew that I would need a mirror once I went off to college, and I just got a over-the-door one for easy installation. I'm either going to hang it on the door to my room or on one of my closet doors.

Desk Hutch | I talked about this in my post last week, but I am still super excited about this piece. I think it is going to create so much more storage for my desk. I will defintely being showing y'all how I decorated it/what I keep there. If you want to see what it looks like, check out Dorothy's dorm.

Bulletin Board | I got this put in the space under the hutch to hang photos and odds and ends to decorate. I am going to print a couple of pictures of my friends from home, and then I can add ones as time goes on. 

Laptop Tray | Okay, I won't lie to you. I work on my bed all the time. Hopefully, that will be a habit that I can break in college when I have access to the library, but I will probably still be blogging in my bed on occasion, and this was something I have need for such a long time. I also love sitting on my floor, so this will make working on my floor easier.

Hangers | Everyone recommends these for college because they take up less space, and I figured if I only bought a certain number of hangers then I would be forced to limit how many clothes I bring. (Y'all, packing is hard.)

Mattress Topper | Dorm beds are not comfortable. As soon as I sat on the bed at orienation, I knew that a topper was a must have if I was going to be sleeping in my room for an entire year. I got mine at Target, but I couldn't find it online.

Mattress Protector | These just protect from bed bugs and all that jazz. My dad is really into them because I have one at home. I am not sure what it all does, but people recommend them.

Storage Cubbies & Cubes | Again, this is another way to create more storage in my room, and if the space in my room allows it, I think I might use this as my nightstand.

Tower Fan | Okay, so I don't 100% know if I need this, but Abbey said that you needed one in her dorm tour, and she goes to Alabama so I trusted her. I got it mainly because I love being cold, and I always have my fan on at home. 

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!
xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

Tori and I made buffalo cauliflower the other day when we hung out, and it was soooo good.

Did you know that Anna Kendrick was coming out with a book? I didn't. You can preorder it now, and it comes out in November. Anna Kendrick is one of my favorite people, so obviously I am going to support her and read her book. Is it November already??

Shawn Johnson has been one of my favorite gymnasts forever. I was too young to stay up to watch the Beijing Olympics, and I was heartbroken when my dad told me she got silver the next morning. This video definitely puts my heartbreak and hers in perspective.

I love Just Between Us. Gaby and Alison are hilarious, and I think this might be my favorite video they have ever done. When Alison said, "My entire life is fueled by revenge," I laughed so hard.

I went to Old Navy to get new jeans, and while I was there, I picked up this dress. I originally tried to get it in black, but they didn't have it in my size. I am actually so glad I got it in gray since I already own so many black dresses. I already know it is going to be a staple in my closet.

Y'all know I pretty much go to Dorothy when I need advice on anything. Her post for incoming freshman was so helpful, and she elaborates each point in her video.

I love J.Crew's new arrivals. Look 6 is such a #goal look. The shirt comes in three different colors. I love the crimson and cobalt ones.

I am obsessed with Reese Witherspoon's Instagram, and you need to add her on Snapchat if you haven't already! Can we just be best friends?

In case you needed another video to watch, I recommend Michelle Obama's Carpool Karaoke.

xx, jKm


Blogger Outtakes

This summer, it was one of my goals to create more content surrounding my outfits, and I've been doing just that with the help of my best friend, Marguerite. With taking photos and trying to get good ones, bad (& funny) photos are natural. 5-9 photos are used in each post, but we end usually take around 30 photos. I'm not the best model, so Marguerite is a saint for putting up with me when I am just standing there complaining about how hot it is outside. Dorothy did one of these posts earlier this month, and it inspired me to share some of the funnier outtakes that y'all didn't get to see from this summer's posts. 
Go-To Summer Outfit

National Wear Your Lilly Day

Told y'all I am mostly complaining about being hot. 

It was so hot...

Probably singing.

Hope y'all enjoyed at seeing a very unedited look at the behind the scenes of being a blogger.
xx, jKm


Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet

One of my goals was to clean out my closet before I moved out. I own way too many clothes, and honestly, I don't wear all of them. I really am hoarder when it comes to certain things, and I know exactly where I get it from... I knew I had to do a little (re: big) purge before I went to college because there was no way that I was going to able to bring my entire closet to college with me. (I am still probably only taking half of it with me.) Plus, cleaning out your closet is another excuse to go shopping. Right?

Here are my tips to help you do a nice cleanse of your closet!

