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I've been really interested in barre workouts recently because I used to dance, and I figured these would be good workouts. I didn't know where to start in trying to find workouts, but here are 10 at-home barre workouts. I am super excited to try these out once I feel like moving again. (I'm still working on that whole wisdom teeth recovery thing.)

Today is the day! Today is the beginning of the Olympic trials for women's gymnastics. Before tonight, check out this article from the Washington Post about Simone Biles. It's amazing, and she is just so great. There are no words to describe how insanely good she is.

My friend Caroline shared this quiz on Facebook, and I think it is so interesting. It tells who you are the brainchild of. I got Abraham Lincoln and Emily Dickinson. Let me know what you get if you take it!

I just ordered this dress, and I am so excited for it to come. I know I will need some kind of formal wear for college, and I don't really have any formal dresses except for my tulle skirt from junior year. This dress is the best color, navy, and it has my favorite neckline.

I also recently just got these sandals from Target because I've been looking for brown sandals that are in between my Chacos and my Jacks. Something I could wear every day no matter what, and these sandals are soooo comfy. And ya know how much I hate the toe straps on my Chacos? These toe straps aren't annoying!! I am 100% wearing these during philanthropy days for recruitment.

Y'all, Meghan's office is to die for. Everything is so pretty, and it really does reflect her personality and style. It makes me so pumped at the idea of having my own office.

How fun are these earrings from BaubleBar? They're so perfect for summer, and they would add the perfect pop to a simple sundress. I also love this pair.

I totally forgot about this playlist that I made forever ago, and it's been on repeat because it's so happy while the world is so not... It's just a bunch of classic songs that kind of remind me of my parents, and they just put me in a better mood. (I also have my Total Dad Move playlist.)

I want to go to San Francisco so bad, y'all. It's been on my bucket list forever, and I cannot wait until I actually get to go. I am definitely going during baseball season to see the Giants!

xx, jKm

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