Finding Inspiration

For the longest time, I was lacking inspiration. I blame most of it on the end of the year senioritis where I was lucky if I put on real clothes and got to school on time. I didn't feel like blogging all that much, and I had no idea what direction I wanted to move my content toward. After an exhausting graduation week, I finally had time to sit down and gather inspiration for the blog. Like I said, I planned out posts for all of July and August, and now I am getting started on September. Today I wanted to share with y'all where this sudden burst of creative energy came from and how I get my inspiration to blog.

Finding | This is honestly my favorite way to get inspired. I absolutely love finding new places to explore and just admiring what is around me. My dad and I went hiking at my county's nature trails again, but this time we went on two different trails. We saw different areas that both of us had never seen before, and it was amazing. Then the other day my sister asked me what I wanted to do in Atlanta, and I told her that I wanted to go somewhere I had never been. She took me to Highland Bakery, and it was really nice not to be eating at one of the restaurants that we always go to in Atlanta. I don't know about you, but whenever I am in a new place, I feel so much better, and I get so many ideas. Go somewhere new whether it's a new restaurant or a new city or even a new path.

Reading | First things first, read! Yesterday I shared with y'all my favorite books and my current reading list. Reading is so important, but you don't just have to be reading books. Read articles. Read blogs. Heck, read tweets. My favorite blogs include The College Prepster, Covering the Bases, and Evergreen & Ivy, and my favorite Twitter of the moment is Modern Gossip Girl, which is way too accurate. I always feel like reading other people's content gets my mind going, and I start coming with my own ideas. (Do not steal other people's ideas!!!) 

Watching | Okay, so I won't lie to you. I haven't been watching a ton of documentaries lately. I've mostly been watching Avengers Assemble. However, I think documentaries are a great way to get inspired. Watching Dior and I changed my life, and Iris is soooo good. Both available on Netflix. I also really love The September Issue and Bill Cunningham New York, but unfortunately they're not on Netflix anymore.

But documentaries can be long, and if you need a quick burst of inspiration, YouTube is the best place to get it. Right now, my favorite YouTubers are Monica Church and Meghan Rienks. Monica's vlogs are seriously so good, and they're edited like "real" videos rather than how vlogs are normally edited. Then Meghan is in general one of my favorite people. She's so funny, and I always feel like she's super real on camera, which I don't always feel from other YouTubers. I especially love her baking videos.

Listening | I am always listening to music when I am blogging. I absolutely love upbeat music that keeps me going. I've created a Current Favorites playlist of music that has been stuck in my head on repeat. Also if I am trying to get something done quickly, I listen to "Jordan Belfort."

I've also been getting into more podcasts recently. "Serial" is an amazing podcast that deals with the justice system, and then I've been liking "Stuff You Should Know," which is super interesting.  

xx, jKm

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  1. I'll have to check out that 'Modern Gossip Girl' twitter!
    xo, Syd