Part 1: Go through your closet and make decisions based on gut reactions. This process shouldn't take too long because this is the first time you are going through your closet. These decisions are all about your initial reactions to your clothes. Don't feel excited about it? Get rid of it. Haven't worn it in forever? Get rid of it. Thinks it is ugly? Get rid of it. You may not get rid of a ton of clothes in this first go around, but it is a good place to start.

Part 2: Get rid of anything else that doesn't fit your "aesthetic." Styles change and evolve with time like anything else. There's no point in keeping something if you no longer feel like it fits your personality. This is kind of based on the Koni Mari method. If it doesn't bring you joy, why do you still have it? My suggestion is to decide what you want your style to be by going through Pinterest and Instagram and all that. Then comb through your closet and get rid of anything that doesn't match what you've envisioned your style to look like. 

Part 3: Find what doesn't fit you anymore. When you haven't worn something in a while, you have no idea if it still fits you. Go through the rest of your closet and get rid of what doesn't fit. If it is too short or too small, you probably need to get rid of it. If it is too big and you love it a lot, it might be worth getting tailored, but if it's something cheap, just get rid of it and purchase a new one. Also, if there are any holes in your clothing, just get rid of it. I know it's sad to throw out that perfect striped shirt, but you will be able to find a new one. 

xx, jKm


5 Ways to Personalize Your Dorm

Fun fact: I move into my dorm in less than a month. I can't believe that in a little over two weeks I finally get to move into my new home for the next year. My roommates and I are so excited, and for the past couple of months, I have been planning my living space. Today I am sharing some very exciting pieces of my room and our living room! 

It's pretty well know that I don't handle change too well, and this is the first time I have ever moved. I've lived in the same room for 18 years, so moving was a big change for me. I definitely knew that I wanted my dorm to feel really homey and to feel like me. I spent weeks (maybe months?) searching through Pinterest, looking at dorm rooms, so I could find the best ways to make my room feel a little more like home. (This kind of a pre-"dorm haul" haul. I'll have two posts featuring everything I got up next week.)

Monograms | Obviously if it's not moving, monogram it, and that includes your walls. This is probably the most basic thing in the entire world, but I honestly love seeing hanging monograms above beds in dorms. Etsy offers so many options for wooden monograms. You can basically get any size, font, and color you want to match your dorm. I have no idea where mine is from because my mom ordered it for me, but I am pretty sure it's 18 or 24 inches, and I got mine unpainted because I wasn't sure what color I wanted yet. I ended up spray painting it pink with paint I got from Michael's.

I basically monogrammed my entire room. Okay, that's a little exaggeration, but in addition to my wall monogram, I got my pillow shams and towels monogrammed at a local store. I am obsessed with my monogram, so I naturally tried to put it on everything. I am actually glad that I have my own room, so my roommates won't get annoyed with my obsession. ;)

Art & Photos | I've known for a while that I wanted a gallery wall in my room, but I thought our living space could use some decoration too. I ordered Evelyn Henson prints for my roommates and me based on where we lived and then a Tuscaloosa one obviously. I got Atlanta (three of us are from there!), Knoxville, and Tuscaloosa to hang in our living room. I know college students aren't made of money and neither am I, so I searched for free printables to hang up in my room. I absolutely love Chicfetti's prints, and Cathleen did a great post gathering some of her favorite prints. I just found ones that went with my color scheme and matched my personality. You can also make your own prints using programs like Photoshop, Canva, or Publisher. Just print them out, and you can find some cheap frames to hang them up.

I also wanted to be able to have an easy way to put up photos of me and my friends from home and add photos my new friends as the year went on. I spent some time going through photos and saving my favorites to print and put in my dorm.  I actually got this idea from Dorothy. I bought a new cork board to fit under my desk hutch, which was one of her must-haves for college, so I could fill it up with photos to look at while I study.

Area Rug | I got this idea from Abbey (who goes to Alabama too). I had never really thought about adding a rug to my room until I watched her dorm tour, and I knew that I had to have one as well. It just makes the room feel less like a dorm and more like an actual room. Again, this is something my mom ordered for me. She saw it on Wayfair, and it was exactly what I had been looking for since my room is going to be mostly navy, white, and gold. I am pretty sure I got the 5' x 7' one since my room is only 9' x 11'.

Headboard | I feel like everyone and their mothers has a headboard in their dorm room now, but again I am fully behind this. Again, I was inspired by Dorothy. Creating a headboard is another incredibly easy way to make a dorm feel less like a dorm and more like an actual room, and it's another fun way to incorporate your color scheme.

