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I am by no means the best Instagrammer, mainly because most of what I do is hang out on my couch watching Law & Order: SVU, and who would wants to see that over and over again? (If you still want to follow me though...) I am so impressed with people who have amazing Instagrams and put a ton of thought into what their "feed" looks like. To me, it is definitely an art form that I have not mastered, so props to anyone who has. I am 100% impressed, and today I am sharing with y'all my absolute favorite Instagram accounts. 

Dorothy's Instagram has been one of my favorites forever. It's super bright and colorful and happy. So many of her posts feature stationery and pens, which just makes me want to get organized and write all over my agenda. She even recently did a video about how she edits her Instagrams!

I think Katie gets the award for the best use of color on Instagram. Every post is filled with color and is really well planned out, and I have no idea how she does it. I also love when she does her #KAliceMinimalMouse posts because they're always so clever and wellmade. Like how cute?

Kate is one of my absolutely favorite bloggers, and her Instagram does not disappoint. Can you tell that I love super bright, colorful photos? She's so cute, and the amount of pink and orange featured in her photos is so great. 

I first started following Elizabeth on Pinterest, and then I started following her Instagram. She's from Kentucky, which is always a big plus in my book. Her style is so chic and amazing, and I wish my style looked as effortless as hers. Also, her hair is to die for. 

This is definitely not a fashion Instagram pick, but Coca Rocha and James Conran run the cutest Instagram for their daughter, Ioni James. She is the most precious baby ever, and she's super stylish because her mom is Coco Rocha and her godfather is Zac Posen. How much better could it get? So cute. 

xx, jKm

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