Blogger Outtakes

This summer, it was one of my goals to create more content surrounding my outfits, and I've been doing just that with the help of my best friend, Marguerite. With taking photos and trying to get good ones, bad (& funny) photos are natural. 5-9 photos are used in each post, but we end usually take around 30 photos. I'm not the best model, so Marguerite is a saint for putting up with me when I am just standing there complaining about how hot it is outside. Dorothy did one of these posts earlier this month, and it inspired me to share some of the funnier outtakes that y'all didn't get to see from this summer's posts. 
Go-To Summer Outfit

National Wear Your Lilly Day

Told y'all I am mostly complaining about being hot. 

It was so hot...

Probably singing.

Hope y'all enjoyed at seeing a very unedited look at the behind the scenes of being a blogger.
xx, jKm

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