Decorative Pillows | As someone who has never had decorative pillows, I went a little overboard on buying pillows. I got this one from Hobby Lobby, this one from Target, and this one and this one from Stein Mart. I think decorative pillows help make a room showcase your personality more. I am not sure what I am going to do with all these pillows. One might go on my desk chair, and if all else fails, I will put some in our living room.

Definitely check out Brooke's video from last month too!
xx, jKm


White Cold Shoulder Dress

Dress: Charlotte Russe // Shoes: Alex Marie

Last month a package arrived from Charlotte Russe. My dad, my sister, and I had no idea who ordered it or what it was. It turns out my mom had ordered me two dresses from Charlotte Russe because I had been searching for white dresses without any luck, and she found some one night. I absolutely love this cold shoulder dress. It's perfect for going between season because the fabric is versatile and you have sleeves but your arms aren't fully covered. Then these Alex Marie heels? Perfect! Thick, low heel that doesn't hurt my knees, which is exactly what I need. I also wore them in this post, and I will definitely being wearing them again during recruitment in August. 

xx, jKm


Enlances con SDS

What a week... So most of the week I spent indoors watching MLB AllStar weekend coverage and Madam Secretary, and I was perfectly content. Then one of my best friends, Katie, invited me to go to the pool with her on Wednesday, and since I am moving in just three short weeks, I said yes. I got so sunburnt. Like my arms look like a lobster. I am not an outdoorsy person except when I am hiking, and then I am mostly surrounded by trees, and I am not outside for that long. I was defintely reminded about how Irish I am and how important applying sunscreen over and over again is. This is what I get for complaining about how white my legs were earlier this week. 

Seeing all the different leos is one of my favorite parts of watching gymnastics, and Under Armour released a little preview of the women's and men's leos. 

I've known about Charlie Southern indirectly because I've seen their stuff on ShopRiffRaff before, but y'all how perfect is this tshirt? And this one? And any Friday Night Lights fan can appreciate this one. I think I may have just found one of my new favorite brands. 

For some reason, I've gotten kind of into that Southwest vibe. I think Kate's blog has something to do with it. These cactus earrings are too cute and are a perfect nod to the Southwest. 

Lilly's new arrivals as usual as nothing short of perfection. One of my biggest regrets was not getting the Ophelia dress when it was released last year, but they brought it back! While I love the print that is out now, I am waiting for the one with elephants on it to come out. ;) 

If you are a sports fan, you know Peyton Manning retired after winning Super Bowl 50. The ESPYs honored Peyton with a little tribute and a little fun. The video is based off of the "Dear Peyton" commercial Gatorade did earlier this year.

I got an Alabama Alex & Ani bracelet a while back when I was visiting, and I absolutely love it. I think a Phillies version needs to make its way into my collection. I don't like wearing things on my wrist at all, but I love these. 

I have been craving Buffalo Chicken for the longest time, and this Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese looks so good. I've also been craving hashbrown casserole, but my options for food are limited because my mom and sister are doing Whole 30. At least for this month, I have kind of participate in their adventure.

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Currently (7/14/16)

"Currently" is a type of post that Mackenzie Horan does, and I think they are so interesting because it gives you some insight into what's going on in a blogger's life. So this post is obviously inspired by her, and if you aren't already following her, you definitely need to because I love everything she does.

Listening... My favorite song right now is "NYC - Gone, Gone" by Conor Oberst. I heard this while I was watching Gossip Girl. Conor Oberst has been one of my favorite artists since I was in seventh grade, and I am absolutely obsessed with Bright Eyes. My only complaint is I wish the song was longer! 1:12 is not long enough for a song, so I find myself listening to it three times in a row. I've also been loving the song "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers. 

Loving... All things superhero. Last month I shared with y'all that I was trying to watch more superhero stuff because #nerd. On July 4, FX did a marathon of Marvel movies, so I got to watch Iron Man 3, the Amazing Spider-Man, and Captain America. I forgot how much I loved those movies. Also, I've gotten way too into Avengers Assemble, which is the cartoon on Disney XD. It's actually pretty good. I am so mad because only one season is on Netflix. 

Reading... On my post about books, I told y'all that I was reading Wild. I haven't been reading much lately, and I need to get back into it. The first part of the book is amazing, and I just need to sit down in my Eno and read. I might do that today actually. 

Wanting... A chicken biscuit? I am finally able to eat normally again after getting my wisdom teeth out, and all I want is a chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a. Other than that, I really need new jeans because my go-to pair from Old Navy literally fell apart. The material for the jeans is really stretchy, which I love. 

Watching... I give all the credit to Krista for this new obsession. She tweeted about how the second season of Madam Secretary was on Netflix. Naturally, I was interested in what the show was. It's so good! I think it's in between The West Wing and Scandal. Crazy stuff happens, but it's more realistic because they do take some real life events. There's still some insane conspiracy going on though. 

Wearing... These Target sandals are going to one of those things that I talk about forever. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. When I haven't been wearing my Chacos, I am probably wearing these, and I am so excited to have such a great pair of sandals in my shoe rotation now. 

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City Inspiration: Santorini

So I did one of these posts way back in January, and I thought it was a really fun post to make. Today I decided to share with y'all some Santorini, Greece inspiration. Lots of blue and white and embroidered details! 

Top // Shorts // Shoes // Earrings // Dress (Similar) // Sunglasses

I have always wanted to go to Greece since I was in second grade, and my gifted class did all this research on Ancient Greece, and I got really into Greek mythology. One of my best friends is actually Greek, too! (Hey, Marina.) It's just a country I am so fascinated with, and even though it isn't the most stable country right now (#EUProbs), it's so beautiful. All the buildings are so pretty, and the water is too die for. Like just look at Julia's post from her trip. If I went, all I would want to wear is blue and white with embroidered details. Just the idea of it is amazing. 

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All-Star Outfit

It's my second favorite day of the year! With Opening Day obviously being my favorite day of the year, MLB's All-Star Game is my second favorite. One of my ultimate baseball goals is attend an All-Star Game with my dad, which I almost did last year. (I'm still bitter about it. Don't worry.)  It's coming back to the east coast for the next two years with it being in Miami and Washington D.C., so maybe I'll be interning somewhere and be able to go. Fingers crossed! I absolutely love the All-Star Game because it's really fun, and it's the best of the best coming together. There's a sense of it being kind of like a pick-up game, and I love everything that comes with it like the Home Run Derby and the Celebrity Softball game. I like how it determines home-field advantage for the World Series too because it means something while the other leagues' All-Star Games don't.

Jersey: Dad's Closet (Similar) // Shirt: Vineyard Vines // Jeans: Gap // Shoes: Converse

Obviously, I always rep my Phillies no matter what. I borrowed my dad's Mike Schmidt jersey because I couldn't find the one I normally wear. (Update: It was in my closet.) Mike Schmidt was a 12-time All-Star, and he is a Philadelphia legend. This year Philadelphia sent Odubel Herrera aka El Torito, and he is one of my favorite up and coming players for the Phils, who are playing so much better going into the break. I am so excited for what's to come with the new kids.

The AllStar Game is on tonight at 8:00 on Fox! Be sure to watch it. 
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Favorite Instagrammers

I am by no means the best Instagrammer, mainly because most of what I do is hang out on my couch watching Law & Order: SVU, and who would wants to see that over and over again? (If you still want to follow me though...) I am so impressed with people who have amazing Instagrams and put a ton of thought into what their "feed" looks like. To me, it is definitely an art form that I have not mastered, so props to anyone who has. I am 100% impressed, and today I am sharing with y'all my absolute favorite Instagram accounts. 

Dorothy's Instagram has been one of my favorites forever. It's super bright and colorful and happy. So many of her posts feature stationery and pens, which just makes me want to get organized and write all over my agenda. She even recently did a video about how she edits her Instagrams!

I think Katie gets the award for the best use of color on Instagram. Every post is filled with color and is really well planned out, and I have no idea how she does it. I also love when she does her #KAliceMinimalMouse posts because they're always so clever and wellmade. Like how cute?

Kate is one of my absolutely favorite bloggers, and her Instagram does not disappoint. Can you tell that I love super bright, colorful photos? She's so cute, and the amount of pink and orange featured in her photos is so great. 

I first started following Elizabeth on Pinterest, and then I started following her Instagram. She's from Kentucky, which is always a big plus in my book. Her style is so chic and amazing, and I wish my style looked as effortless as hers. Also, her hair is to die for. 

This is definitely not a fashion Instagram pick, but Coca Rocha and James Conran run the cutest Instagram for their daughter, Ioni James. She is the most precious baby ever, and she's super stylish because her mom is Coco Rocha and her godfather is Zac Posen. How much better could it get? So cute. 

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